Banging the boss

Banging the boss

We sat together for a while to allow our heart rates to return to something close to normal, i know mine was racing. My little office, which until half an hour ago was just a place to do my accounts and have our cigarette and coffee breaks, was now awash with the smell of sex. The aroma of my aroused pussy mingled with the scent of his semen, male and female hormones and perspiration. It was an intoxicating brew; if it could be bottled we’d have made our fortune.

Pulling me to my feet, he kissed me passionately, tasting his own juice on my lips, the aroma of his cum on my breath. With one hand he quickly undid my jeans and slipped his hand inside searching for my clit. I bit my lip to stop myself crying out as he slid his middle finger inside my dripping pussy and massaged my clit with his thumb. He let out a small gasp of surprise as he felt just how wet i had gotten for him and he couldn’t resist pulling his fingers out and sucking my juices of them. The sight of this almost pushed me over the edge and i felt my pussy clench in it’s desire to have him in me. He thrust his fingers back inside and fucked me with his fingers, hard and fast as i pushed myself onto his hand wanting more.

I ripped off my top and bra; grabbing his head i pulled his mouth down onto my swollen breasts squealing in delight as he sucked hard on my painfully erect nipples, flicking me fast with his tongue. I’ve never been able to put off cumming when both my clit and nipples are stimulated; i felt the familiar wave start to wash over me. Then that was it, i came hard on his hand, and as the spasms washed over me i thought for one second i would pass out. My whole body trembled like i had never experienced before, my knees buckled causing me to grab onto his neck for support. Fuck! I felt amazing! And yet i had to have more. I wanted him inside me, i wanted him to fuck me till it hurt, anything to take away the pain of the desire i felt for him, even now, seconds after my shattering orgasm i was horny for him.

We sat together for a while to allow our heart rates to return to something close to normal, i know mine was racing. My little office, which until half an hour ago was just a place to do my accounts and have our cigarette and coffee breaks, was now awash with the smell of sex. The aroma of my aroused pussy mingled with the scent of his semen, male and female hormones and perspiration. It was an intoxicating brew; if it could be bottled we’d have made our fortune.

It was winter and getting late. We had not turned the light on in the office but the glow from the halogen heater cast an almost seedy glow over the desk and dexion racking. In a weird way it way kind of romantic and sexy, and it was to be the setting of many, many more sexual encounters between jack and myself. Each one more risky and dirtier than the last. As we got to know each other more intimately, we discovered we had similar sexual tastes. I will document these encounters for you in forthcoming stories. Although, these are not precisely stories, it’s all true. It’s happening to me as i speak and i love every minute of it.

But for tonight our journey was over, we had other obligations to attend to and could not stay any later. I can’t say i wasn’t disappointed, i could have fucked him all night, and so i drove home with an ache in my groin and a plan of action forming in my head for monday. As i fantasised about all the things i wanted to do with him, and what i wanted him to do to me, i felt myself becoming wet again. I couldn’t wait to get home and fire up my vibrator, to fuck myself with it as i put my finger up my arse and imagined it was him sliding his amazing cock into my bottom as far as it would go. I’d had anal a couple of times before but many years ago when i was very young. I’d enjoyed it but was too inexperienced at the time to fully appreciate it. I’d wanted to do it for years and by the way he always stroked my arse he was a definite candidate.

Banging the boss ch. 03

By veronicavondee©

I and my brother have established a software firm in chennai which is eight years old. My brother is based in usa two months once he visits india. And using his clout he gets orders and my self and bhabhi look after it in chennai by employing others. My brother & my self split 60:40 %. My bhabhi is the boss here.

For the last year or so we have been working together at first we were friends and co-workers, but over a few months of working in such intimate surroundings we became closer. I started to look at her in a different way; i liked her — a lot! I noticed things about her i never had before, her cheeky smile, the way she winked after i said something flirtatious, i was a bad boy and yet there was an almost innocence about her that was intoxicating. I kept a secret camera in her without her knowledge. I used to watch her in my computer what she is doing in her room.i saw nothing for the past three days. On the 4th day i logged on the computer rather late ie at 5.30 pm. What i saw stunned me. There she stretched on the chair . She was stroking her pussy legs spread wide apart her pussy was so wet her juice ran down her thighs. Fuck i wished he was there!

At the side of the chair she had a glass of orange juice, and floating within a few ice cubes. As she massaged her pussy with her right hand her left groped for the ice in the glass. She found a large chunk of ice and rubbed it against her throbbing nipples, she groaned deeply fuck! She cummed she shook and jerked liked mad, felt amazing, but now even after an amazing orgasm.

I went to the door and knocked on her cabin door the door was locked . I called her over phone and said i want to talk to u. She got up worn her clothes properly and opened the door . I went inside and asked what happened. Why have u closed the door she said she was not feeling well and need not want to be disturbed by anyone. That is why she had to close the door. She asked what is the matter i asked her to come to my cabin and i will show u something and came out. She came after 10 minutes . I ordered coffee. The peon got coffee i ordered the peon not to disturb us for 2 hours. She was just looking shocked at me . The poen closed the door. I put on the recorded tape and showed it to her. She was shocked and tears came from her eyes how dare u do this to me. She shouted. I said i am sorry bhabhi why r u doing this does bhaiyya does not satisfy u. She was quiet for sometime and said he does not care about me.

We sat in the office having our usual pre-home chat and then stood up for our goodbye hug it felt wonderful and i breathed her scent nuzzling my face into her neck and risked a gentle lick along her collarbone. She tasted delicious, mildly salty, she gave a small sigh and ran her hands down my back and into the waistband of my jeans, her fingers softly tracing along the dimple and crack between my buttocks.

I moaned and pushed my pelvis into her, feeling my rapidly hardening cock growing against her leg. She reached down and rubbed the bulge in my jeans, using herl long nails she dropped to her knees, unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans. As soon as the zip was down my rock hard, blood engorged cock sprang free, it needed sucking badly and she was more than willing to do it.

Taking my cock gently in her hands she licked up and down the shaft savouring the wonderful taste and swirled her tongue around them one at a time and then back up the shaft to flick the head and brush her lips against it

I could not withhold suddenly i gasped and i felt my balls constrict, ‘oh god, i’m cumming!’ i warned. With a final spasmodic thrust i shot my deep into her gullet. She too groaned in pleasure as she tasted my juices, she couldn’t swallow quickly enough and some spilled down over her lips and dripped down her chin.

She kissed me passionately, my lips responding hungrily, tongues probing viciously. I had to restrain her from grabbing my cock and ramming it into her begging pussy. ‘Wait a minute.’ i whispered in her ear.

As we kissed i ran my hands down her breasts, my thumb nails grazing her nipples she ground her pussy into my thigh and felt her juices run freely down her leg wetting my jeans through the fabric. ‘Fuck, you’re so wet!’ i gasped.

‘I know,’ she groaned, ‘i want you in me now.’

‘Not yet.’ i smiled running my hand up her thigh.

She said that it felt so cruel, yet so fucking good. Denying me – ur bhabhi the boss! I said u had to beg me for my cock, i felt so submissive and horny. ‘Darling, please!’ she pouted.

I just smiled and pushed her down on her office chair. I grabbed one leg and rested it on my desk, the other on the dexion racking so she was exposed before me. I knelt down on the floor between her legs, looked at her she said ‘ i know you want me to eat your pussy, that’s what you want, isn’t it?’

‘Yes,’ i croaked, my voice husky with desire.

‘Lie back.’ i ordered.

She lay back across my chair, her head resting on the wall, hands gripping onto the racking and chair leg, pussy wide open and wet. With a groan i dived in, sucking and licking her freely flowing juice, my hands pushing her thighs apart. I was obviously one of those men who loved the taste of pussy, and who was i to complain!

I licked and sucked her clit hard, causing her to squeal in delight. I kept licking and fucking her with my fingers, her pussy gagging for my hard cock.

Just as she was getting ready to cum i stopped . ‘Stand on the chair.’ i ordered.

She did as i commanded, her back resting against the cold, hard, steel of the dexion racking. I took her right leg and wrapped it around my neck; her pussy was at mouth level. ‘Hold the racking.’i ordered. And she did.

As she pulled her weight upwards i took her other leg and wrapped that around my neck. Her whole body hung from the shelving, legs around my neck, holding her arse i pulled her awaiting pussy onto my face. Her eyes rolled back in her head as i ground my face and tongue onto her clit, probing deep into her hole and sucked out her juice.

She pulledmy head back between my legs, she was too close to stop now. A sick part of me hoped the customer would walk into the office and catch jack with hismy head buried deep in her wet pussy, hard, deep spasms engulfed her body as she came on my face, fuck!! She said u made me cum so hard.

Her legs weak she collapsed back into my chair, she stood up and kissed me hard, felt my cock twitch on her thigh. Oh my! U r horny already. My poor darling deserved a real good fuck after all u had done for me she said . She reached down and stroked my hard penis, savouring its shape under the denim of my jeans. She licked my lips,

‘Turn around,’ i commanded.

‘Bend over,’ i whispered.

Again she obeyed, holding onto my office chair for support. I hitched up my saree around her waist and pulled her lace panties to one side. I spat on my fingers and pushed one of them up her bottom. She gasped . I finger fucked her arse hole,my other hand rubbing her clit and fucking her pussy.

She was so horny,her pussy was dripping and she was pushing her arse onto my hand she was desperate; please do something she said and then i stopped finger fucking me and unbuckled, my jeans.

I pulled out my delicious cock and rubbed it up against her pussy and arse hole, i slid my strong hands up into her blouse and bra and pinched her nipples; she bit her lip hard to stop her screaming out. Reaching around she took hold ofmy cock and rubbed it against the tight hole of her arse, i moaned and pushed gently. She gasped as the head disappeared intoher tight arse, the muscle of her sphincter gripping my penis tightly. ‘It’s ok, go on shalu.’ she urged.

She gripping her my hips as i trust hard about half way down the shaft of my cock. She moaned loudly, it felt fucking amazing. I pumped hard, each thrust going further and further into her arse hole. Bit by bit i violated her sacred space, hurting, splitting, spreading, and intruding into her poor ravished bottom. Strangely,she said u i wanted to hear ur balls hitting my arse. ‘Harder,’ she rasped, ‘fucking do it, really deep!’. With a final violent thrust, i rammed my cock home as far as it would go. She screamed in a mixture of pain and ecstasy.

‘fuck me hard darling,’ she begged.

‘ow, it fucking hurts!’ she squealed. Her poor arse was raw.

‘You can take it,’ she growled.

she gritted her teeth while i fucked her arse harder. ‘Oh fuck! Cum in my arse,’ she begged. And then i felt tense, one . Ream after ream of hot white cum ejaculated into her arse, so deep she moaned loudly asi thrust my final spurt into her as deep as i could.

I felt so weak, and yet so amazingly well fucked. She wished we could have collapsed onto a soft bed but we couldn’t. We were still in work . She said this is the 1st time i really enjoyed sex. I have read in books about anal but i have never experienced. U r great.she took my hand and kissed me and said from now on u will be fucking me every day whether u fuck ur wife or not.i kept my hand on the pussy she said i am too tired its really paining . Tomorrow we will continue. Please she begged. Mail me for ur comments at [email protected]


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