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October 24, 2018

Bang, Bang With Teachers – Part I

Bang, Bang With Teachers – Part I

“What is it?” She asked.

(I thank Mrs. S.A for sharing her fantasy and her inputs. I am grateful for her encouragement and giving me the liberty to mould her story as I liked)

Bhakti looked at me curiously as I gave a surprised shout.

“What is it?” She asked.

“Rajiv sent a long mail. Now, he is fucking all his teachers, including his head mistress” I told her.

Bahkti smiled” I am not surprised. He is so handsome and we trained him so well in the art of fucking, no wonder his teachers are clamoring for his cock” she said.

Here is what Rajiv had written….

Dear Shweta Aunty,

How are you and Bhaktiji? I really miss you and your very wet cunts and hard fucking.

For first one week I was very depressed in Hostel. I was of course, home sick, but more than that I was fuck sick. Daily I used to think of your boobs, especially Bhaktiji’s inch long nipples, how I used to chew them while I was fucking you. I could not masturbate as the bath rooms are common and we cannot occupy for long time.

Slowly I got used to the routine. One evening, the headmistress Mrs.Rupa called me to her office after office hours. She wanted to discuss about my inclusion in Basket ball team, because of my height. I was reluctant since my studies would be affected.

She gave a lecture about how a healthy body is essential for a healthy mind and asked me to spare half an hour. She is of medium height and is very broad in shoulders and hips. Her tits must be at least 38D and were jutting out. I agreed to her proposal. Then her secretary peeped in and told that she is leaving. Mrs. Rupa gave her permission.

I also asked her permission to leave. Her pen slipped and fell on floor. I and she both bent to pick it up.

Her heady perfume hit me like a sledge hammer and her pallau slipped. My eyes were glued on to her ample cleavage and a mole on right tit. I dragged my eyes away and picked up pen and gave her.

She looked at me speculatively and as I turned to leave, asked me “Have you ever fucked before?” I was stunned at such language coming from a teacher.

I hesitated and nodded. I think experienced women instinctively know by the way a male looks at boobs if he is a virgin or not. She looked at my hard on. She went and closed the door, locked and lifted her saree above buttocks and bent on the table.

As she spread her legs, giving me a glorious view of a shaved and wet cunt she asked me “What are you waiting for? Come and fuck me”

I hesitated and unzipped and took out my throbbing, excited cock. She spread her ass cheeks and asked me to hurry up, as someone might turn up. I still hesitated since I remembered your caution to use condom.

“Maam, do you have any condoms?” I asked as she was gaping at my erect dick looking at ceiling proudly. She asked me to check in her hand bag. I searched and found one expensive Ribbed condom packet.

I put one on and held her hips and slowly inserted my dick head, it went easily. I didn’t hesitate now; I rammed in one shot and buried my cock to the hilt in her cunt. She gave a gasp and clutched the table for support as I kept pounding her. I wanted to grab her tits but she slapped my hand away, she didn’t want her blouse to be crumpled.

She started giving back thrusts and meeting me midway and moaning loudly. We froze as someone tried the door handle and after couple of attempts there was silence. My cock was throbbing in her cunt. She was squeezing my cock with her cunt muscles reassuringly. My hands gripped her waist tightly.

Then the key turned and door opened. Sumati, social teacher entered and her jaw fell open as she saw us.

“You fool, come in and close the door” Rupa shouted. Sumati hurriedly closed the door.

“Sorry, didi. I didn’t know. I thought you left and I wanted some stationery “Sumati was apologizing.

“Rajiv, Sumati is my younger sister, so there is no problem, start fucking harder” Rupa told me.

As Sumati was watching, I began giving violent thrusts. My cock, wet with her juices, was coming out almost completely before ramming in. Suddenly Phone rang. Rupa cursed, asked me to take out cock.

‘Sumati, just get fucked by this fellow while I attend to phone, or else, his cock may lose interest” she crossed over to the other side of desk and picked up the phone.

Unlike her sister, Sumati unhooked her blouse and bra and took out mango sized tits, lifted her saree and bent on the table at the spot vacated by Rupa. Sumati tormented me when I was her student. She gave me many lashes with her cane on palm and she ear marked me for harsh punishments. While others would get away with minor reprimands, I bore brunt of her anger.

So, I inserted my cock in her slippery cunt and gave such a violent thrust she almost jumped few inches.

“What are you doing?” she hissed.

“What do you think? You bitch, I am taking revenge. Every time your cane touched my palm, I wanted to fuck you until you cried for mercy. Now, my turn has come” I whispered in her ear as I squeezed her tits and kept pulverizing her cunt. She was biting her lip to stop from crying out loud. Rupa was watching wide eyed as she was watching while speaking on phone.

I was mercilessly mauling her boobs and nipples and fucking her with such force and speed, Sumati was gasping for breath as if each powerful stroke was driving out air from her lungs and my cock was touching her heart. Rupa finished her call and kept receiver off cradle after disconnecting so that no further calls disturbed us.

“What are you doing?” Rupa asked angrily. Now, I was totally engrossed in fucking.

“What do you think, you slut? I am fucking day lights of your whorish sister. I am taking revenge for each cane lash. You bend and give me your cunt, whore, don’t make me angry and make me slap your buttocks” words tumbled out from my mouth before I realized what I was saying.
I could see from the glint in her eyes that Rupa was getting turned on, she quickly removed all her clothes and bent next to Sumati and spread her legs. Without slowing down, I slapped her buttock with my palm. She yelped but arched back and offered other cheek. I gave one more slap. I kept slapping her buttocks without slowing down fucking Sumati. Rupa was also cursing me with Mo…..r F…….r abuses and her cunt was getting wetter in direct proportion to redness of her ass cheeks.

With suddenness that surprised both of them, I took out my cock from Sumati’s cunt and rammed it in Rupa’s. Rupa started moaning as my hard thrusts were shaking every part of body as if she were on roller coaster ride.

With her voice breaking with violent pounding she was getting, she told me “If you want you can give lashes on Sumati’s ass with my cane. Take revenge. Sumati, Please pass on the cane to Rajiv”.

Sumati crossed over to the other side of desk brought and gave me the cane and again bent submissively. She also took out all her cloths and was naked.

I gave a smart blow with cane on her left buttock. She cried but turned crosswise, offering me the other cheek. I was lashing out with moderate force at the same time giving her choicest abuses. I alternately fucked them. After some time, they lay on their backs on the big table side by side and this time I fucked them in missionary style.

I was in heaven, as I was squeezing and sucking their tits and fucking their cunts which had become so wet and slippery, sloshing sounds were coming as when you take out feet from wet muddy road on a rainy night. Both were as exhausted as I was, finally when I was about to cum.
I asked them which hole to fill. They said neither. They got up and licked all their juices from the condom and removed it. Then they started sucking. They were fighting like cats for my cum as it was cream.

I found a solution. I asked them to keep their heads together with mouths wide open and jerked my cock. As I began to ejaculate I directed my shooting cum into their mouths and faces evenly. For few minutes we all lay on floor exhausted, hugging each other.

Finally we got up, went to bathroom, washed ourselves and started dressing up.

First thing I did after we came out from bath room was to touch their feet and apologize. I told them I was sorry, I didn’t know what came over me. Both hugged me, kissed me and assured that they enjoyed very much and in fact, liked being treated sluts. It was a novelty.

Sumati told me smiling “When you are a student, we are teachers, you respect us. When you are fucking us, we are your sluts. Don’t make a mistake of mixing up”. I assured them I will not.

“Whoever taught you, give them our thanks. It was excellent” Rupa was glowing. I assured them that I will.

Then Sumati asked me about my parents, when I told them, Rupa who was about to put on bra stopped.

“Don’t tell me, you are son of Preethi and Raghav?” she asked me excitedly.

“Why, do you know them?” I asked, surprised.

“She is my cousin, we were thick friends. Why your Dad didn’t meet me when seeking admission? I would have recognized him” she asked puzzled.

“Rupa, you were on two week vacation, did you forget?” Sumati told her.

“OK, you are shifting to my house, I will tell your parents” Rupa told me firmly.

So, Shweta Aunty That is how things are now. My Mom and Dad are coming tomorrow. If they agree, I will shift to Rupa’s house and daily fuck them. I will keep you posted of developments.

Lots of love and wish you could see how I fucked them you and Bhaktiji would have been proud.

How is your fucking life going on?


Reading this made me and Bhakti so horny, we called our 4 students. Only James and Anil were available. They came within 20 minutes. By the time they arrived we were very wet, very horny and very naked.

As they were fucking us, Sunil and Raj arrived. They sucked out tits and we sucked their cocks.

I asked Bhakti if she was ready for double entry. She said she was happy with one cock in cunt and one in mouth.

I told James to take his cock from cunt and fuck me in the anus and Sunil to fuck me in cunt. Bhakti guided their cocks and watched fascinated as both cocks were fucking me royally.

Finally after they filled both holes, I lay exhausted and hugged their heads closer to my boobs as they sucked. ………………


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