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October 20, 2018

Bang Bang With Doolittle, Swap Angle – Part VII

Bang Bang With Doolittle, Swap Angle – Part VII

And Vinay said beaming ” Here is your birthday gift …” gesturing to Vikas…………………
I was shocked and paralyzed, rooted to the spot. Before I could recover and run back to room, Vinay grabbed me ,lifted me in a Bear like hug by crossing his arms under my buttocks . He carried me to the sofa and dumped me in the sofa. Then both of them sat beside me with their thighs brushing mine. Vikas’s hairy thigh was tingling me. I recovered at last and crossed my arms across chest, realized my pussy was unprotected (the thin fabric of nightie was meant not to conceal) and shifted my palm to cover my pubic mound.

Suma’s story (continued)

……….. “Vikas…” I entered the hall and stopped in my tracks. Sitting there on the sofa were Vinay and ……wearing a sleeveless tee shirt and very short shorts, exposing his loads of thick hair was Vikas……..
Both of them stood ,clapped and sang ” Happy birth day to you….”

And Vinay said beaming ” Here is your birthday gift …” gesturing to Vikas…………………
I was shocked and paralyzed, rooted to the spot. Before I could recover and run back to room, Vinay grabbed me ,lifted me in a Bear like hug by crossing his arms under my buttocks . He carried me to the sofa and dumped me in the sofa. Then both of them sat beside me with their thighs brushing mine. Vikas’s hairy thigh was tingling me. I recovered at last and crossed my arms across chest, realized my pussy was unprotected (the thin fabric of nightie was meant not to conceal) and shifted my palm to cover my pubic mound.

“V..Vinay…..wh…. what is all this?” I asked in a shaking tone. Vinay looked surprised.
“But you always fancied hairy, gorilla like men, when we used to watch porn?’” he asked me.
I blushed and sat in his lap and buried my face in his shoulder and whispered “what are you doing? Exposing your wife to another man? How shameless can you be?”

He whispered back in my ear ” You call this shameless? Wait until he rams your oozing pussy with his hot dick and you rub your tits on his hairy chest… and your pussy is wetting my thigh..” I could feel his throbbing dick poking me in my buttocks.

Vikas cleared his throat ” Perhaps I should make a move. Happy birthday again, Suma” he said getting up. My heart started beating faster….. is that it…end of the party?
Vinay laughed ” Suma, he wants to go….do you want him to go?”

I looked down but their huge tents in shorts were difficult to ignore.
“I don’t know. He can stay, if you want him to “I mumbled.
“Of course, I want him to stay . Come, Vikas sit beside us” he invited. My feelings were mixed, excitement, fear, doubt, happiness all were moving about like a roller coaster. I turned to Vikas, still sitting in Vinay’s lap.

“Does Jaya know you are here?” I asked him, looking into his eyes for the first time. He was staring at my hardening nipples.
“She was the one who planned this party. Vinay, I think Suma’s nipples are longer than Jaya’s” he said.
“How about size of tits? I think Jaya’s are bigger” Vinay said.
” Sure they are bigger. But Suma’s are tighter, firmer and harder and see, even though she is not wearing a bra, they are proudly erect. Jaya’s tend to sag ” I could see Vikas was itching to grab them.

I thought ” No wonder. Jaya’s tits were mauled and sucked by dozens of horny males, apart from Vikas. My tits were rarely sucked by Vinay. Fault was of course mine entirely , I kept him away”
” Suma, is it OK if Vikas feels your nipples, he wants to see whose nipples are bigger?” Vinay asked me.
I felt blood rush to my face. How shameless whore I had become, sitting in hubby’s lap and getting boobs squeezed by another man?
“Only nipples, he should not touch any thing else” I said boldly in an attempt to have some control.

Vikas nodded and as he took my nipples between forefinger and thumb, I gave an involuntary sigh and squirted juice on Vinay’s thigh.
“Vinay, can you hold her tits so that I can pull out her nipples?” Vikas asked politely. Vinay grabbed my boobs and squeezed. Vikas pulled them out.
“Suma, I am not getting a good grip, can I take them out?” he asked me.

I didn’t trust my voice. I nodded meekly. Vikas delicately pulled top four velcro strips and parted the nightie to expose my heaving boobs. Vikas exclaimed ” My God….they are fabulous”
He pulled my nipples out and measured with his forefinger and said ” Yes, Jaya’s are few mm longer but Suma’s nipples are thicker. Suma, I am sorry, but I can’t resist “saying this he stood up.

I thought he was going to suck and squeeze but he got out of his cloths in a hurry and parted my tits with both hands placed his cock at center and closed them again. I was shocked by the suddenness and as Vinay started squeezing and pressing my tits closer around his hot, hard, throbbing cock ,my nipples which became sharp like knives were piercing his thighs. His hairy torso was ticking my face and as he started sliding his cock in my boob valley, my pussy floodgates opened.

His strong masculine perfume and raw animal body odour were too much to handle. Involuntarily my hands encircled his buttocks and I drew him closer and started sliding my flowing pussy on Vinay’s thigh. Vikas also placed his hands behind my back and pressed me closer to him and increased his speed. I suddenly panicked, what if he ejaculates, it will be all over my face. The thought spurred me to grind my pussy even harder .
Suddenly Vinay said ” Vikas, I think we should cut the cake “

I reluctantly released my grip on his buttocks and he moved away. I got up from Vinay’s lap and Vinay asked me to bring cake from the fridge. I walked few steps then realized that my pussy juices must have drenched the nightie. Too late, I tried to cover up turned and saw them ogling at the wet spot. I was helpless as my pussy was in overdrive and continued to pump out juices by buckets. When I bent at fridge to take out the cake I heard Vikas moaning ” Vinay, I can’t hold longer, see those tight ass cheeks man. I just want to spread her cheeks and shove it. Let us cut the cake fast”.

As I reached the dining table I realized that Vinay has removed other Velcro strips and my nightie was open completely . Too late to do any thing but only comforting thing was both men were now naked and were saluting my beauty with their cocks.

They sang ‘Happy birth day to you” as I cut the cake and were like animals as they smeared the cake cream on my tits and started sucking and licking. I also hugged their heads closer and found my self squeezing and pushing my tits into their mouths.

“Ok, now time to move on” saying this, Vinay lifted me effortlessly and took me to spare bed room. The bed room was decorated like they do for nuptials. With flowers, aroma and all. I stared at the bed. It had beautiful satin bed sheets of light pink, just like in my dream. As vinay dropped me on the bed it struck me the colour of my nightie was same like saree in my dream. As I lay on my back and saw Vikas fully naked with his hairy body like an animal and his throbbing dick is stretched to full length.

“It can’t be. I must be dreaming” even as I thought I gave an ouch, as Vinay bit my nipple and assured me ” It is not a dream. It is real”
Vikas smiled, laid beside me, planted his lips on mine and lightly kissed me. He grabbed nightie and pulled. I impatiently shrugged off the nightie even as I was exploring contours of his mouth with my tongue. His hand was trying to part my thighs. I could feel my sharp nipples piercing my hand and my hot pussy pulsating and flowing. I clamped my thighs together and refuse to release them as he gently tried to pry open.

Vivek gently pulled out my hand covering boobs and started sucking and gestured to Vikas to suck my other tit. Both Of them gently massaged my thighs and pulled my thighs open. Both started caressing my pussy lips with fingers. Involuntarily I opened my thighs wide.

Vinay told me to relax and asked Vikas to get ready for action. I did not want to close my eyes for I feared the dream might suddenly vanish and I may get up horny and start masturbating. Before Vikas could even get up I found some body kissing my pussy.

I gave shout and looked between my thighs and saw beaming face of Jaya.

“Happy birth day, Suma” she said and buried her head in my crotch , spread pussy lips and started licking and drinking flowing juices. Vikas sat beside his wife and was tickling my clitoris with forefinger and thumb. My body shivered and was shaking as orgasm after orgasm shook my body. I had to push her head away and lay panting.

She smiled with her lips, cheeks and chin covered with my juices. I saw she was also naked. Her huge boobs and inch long nipples were mouth watering.

Vikas started licking his wife’s lips and chin. I was watching dazed as they embraced and lovingly kissed. Jaya transferred all my pussy juices to Vikas’s mouth . She held his cock and spread my legs. As his wife and my hubby were watching from few inches distance, Vikas slowly slid his cock into my pussy. When he completely inserted and his balls were touching me, there was loud clapping and cheering. Vikas laid flat on me resting his weight on his elbows and lightly pressed my body with his bear hair. It didn’t pierce, it was soft and smooth like soft grass. I found my self clutching him hard to me and link my legs behind his back and pull him closer as I wanted him deeper ,deeper inside me. His thick smooth bush was pressing my pussy lips and sending electric signals to release juices through emergency gates.

He slowly rubbed his hairy body on me and my tits and nipples were screaming with pleasure. He slowly took out his cock and pushed with such violent force, my breath came out in a gasp. As he was pounding me I looked to my side and saw Vinay lying flat and Jaya rubbing her tits on his hard six pack muscles and going crazy. She looked at me and told me it was better than she imagined. She was getting her boobs crushed ,sucked and squeezed with brutal force of Vinay. He was enjoying the feeling of abandon, no need to be delicate and treat lady like a fragile flower. Jaya liked it rough. But how ever did Vinay know?

“Now time to return favour” Jaya told me as she was ready to mount Vinay’s dick. I got up on one elbow with Vikas slowing down and held Vinay’s cock and slowly pushed it in Jaya’s pussy. She cried in pleasure as she impaled herself to the hilt and started jumping on him. Her enormous tits with long nipples were bouncing so much Vikas had increased speed and force , the clapping sounds of slapping crotches were very loud. I looked and saw Vinay smiling. We kissed as we were banged with ferocity approaching competition. Vikas and Jaya were like champion runners running for Olympic title.

They collapsed at the same time, mine and Jaya’s cries were echoing and men’s grunts were also almost as loud.
I thanked Vinay for his thoughtful birthday gift. There was some unfathomable mischief in his smile and the way he looked at the wall behind me. I looked around and saw nothing but two house lizards watching our frolic with beady eyes……………………….

Vinay’s story

…………………… I could not find a way to thank Charlie and Lillee. There was no information of what gourmet delicacies Lizards like. With great difficulty I found one zoology professor who could guide me. I bought those insects and they were stuck on some edible gluey stuff. I put the paper carefully in the ventilator.

Charlie and Lille who ran and hid behind tube light frame were peeping at me with suspicious beady eyes.

“What the hell he is doing?” Charlie wondered.
“It looked like some tasty insects to me ” Lillee said.
“Don’t’ be silly. Have you ever heard of humans having Lizards as pets? They hate cockroaches, rats but leave us in peace because we don’t encroach their space, we do, but we don’t disturb them. Any way let us see” Charlie ventured out into the ventilator.
“Be careful. He may have put poison” shouted Lillee.

‘Don’t worry, he has no axe to grind” he flicked his tongue and tasted one insect.
“Hmmmm, Delicious. My grand dad told me he tasted these long back. Come they are good ” Charlie shouted, Lille also crawled and had her fill.
“What are you doing?” Suma tapped me on the shoulder.
Suma must have thought that I had gone bonkers as she saw me smiling and staring at two house Lizards .

” Jaya and Vikas are waiting in the hall. They brought some masks and want to make some 3 sum and 4 sum movies . They want Radika and Umesh to join our club, if we are OK?” I stared unbelievingly at the enthusiastic sparkle in Suma’s eyes……….and at staring eyes of Charlie and Lillee…….



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