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October 24, 2018

Bang Bang With Doolittle, Swap Angle – Part VI

Bang Bang With Doolittle, Swap Angle – Part VI

Suma was satisfied and turned to Jaya for further lurid details of her 3 and 4 sums………
Now I will give Suma’s version of later events , based on my overheard conversations, Charlie and Lillee’s inputs and my observations……

Suma cast a suspicious glance at me.

“This is the first time I saw him watch an India Pakistan match without making the roof collapse”
That brought me to earth with a thud. I realized that Sehwag was nearing a century and I was watching without emotion………………………………………
As luck would have it, Sehwag chose that precise moment to loft the ball over mid wicket fence and gave a lollypop catch. I clutched my head and screamed ” Have you seen it? Why couldn’t he just push it for couple of runs? He will never learn.. “

Suma was satisfied and turned to Jaya for further lurid details of her 3 and 4 sums………
Now I will give Suma’s version of later events , based on my overheard conversations, Charlie and Lillee’s inputs and my observations……

Suma’s story

.. I was flowing by buckets as I heard Jaya’s graphic details of her 3 sum with Raghu. I had so many questions to ask Jaya but did not know where to begin. I was relieved to hear Vinay scream otherwise I would have thought he was listening to our talk. It was very unusual for him to see any cricket match quietly.

Jaya leaned forward and smiled impishly ” Go ahead, finger yourself. I know you desperately want to”.

I felt hot blood rush to my cheeks ” Don’t be silly. I am OK.” I fought the urge and my hand from travelling towards pussy.
“Tell me, how did you prevent horny hubbies from pestering you when Vikas was not there?” I asked.

Jaya laughed ” We just don’t go for 3 sums and 4 sums with every and any couple. We carefully study them, how decent they are and most importantly how deeply they love each other. We always avoid quarrelling , unhappily married couples. Golden rules were however a couple may enjoy sex, they cannot bang unless at least one spouse is present. All couples were decent. They will ask and fix up dates in advance. If Vikas is not there, none of the hubbies would even phone.”

She looked at her watch and exclaimed ” Gosh. Vikas must be coming back. Suma, I have to rush, See you . Bye” and she exited with same whirlwind speed and before going she smiled at Vinay in a conspiratorial fashion, waved and was gone.

As soon as I locked the door, I got out of my dress, jumped into the lap of Vinay and started kissing him. I was surprised by his tremendous hard on which was poking me. He hurriedly got out of his tracksuit and banian and lifted me as easily as he would a child and carried me to the sette. We were both impatient.

Without breaking the kiss, I clasped my legs around his waist and with one hand guided his steaming hot dick into my wet pussy. As he lay on his back, I started jumping him. With his massive hands under my buttocks, he was lifting me and dropping me on his cock with huge thuds. He sat up and took my tit in mouth and started sucking. Though he tries to be gentle sometimes he forgets his strength and squeezes hard. I cried out loud, he immediately apologized. Then we reversed positions he banged me wildly, filled my pussy as I was screaming with pleasure and abandon. He was not even out of breath as he lay beside me and smiled.

“Was Sehwag’s batting so sexy to give such massive hard on? ” I teased him.
“No. Jaya’s ample bosom did that. I think she purposely shows her contours and flashes her boobs at me like Truck drivers flash headlights. One of these days I am going to maul those tits. Ask her not to push her luck too far” Vikas told me with a smile as his fingers were pulling my nipples.
‘But why were you so wet, even your thighs were soaking? Can talking about shopping be so erotic? Or were you talking something dirty and naughty?” I blushed and said nothing.

Now I did not know how to ask him if his offer of 3 and 4 sums of several years back was valid or has the offer expired. I did not know how to tell him that I was going crazy with dreams of rubbing my tits on Vikas’s hairy body and feeling his pubic hair bush on my pussy lips as he bangs me.
That night before sleeping I hugged him and asked him ” Vinay, Can I ask some thing? A favour?”
Vinay kissed me and asked ” Why should you ask? Your slightest wish is my command . Shoot”

I hesitated. Vinay laughed. ” I know your birthday is two days away. I didn’t forget and I already arranged an exciting surprise gift. But please buy anything you want. I know you badly wanted that necklace. Go ahead and buy. I talked to that shop owner. We can pay in installments”.
That made me lose my nerve. Such an understanding, considerate husband I have and I was about to ask him to arrange for my banging with Vikas. I smiled, said thanks and turned to sleep.

I think I would have got over the urge had Jaya been silent. Everyday she would excitedly recount the details of her 4 sums,3 sums and how Vikas with his hairy body was a star attraction and how all ladies were vying to bang him and how jealous males were asking him to give tips to grow body hair.
It was like scraping a wound and not allowing it to heal. I was powerless as my hand would automatically reach my pussy at regular intervals. Vikas did not seem to notice.

On my birth day, as we were about to leave for the temple, Vikas met us near elevator, greeted us and told us he was going to the temple. Vinay asked him to accompany us . Vinay got into driving seat and Vikas opened the door for me to enter. As I was entering, his hairy hand brushed on my breasts. My knees almost buckled, I got in and he also was seated and closed the door.

Vinay was talking to him about shares and economy, Vikas moved little and his warm thigh was pressing against mine. I wanted to move away but found myself moving closer. Both of us were looking straight ahead. My heart was hammering in my chest as he pressed my foot with his toe. I think my mind and body seemed to have been disconnected. I found my other foot caressing his.

With a suddenness that caused me to gasp, he placed his hand not on my thigh but on my pussy. He was talking to Vinay quite casually and normally as he started rubbing . I didn’t wear a panty and I found my legs parting and my one hand arranging pleats of saree so that only one layer of cloth was between his hand and my pussy. He clutched my pubic mound in his palm and was rubbing middle finger in the crack of pussy lips.

As we reached the temple gates, he removed his hand and moved away. As we walked towards temple Vinay was parking car. We were buying coconuts, I saw him looking at my right tit contour, I blushed and was about to cover it with pallau but found myself moving it away to him more generous view.
He shook one coconut , heard the sound and asked ” Suma, if it makes splashing sound, it is good coconut, isn’t it?” I said yes. He took two coconuts and said under breath that he liked them because their shape was resembling my boob shape. Now my pussy was oozing so much I was worried it might look as if I could not control bladder.

Vinay joined us, we went t into the temple, did pooja, archana and as the priest blessed us that God will fulfill our wishes, I suddenly felt relieved. God will grant just wishes so I leave it to him. Let him decide course of action.
On our return trip I sat next to Vinay in front seat.

When we returned, I asked Vikas where was Jaya. He told me that she went to her Mom’s place and would be back next day.
When we returned to our home, Vinay gave me the gifts, there was the necklace, some beautiful sarees and a very flimsy nightie so flimsy in fact you might as well not wear it. He asked me to wear it. I became totally naked and put on the nightie, it had front velcrose strips to hold it and you could see everything through the light blue flimsy fabric.

“Vikas…” I entered the hall and stopped in my tracks. Sitting there on the sofa were Vinay and ……wearing a sleeveless tee shirt and very short shorts, exposing his loads of thick hair was Vikas……..
Both of them stood ,clapped and sang ” Happy birth day to you….”

And Vinay said beaming ” Here is your birthday gift …” gesturing to Vikas…………………

End of Part VI


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