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October 24, 2018

Bang, Bang With Blind Act, Incest Angle – Part I

Bang, Bang With Blind Act, Incest Angle – Part I

“What is the matter?” I asked him. He didn’t stop playing with my right nipple.

(I have never tried to write a story with a lady character in first person. I was uneasy that I may not be able to project female feelings, emotions in a believable manner. But my lady fans ‘insistence has resulted in creating this story. Hope you will receive this also with enthusiasm. I sincerely thank my friend Lov for suggesting the story idea and for her valuable inputs.)

………………………Rahul stopped sucking my left breast and looked at me thoughtfully. I was absent mindedly running my fingers through his thick locks of hair and came out of reverie.

“What is the matter?” I asked him. He didn’t stop playing with my right nipple.

“You should tell me. When I lick your pussy and pinch nipples, normally you howl like a she wolf on a full moon night but today you were just sighing. So, come out with it. What is bothering you?”

I was suddenly angry. I pulled out my tit from his hand and moved away.

“I don’t howl like a wolf. I might scream like any normal girl would, may be a little louder since my vocal chords are designed for high pitch singing” I retorted and added as an afterthought “in case you haven’t noticed , that voice won me many awards at singing competitions”

Rahul laughed and hugged me. “Pallavi, I meant it is as a compliment” he tried to assuage me.

“Then it is in bad taste” I retorted trying to break from his vice like grip. His limp dick was sandwiched between my thighs. Only few minutes back he had unloaded his hot liquid in my pussy, which was slowly trickling out.

“OK. Try asking kids in neighboring flats, who hide under bed sheets or their mothers’ pallaus when you howl or rather scream. Anyway, don’t skirt the issue. What is bothering you?”With one hand he was clutching my buttocks and with other my back. My boobs were pressing warmly on his hard chest and I began to melt in spite of myself.

“Mom and Dad are going on a pilgrimage during the festival holidays. They plan to dump me with my Aunt who was Hitler’s teacher in previous birth. She will pulverize me with discipline and lectures and you are going happily to your village. How can I stay for one week without your tool ravaging my three apertures?” I told him despondently, as I was playing with his dick and balls.

“Very simple. Come and stay with me in my village for the holidays” Rahul’s reply amused me.

“Fat chance. Do you think Mom would say ‘By all means, Beta, take my daughter to your village, pound her to your heart’s content but return her in one piece’. Grow up, Rahul” I told him.

“They will not send you with me. But, my sister Suma can request them” he told tracing a circle around my areola and playing with my nipple like a carom board striker, sending pulsations in my pussy.

I began to feel excitement course through my veins.

“Why, that’s a brilliant idea. But Suma told me that she was not going to your village for these holidays as she has to finish several projects. My parents will come to the bus station to see me off. If Suma doesn’t show up, then this plan will flop” I told him. My ministrations were slowly jogging his cock from slumber. Rahul brushed aside.

“Suma will board the bus and will get down at next stop. I will take you to my village” Rahul said.

“But what about your home and neighbors? Will your parents and neighbors not kick up a row?” my question brought Rahul to earth. As he was lost in thought, his dick went back to sleep.

“Wait a minute. You are playing the role of a blind girl in a play on collage Annual day, isn’t it? Why not play a blind girl in real life? I can always take an unfortunate Blind girl, sister of my friend, who has no place to stay as her family was going on a pilgrimage” His excitement was infectious. I immediately liked the idea.

“Rahul, you are a genius” I screamed or howled and took his dick in my mouth and started sucking.

Within seconds he was ready, hard, strong and rearing to go. I bent down on the bed and spread my legs. As he parted my pussy lips and was about to push it in very wet, slippery pussy, I told him “No, not there”

He shrugged, took out cream, applied liberally on his cock and in my anus and pushed slowly in. I bit my lip and endured initial pain, once he was fully in, he asked me if he should start pounding.

I nodded. He grabbed my waist and started ramming. My breath was coming out in gasps as Rahul’s steaming hot cock was travelling full length until his balls were slamming on my pussy mound. The loud clapping sound when his crotch was banging my buttocks was unnaturally loud. He increased his pace and as I was moaning, he suddenly stopped clutching my waist very tight and buried his cock to the hilt.

Then I experienced the sheer joy for which I was waiting. His boiling hot sperm started filling my innards in spurts. I could sense pulsations in his cock as it discharged large volume of sperm. Then he was like a deflated balloon, waited until his cock had lost its impervious arrogance and shrunk and took it out.

We embraced, kissed and went to bathroom, cleaned and freshened ourselves. We put on clothes, opened the door and went into the hall.
Padma aunty and Suma were engrossed in a television serial. Initially I was self conscious but they always acted normal, never giving those sly smiles or convolute remarks. It was as normal as if we had completed combined studies and came out for fresh air.

When the commercial break came, Padma got up brought Horlicks, snacks which she forced us to take as usual.

Only indication she showed that she was aware of what was going on behind closed doors was her enquiry if I was using pills or condoms and her insistence that we eat some sumptuous food afterwards as she told “it will sap all your energy. You have to recharge batteries immediately”
I took their leave, Suma accompanied me to my two wheeler. Suma was also amazingly casual. She took her brother’s passionate affair coolly.
I started my Activa engine, hesitated and killed it. I looked around and told Suma about our plan.

Suma burst out laughing. She laughed so hard, tears were rolling down her cheeks. Finally, as spasms subsided, she clutched her stomach and said between peals of laughter.

“This is the best joke I heard in years. Jokes apart, Rahul’s stupid, hairy brained idea is bound to fail. Acting blind for few hours on stage is one thing and acting for one week is different. You have to be an immaculately gifted actress to pull it. I will do my part, but better think of another scheme” saying this, she bid good bye.

As I started my bike and was going home, my thoughts wandered to the sequence of events that led to my affair with Rahul………………..

………………………………………….I was always a shy girl. Since my parents are very conservative, I was taught to quietly avert eyes from TV screen if any kissing scene suddenly crops up, leave room discreetly if any “embarrassing( read sex)” topics are discussed.

Once I started growing boobs, all information was pouring in, without my effort. My classmates (boys) would leave mobiles with sex actions or huge cocks or pussies pictures on our desks and take them out as if they had forgotten after we had seen them. Then girls were worse than boys. Some girls used to bring sex magazines and circulate.

Their discussions of how some boy had squeezed tits in bus and how they played with cocks of their cousins were difficult to ignore. One girl Hemalata was the corruptor. She would describe how she sucked the cocks of her uncles and cousins and how they licked her pussy.

Still I managed to stay out of trouble and boys’ clutches until degree second year. Then I saw Rahul in canteen and fell head over heels. By that time, I had become what could be termed as ‘hot’. With 36D-26-36, I was sought after by many. At 5’4″ with thick lustrous black silky hair cascading to the middle of my back and fair complexion I was the uncrowned beauty of my collage. My large black eyes were my best feature, though Rahul maintains that my boobs are my best feature, even when covered by layers of cloth.

He says the swell and curvature of my boobs is mouth watering. My slim waist enhances the volume and firmness of tits. Though many boys were vying to get my attention, I was never attracted and found their advances irritating and boring. Until I saw Rahul.

Rahul was wearing a green colored T shirt which was showing his massive Biceps , barrel like chest to advantage. W hat turned me on was the animal sexiness in his dark eyes and thick hair on his fore arms.

I felt tingling sensation between my thighs. Our eyes met and I blushed and averted my eyes. Over next few days, I found myself searching for him, when I found him I found myself flashing contour of boobs or cleavage by minor adjustments of clothing.

That evening when I was in Library preparing my assignment, I suddenly felt some one was staring at me and looked up. My heart skipped a beat as I looked into Rahul’s smiling eyes. Rahul was sitting in an opposite chair across the table. I could feel blood rushing to my cheeks and I cursed myself for my inability in concealing my emotions. I looked back into my book unseeingly.

I glanced around. Library was sparsely crowded. In our section, only 4 people were there. I held my breath, took out my foot from my shoe and groped. I found Rahul was also doing same. We were seriously looking into books but his foot started caressing mine. Then both his toes held my foot and started massaging. My heart was beating so loud and fast, I wondered why everyone could not hear.

A naughty idea struck me. I moved my foot along his ankle, thigh towards his crotch. Suddenly my foot brushed against something hard yet soft like rubber and very hot. I panicked, gave a yelp and was about to pull out my leg when Rahul grabbed it with his hand and pressed against his throbbing cock.

Both of us were still engrossed in our books. No one could make out what was going on under the table unless they looked at our flushed faces. I moved my other foot also, rested it in his lap and pressed his cock between my feet. Now Rahul pressed my feet together with both hands on to his cock and started rubbing and moving my feet up and down along the length of his cock.

Floodgates in my pussy opened and I could feel the wetness creeping into my panty. I lost track of time until Librarian told that in five minutes Library would be closed and to return the books. I pulled my feet down and put my shaking feet back into shoes. With deft maneuvering Rahul managed to push his swollen cock into his pant and zipped.

As we got up to leave I stole a glance at his crotch. The bulge was hidden under the loose T shirt. Silently, we came out and started walking towards the gate. Already it was dark and Library was situated in the middle of the park which was enveloped in darkness. As we were walking, Rahul moved close to me and brushed his elbow on my tit.

I wanted to pull away but it felt like a magnet has attracted me to him and I found myself crushing my boob on his elbow. I adjusted my dupatta so that it concealed. Rahul glanced around and suddenly pulled me by elbow behind a huge tree. Next to the tree there were huge thick bushes. We were not visible to any one from the road.

He took my face in both hands and kissed me on the lips. While one part of me wanted to push him, I found myself hugging him tight, pressing boobs on his chest and responding to his kiss. I opened his teeth with my tongue and started sucking his tongue. I closed my eyes in pleasure but he was alert and watchful. He pushed his hand in my top and started squeezing my tit.

After few minutes we separated. There was unspoken communication between us. Both of us knew we didn’t have much time and had to do what we could in a hurry. He inserted hand in my pajama as I undid the knot. I unzipped his pant and pulled out his cock.

As he was fingering my pussy, I shook his cock vigorously in my hands. Within ten minutes, his body stiffened and sperm shot out from his cock in jerks landing on leaves of plants. Sticky mess also was glued to my hands. He took out his hand kerchief and lovingly cleaned my hands. I tied the string and he zipped up.

When we came out of the park and were walking towards parking lot, he extended his arm “Sorry, didn’t introduce myself. I am Rahul, Final Year”
I burst out laughing. Funny way of getting introduced.

I took his hand in mine and said “Pleased to meet you. Pallavi, second year”

Next day I was prepared. I didn’t wear panty. I removed stitches from my pajama at strategic places so that full access was there for a hand. In the day time we both scouted the park and identified a secure location. Next few days we did heavy petting, masturbation and kissing. But the risk and fear of discovery was killing our pleasure.

Finally Rahul asked me “I know you are a virgin. Are you ready to lose it? My sister Suma and I are staying as paying guests with my distant Aunt Padma. Uncle is out of town for most of the time. Padma suggested that we can use my bed room. Are you interested?”

My feelings were mixed. Anger that he told his Aunt, excitement that I can lose my virginity, fear of losing it, all emotions were going on a roller coaster. When the Russian Roulette of emotions stopped turning, uppermost emotion was anger.

“Are you out of your mind? How could you tell Suma and your Aunt?” I almost shouted in anger.

Rahul gestured to the bushes. “How many more buckets of my sperm do you want to spill on those leaves? The correct place is in your pussy. There is no risk, You and Suma will come to our flat. Padma aunty has given permission for us. So what do you think?” he asked me.

What did I think? Next day I picked up Suma, we went to their flat. Neighbors had no reason to suspect. Both Suma and Padma acted quite normal, they put me at ease. They asked about my menstruation cycle, calculated and confirmed it was safe period to have sex. Still they gave me pills.

Suma opened the door to bed room and motioned me to go in. My heart was thumping as I entered and closed the door. First thing that struck me was that there were no curtains and room was bathed in bright sun light streaming through glass panes of windows.

Rahul was lying on the bed in his banian and shorts and with a huge tent in his shorts. He smiled, came over to me and hugged. I was shaking like a leaf.

“But…but…there is no darkness.” I complained.

He raised eye brows. “Beggars can’t be choosers. We can’t wait till dark, uncle will come home and you will also be late”.

He held me tight until my breathing became normal.

“I think this will make you feel at ease” he said and removed his banian and shorts. He was stark naked with his massive cock jumping. I gulped.

Though I played with his cock and masturbated him, it was always in the dark. I gaped at it and was scared.

“Do you think it won’t tear my pussy?” I asked eyeing it suspiciously.

‘In Medical history, I don’t think such a thing has been recorded. ” Saying this he removed my kurta. I allowed him to undress me, savoring his hungry eyes relishing on all my contours and curves, I was getting aroused as his cock was brushing on my thighs and buttocks.

He slowly led me to the bed and we rolled on the bed hugging each other. As we were kissing, his hot, hard body pressed on entire length of my body, his cock poking me in the belly, sending shocks through my nervous system. Slowly he planted kisses on my eyes, cheeks, chin.

He spent a great deal of time on my tits, sucking, biting and licking areola. He kept squeezing as he travelled down and when he kissed my pubic mound, I almost fainted. I clutched his head with both hands and tried to pull him up.

He parted my pussy lips and started licking me. As shock waves were rocking my body, I started discharging juices in spurts into his mouth. I lost track of time as I was submerged in sea of joy.

When he removed his head and smiled at me I was shocked to see his mouth, cheeks, chin were all covered with my juice.

He was smiling. “Now you are ready” He said and applied some cream liberally on his cock and inside my pussy. I was tensed up like before a surgery.

He laughed. “Relax. It is not a surgery or heart transplant”

I asked him “The way you are going about it, you are not a virgin. Are you?”

He looked me straight in the eye “I won’t lie to you. I am not a virgin. I lost my virginity at 16 years of age. Both of us know our relationship may not culminate in marriage. We are attracted to each other and want to have fun with no strings attached. If you don’t wish to go ahead, we will stop here” he said seriously.

I did not hesitate, I pulled him to me.” Please be gentle. I don’t know how thick my hymen is “

He parted my pussy lips, inserted his dick head and leaned and started kissing me, fondling boobs and murmuring sweet nothings in my ear and kept pushing. It refused to go and as I was feeling immense pain and was asking him to remove, he suddenly gave a push and his cock went in.
He was very gentle and slowly increased pace and filled my pussy.

By evening, I started enjoying and that was the beginning of our journey.I was very embarrassed first time when I ventured into the hall after our session. I did not know how to respond to snide remarks or knowing, naughty smiles or pokes of Padma aunty and Suma. But they were very cool. Neither made any comment. Padma brought one big glass of Horlicks, snacks and biscuits and forced me to have them.

“You don’t realize, it saps lot of energy. Remember my tip, always eat or drink something nutritious “she told me when I was reluctant, since I thought I should not be imposing on her.

Suma accompanied me to my vehicle. She acted so normal as if I had completed my combined studies and going home. She was working in one MNC and was four years senior to Rahul.

All people have extraordinary talent in one field or other but tragedy is that life would pass by without any of us realizing what gift we possess. Very lucky few like Sachin, Anand realize early and exploit that talent.

I read somewhere an old Japanese Grandma was widowed and to divert her, her grandchildren presented her a box of water colors. She knew only her kitchen and view of landscape from her kitchen window. She painted some canvasses and to humor her they hung them in their drawing room.

Once a guest, an Art critic, visited their house and was astonished and asked who painted them. It turned out that they were master pieces worth millions of Dollars.

So, my talent, I quickly realized was in enjoying and delivering pleasure in sex. I have a natural, inborn talent. When I suck Rahul’s cock, I don’t straight away suck his cock. I first start kissing his balls, lick them, and take in mouth one by one and nibble. When I lightly grate my teeth over soft skin of balls, Rahul groans like a chained tiger. I slowly work my upwards and when I lick the Dick head, he almost shoots his cum. I back down, leave him, talk to him about some totally unrelated subject like forthcoming tests and after few minutes start sucking him.

I know by pulsations in his cock when he is going to shoot and depending on my mood I either swallow, spit or don’t allow him to cum. I save it for my pussy. The beauty of it all is unpredictability neither he nor I know what is going to happen.

Rahul says I am the one of the few he knew ( I didn’t ask how many he knew) who do not leave boob squeezing entirely to him. If he is squeezing my tits, I play, pinch or tweak my nipples or squeeze uncovered parts of boobs ( may be because my tits are big enough for two hands). If he is attending to that I squeeze my tits from the base near rib cage and work towards nipples. All the time I keep eye contact and Rahul says the sex pouring out from my large, sexy eyes will give hard on to a man on death bed.

And I realized that I have excellent vaginal muscle control. When Rahul buries his cock deep inside my pussy, I ask him to stay still and stroke, massage and pull his cock with my vaginal muscles. I could play with his cock like a flute with my muscles. It drives him crazy.

Finally, why I ventured into Anal, I don’t know. Just for the heck of it, I forced him to bang me there. First time it pained like hell. I couldn’t sit or squat for two days. But I did not give up. Slowly I started enjoying the pounding, I felt there was more space for cock than in my pussy. I really started loving the feeling when he unloaded his hot, sticky cum inside. Getting splashed with hot liquid was awesome.

Initially, I felt sad that I lost my virginity to Rahul, who lost it at 16, instead of to another virgin. But, again, I reconciled to myself that if that ended in a fiasco, since both would be nervous and panicky, it might adversely affect my sex life…………………………….. I came out of reverie, as I entered parking lot of my house.

At dinner table, I broached the topic of my intention to spend Holidays at my friend Suma’s village.

As is normal with all fathers, Dad said No. I asked him why.

“Why can’t you accompany us for visiting temples like your brother. All this nonsense of where to keep you will not be there” he gave his stock reply and I gave my stock reaction.

“But, dad, if you are going to a hill station or any exciting place I will jump. But standing in queues, getting pushed, pulled and mauled by crowds is not cup of my tea. Vijay is a boy, he might actually like being jostled by women” I retorted.

Vijay’s face turned crimson. He looked into his plate.

“Moreover, I never saw a village and may not get a chance. What is the problem, Suma will be there with me all the time?” I pleaded with him.

“May be we should drop Vijay. He will stay with sister” Mom interjected. My heart stopped beating.

I sighed with relief when Vijay refused to accompany me, no doubt he didn’t want to miss the chance of squeezing some boobs and pressed by some.

Finally Dad relented. Suma came to our house next day, talked to my parents and charmed them like a snake charmer would charm snakes. My parents were literally bowled over.

For the next few days I had seen several times Ziyi Zhang’s performance in “House of Flying Daggers”. Among my other talents, other than recently discovered sex field, was in histrionics. Right from my 3rd standard I was a natural choice for blind girl roles. I can and have fooled many. I thought this would be a real test to my skills, fooling several people for a week. I found it exciting.

On the day of departure, Mom, Dad and Vijay came to bus station to see me off. Suma assured them not to worry, she would take care of me and to enjoy their vacation. I saw Rahul in back row of the bus reading a book. I smiled to myself when I saw how handsome he was looking and how all girls and ladies were looking at him covertly. Some aunties were flashing their tits also.

My Mom was almost in tears as bus pulled away. Suma got down at next stop. Rahul sat in her seat.

“We will change the bus after two hours. From there you are a blind girl.” He told me and took out black goggles from pocket and gestured to a blind people’s stick kept in the luggage rack.

I smiled at him sweetly.

“I can’t wait” I squeezed his arm and assured him….



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