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October 24, 2018

Bang Bang In The Bus

Bang Bang In The Bus

One story was about a housewife coming home in a bus,instead of auto,as was her habit, after dropping child at school and her encounter with a teenage boy leading to sex was fantastic.Unfortunately, I did not copy it and it is lost in the jungle.

I am an avid reader of Indian sex stories. Though I read numerous Penthouse,Playboy magazines,I find Indian sex stories more exciting. A caucasian blonde girl giving blow job story or video has lost its charm, since we have seen tons and tons of white female flesh to the point of saturation.

An Indian housewife with bindi enjoying sex,cunninlingus or giving blowjob will excite us. There are several excellent story tellers and stories.

One story was about a housewife coming home in a bus,instead of auto,as was her habit, after dropping child at school and her encounter with a teenage boy leading to sex was fantastic.Unfortunately, I did not copy it and it is lost in the jungle.

Another story is about Raghu seducing his mother in law with wife around is also very good. Julee sam of course is the Master story teller. But searching for such good stories in thousands of mediocre stories is very taxing.

Are there people like me who wish to enjoy well written stories and who are exasperated by stories that have sentences like ” I hardly pressed her boobs until she screamed” and ” After finishing my daily chorus” etc? Can we communicate and forward each other or exchange info about good stories?

One more intriguing factor is that every one has fantastic experience.Every story is a true story, how ever improbable it may sound. I am trying my hand at story telling.This is a fantasy,it did not happen to me(though,I wish it had).Whatever merits or demerits,language,I hope, will not make you cringe.

I tried to catch my breath and not to pant after getting into the bus. Bus was crowded.I squeezed and squirmed and managed to reach the rear of the bus and grabbed the vertical rod as bus gave a lurch and started. This was the last bus and if I missed I would have had to stay in a hotel overnight.

I mopped my face with kerchief,looked around and had a jolt.Seated next to the rod and leaning on it was Monica Beluchhi.(I mean,a darker Indian version of Monica.)This lady had absolute knockers of jugs and was proud of it too. She was folding her hands across chest and cleavage was a feast to the eyes through transparnt layer of cream colour saree.
I managed to extract eyes from the stunning spectacle and looked at her.I found she was staring at me with a half smile.She had the sexiest eyes I had ever seen. Black as coal and shining with sultry mischief and sex pouring out by buckets.I could not understand how she she could walk few steps without causing several hard ons and/or being molested.
She looked away and adjusted the pallau,her action revealing more than before. Now, half of right breast with mole came into view.My little man woke up with a jerk which did not escape her notice, since it was few inches from her face. I cursed myself for not wearing an underwear.(There was a heavy downpour and clothes did not dry up).She gave another smile and tightened her grip across her breasts more,further swelling them.She moved closer to the rod.I adjusted myself so that her upper arm was pressing against my thigh.The naked portion of her upper arm below blouse felt very warm on my thigh.She did not move away.

She turned to talk to the lady sitting next to her.I got a second jolt.

The second lady was none other than Sophia Loren.My god,her tits were firm,as big as ripe melons. She did not wear a bra, contours of areola and nipples were hazily visible.Of course, she wore a low neck blouse too, pallau carelessly flung over shoulder.My little man was fully awake now and kicking.

Monica whispered some thing in Sophia’s ear,Sophia’s eyes travelled down to my groin and she burst out laughing.

Her breasts were dancing all over,increasing my discomfort.Luckily,the driver switched off the lights since we were outside city limits. There was total darkness.

I gulped and slowly lowered my hand on the rod until my fingers were touching her shoulder. She did not move.I took my right foot from chappal and gingerly probed for her foot.I found with pleasant surprise that she also was doing same. Our toes brushed each other. Then there was an impasse caused by hesitation and doubt.

After few seconds,I gathered courage,pressed her foot with mine. I found her other foot on mine,rubbing and teasing my toe with hers.

This was the green signal I was hoping for.I looked around.It was pitch dark, people were either sleeping or lost in thoughts.No one was interested in us.

I hesitantly placed my hand on her shoulder,waiting with bated breath for her scream.

Suddely I lost my nerve and was about to pull hand away, when Monica grabbed my hand with hers and pushed it on to her breast.She had removed top two hooks to make space for my hand. I was in 7th heaven.I started squeezing,found she also cupped her breast from underneath and was also doing same.I took her grape sized nipple between thumb and forefinger and gently pulled and tweaked. Without invitation I invaded her other breast also and was fondling with abandon.

What I found most exciting and most erotic was that all through this,Monica was conversing with Sophia casually, as if everything was normal.

Suddenly they started whispering,I bent my head down and listened.

“Hey,what is happening?” Sophia asked in telugu.
“He is squeezing my breasts” Monica whispered back.
“what are you doing?” Sophia asked impatiently.
Monica giggled.” I am getting my tits squeezed,what else?”
“Stupid,why don’t you suck him? He is only few inches away” Sophia whispered furiously.
“Shh, he might listen,quiet down” pleaded Monica.

“Don’t worry,he looks like a punjabi or from north, he won’t know telugu.Any way,get going,we will reach another town in 20 minutes from now” Sophia told her.
Monica still hesitated.

“you come over here.I will take care of him” Sophia was about to get up.Monica stopped her.

Monica’s hands found the zip on my pant,she pulled down the Zip and pulled out my dick.

“Give me some water” Sophia handed over a bottle.

“No, I want in a glass.I have to wash him” Monica whispered.Sophia poured water in a plastic cup and gave her.

Monica washed my tool by dipping it in cup and asked Sophia to throw cup away.

Then she took my dick in her mouth and started one of the best blow jobs of mankind.I almost blacked out from pleasure.She was licking,sucking,biting tenderly and knew when to slow down.She was caressing my balls.

Suddenly Sophia shook her.

“OK,time to stop, we are reaching.” she whispered urgently.

Monica let go of my tool,I took out my hands from her blouse.I hurriedly pushed mine in and zipped and monica put back hooks of blouse few seconds before driver switched on the lights.

Bus stopped,people started getting down,yawning and stretching.An old lady sitting on the other side of Sophia,i.e window side, also got down.

Mean while Monica pulled away from me,refusing to look at me and turned otherway.

“Excuse me, can I sit here?” I asked in English.
Both of them nodded.
Monica pulled back to allow me to pass through,Sophia took window seat and gestured me to sit between them.Now bus was almost empty.
There were few people sitting in front rows and none behind us or near us.Bus pulled out of the stop and was moving at snail’s pace due to traffic congestion.

I sat ramrod stright looking straight ahead, as both moved closer to me their thighs pressing warmly against mine.
Monica sighed.” I wish he does’nt resemble a stuck pig.If he does’nt relax,conductor might get suspicious” She said in telugu.
Though I could understand every word, I had to act as if I didn’t,so I did not react.
Sophia poked me.

“See, you have to learn to relax.Loosen up and act as if we are all of one group.Smile and talk about any thing. We are not going to eat you” Sophia told me in fluent English.
“I don’t know about you,I just did” Monica said grinning, also in good English.

I burst out laughing.Conductor who was giving suspicious looks,turned away satisfied.
I smiled at both of them and asked Sophia “Tell me, how you do you manage to maintain breasts in such beautiful shape?I can see by your nipples that you are a mother and also you are not wearing a bra.”

I was fondling her breast and rolling nipple between thumb and forefinger.My hand was under her pallau.
Both were shocked.Sophia blushed and her face turned pink with pride and shyness.
“Actually, just before I left, my bra hooks came loose.I think I am plain lucky,I breast fed kids till 3 years of age.”she said proudly looking down at her massive tits.
I started rubbing Monika’s pussy over her saree.

“And what about you,your pussy is smooth as silk,do you keep it that way always or am I plain lucky?”
It was Monika’s turn to blush.
“Both” she said spreading her legs wider,giving me more access.
Sophia playfully slapped my hand which was ravaging her breasts.
“I asked you to talk about anything and it does not mean I gave you license to ask such shameless questions” she said with mock anger.
I acted hurt.

“OK,my lips are sealed and will be opened only after driver switches off lights and that too not for talking”
They both smiled.

“This guy has good sense of humour.How was his tool?Is it as good?” Sophia asked Monica in telugu as both their hands were playing with my dick.Now they switched to telugu.
“Better.Tell me, how safe are these family planning operations? I read so many instances of failure.If this guy ejaculated inside my pussy, what are chances of pregnancy?” Monica asked Sophia,arranging her saree so that it covered my hand that was exploring her very wet pussy over her saree.

“Look at it this way,if you become pregnant you will have a beautiful baby,if not also it is ok.My god,the way I am gushing litres of juice, by the time we get down from bus,it might look as if I could not hold my bladder” Sophia was moaning.

“Same here,why did you tell me not to wear panties? May be I should have put on one,my saree would look drenched, atleast your saree is of dark colour, it won’t be so apparent.” Monica was also slightly panting.

“My sixth sense told me that this was going to be the journey of our lives.When you called me I was about to get into panty. At last, this idiot driver switched off lights” Sophia did not waste a moment,got up,removed blouse hooks and pushed one huge tit in my mouth and placed my hand on her pussy.

She spread her legs, lifted saree and guided my finger inside her.

Their raucous talk was already making me horny beyond words and I started sucking her breast,rolling her inch long nipple between teeth and then licking it,at the same time tickling her clit. She was not joking, her juices were literally flowing like a tap.

Mean while,Monica undid my Zip, took out my dick and startd sucking it like a hungry calf sucking mother cow’s teat.

Monica also stood up, removed Sophia’s breast from my mouth and pushed hers in.I was like a hungry man provided with limitless gourmet dishes.Monica’s tits were firmer, delicious,her nipples were like grapes,which you could roll on tongue, bite and scrape teeth over. I was fondling,squeezing,pulling nipples of other breast.

Sophia took over from Monica to suck and lick my dick.

Sophia could bear no longer.she asked Monica to move over and stood up, took my head in both hands and kissed me.She started exploring all corners of my mouth,when I caught her tongue and started sucking it. She went weak in the knees and almost collapsed. Without breaking the kiss, took out my rock hard tool.

She asked Monica to move little and tried to straddle me.It was not possible.She turned the otherway with her back to me,lifted saree and sat on my lap.

“Insert properly dear, I can not manage” She told Monica and leaned on the backrest of front seat.

Sophia’s pussy was like a flowing river.Monica held my dick and as Sophia widened her legs and parted cheeks of buttoks with both hands,Monica parted the lips and pushed my dick head into wet,juicy pussy. As I was slowly pushing deeper,Sophia was pushing back to take it fully in.I grabbed Sophia’s melons and when just an inch of travel was left,I gave a sudden thurst and rammed it all the way in.

Sophia was about to scream,I removed my hand from her breast and closed her mouth.

“Shh, what are you doing? you will get us killed.Am I hurting you? Shall I be more gentle?” I asked her anxiously.

“Sorry,I could not control.I was overcome with pleasure,not pain.You pound me as hard,as fast as you can,grind me,pulverize me,come on” she hissed angrily.

“OK,here we go, but whatever you do, don’t scream” I told her. She nodded head furiously,biting her lip.

I withdrew and buried to the hilt with all my strength. She gave a gasp and held on to forward seat as I kept on pounding her.Her melons were too big for my hands.So,Monica was also kneading nipples,squeezing,massaging her friend’s massive tits.Monica was tickling ,stroking my balls also.

I lost track of time,but after some time,Sophia whispered over her shoulder.”My friend’s juicy pussy is also clamouring for attention.Now ravage her”.

I withdrew from Sophia,all wet and glistening and positioned behind Monica, who also hitched up her saree above buttocks and leaned next to Sophia.Before I could insert in Monica,Sophia licked and sucked all her wetness from my dick,kissed and transferred contents to my mouth.

Sophia returned the favour and guided me into Monica’s velvet,smooth,slippery pussy.

“Go easy on her, she is delicate like a flower.Don’t pound her like me” Sophia whispered,rubbing her hands on Monica’s perfect tits.

“Is that so? I can take ten times more pounding than her.Come on, show her your full capacity.I know you were gentle with her” Monica taunted me.

I was not gentle.I straightaway rammed full length in Monica’s tight pussy and gave huge thrusts at full speed until she was panting. Without a break in stride I changed over to Sophia.I kept banging them alternately.

Initially,I had to fumble to insert in the overflowing pussies but after a while,my dick became an expert like a homing pigeon. I was switching over easily,effortlessly without break in rythm. I was also cleverly managing and prolonging my action.When I felt I was about to come,I changed pussies.

In the distance we could see approaching lights.

“Now, which pussy needs filling, we have to finish this” I asked them as I was ramming Sophia.
There was ‘pehle aap”,”pehle aap” see saw battle among them.

Sophia said firmly ” No time to argue,you complete and fill her pussy,mean while I will freshen up”.

I withdrew from Sophia and while I was climaxing and filling up Monica’s well, Sophia put back hooks of her blouse,wiped her face with pallau and arranged her hair with comb.
I sat back exhausted, Sophia kissed me and wiped my face with her pallau,Monica quickly rearranged her saree, blouse and hair and fell in my lap and licked her,her friend’s juices and my cum from my dick. By the time driver switched on the lights we were all completely dressed,freshened up and presentable.

When the lights came on we looked at each other and smiled. All our faces were glowing with joy,pleasure and contentment.Monica took out biscuits from her bag and we nibbled on them.

“Thank you, ladies, it was fabulous” I said with genuine gratitude.
“The pleasure is all mine” both of them said simultaneously and burst out laughing.
The bus was reaching the bus station and slowed down.
“I have one doubt.Can I ask?” I asked Sophia.
She smiled and nodded.
“You are such sexy ladies,you dress in such provacative clothes.You give every man you come across a hard on.How are you managing to avoid getting raped everyday?” I hesitantly asked.

“Look closely.Think you are seeing us for the first time.Do you still feel the same way” Monica asked with an innocent smile.

I looked at them again. Monica was quite normal, without a hint of seduction.Her pallau was very neatly arranged with two three layers of cloth completely covering her fabulous breasts and cleavage. There was no invitation or seduction in those black eyes. In fact, a slight frown to scare lusty males away.

Same with Sophia.The prominent areolas,nipples have disappeared under several layers of carefully arranged folds of saree.She was just any busty,middle aged aunty with a fabulous,friendly smile.Nothing like’ come hither’ about her.

” My God, you are right. If I met you in the street, I would never have the courage to approach you” I said in awe.

Bus was pulling into the allotted slot.

“But,why did I find you inviting? Where was the time for you to plan?” I was still puzzled.

Sophia smiled.

“It was spontaneous.When Monica saw you coming our way,she gestured to me.Within seconds we planned to seduce you,arranged our clothes,showed our cleavage and rest is history.Of course,our plan was just to provoke and laugh at your discomfort,not to go all the way.Any way, it was fantastic. Thanks for the romp” Sophia got up to go.
Both of them looked around and gave me a peck on each cheek. I also stood up.

Monica first moved out to allow myself and Sophia to come out.As Monica was moving ahead, I watched carefully at her rear to find any tell tale signs of sex ,dampness of her juices and my cum.She managed to cover the wetness very well by strategically arranging one layer of saree.

Both smiled and were about to get down the bus, when I found Monica’s hair clip.

“Excuse me, you left this behind” I said in telugu and handed over the clip.
Both of them jumped a foot. There was astonishment,disbelief writ large on their faces.
“What…what..you..” Monica first found voice.
I smiled.

“Yes,I understand telugu,because I am a telugu ” I told them.
By the time they came out of shock, we got down the bus and were standing on the platform.
Sophia glared at me. She was beetroot red in the face.
“You have cheated us, you abominal man.I hate you ” She spat out.
I laughed.

“At first, you may think so.If I gave a hint that I knew telugu,our fun,enjoyment,excitment and glorious sex would have been devalued by half or would not have taken place.You would have felt awkward and got into your shells.You let go and enjoyed with gay abadon because you thought I was from north and so you are safe.I overheard every word and it excited me more than any aphosidiac and we enjoyed to the hilt.So, don’t give it another thought and don’t worry.You are safe.” I told them.

They thought over and slowly their brows cleared. At the same time,their faces were flushed with shame as they recollected what they talked about.

“Thank God, you finally arrived, why could’nt you catch an earlier bus?” Monica and Sophia jumped in unison when a voice addressed them from behind.
“Mummy” one ten year old boy came running and hugged Monica. Monica ruffled his hair and kissed him on the head.Her husband was beaming and watching the affectionate reunion.
“Mom,we were so worried.Do you know,riots started one hour after you left. Just now, things have cooled down” one teenage girl hugged Sophia and took her bag from her hand.
“Why was your mobile switched off? We have been trying to call you for ages.” gruff,irate Sophia’a husband was grumbling.

“Who is he?” Monica’s husband asked,as they were talking to me when they arrived.
Sophia told smoothly.
“We don’t know his name. But he helped us in catching the bus. When we reached bus station, bus was just leaving. He ran and stopped the bus for us.”
I smiled disarmingly and said that it was nothing.I had to catch the bus anyway.
Both men thanked me,shaking hands.I took their leave.It turned out that Monica and Sophia were wives of those two brothers.
My grandmother,rightly, used to say that a man’s mind is like a dog’s tail. It can never remain straight.

Inspite of myself, I couldn’t help slipping my mobile number into Monica’s hand unobtrusively as we were leaving………………………
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