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November 22, 2018

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Jaya my friend’s mom

I still remember the first time I touched her body, we kissed, my first sex attempt with her, the first bath with her, the tricks I applied to get her in line, and more and more. We had together many times and her seductive moves towards me and the naughty games we played each other- I wrote in my secret diary at that time. How it happened! I think you people are also curious to know about it. At first, I didn’t have the courage to speak to her in the beginning. In fact the first time she saw me, she even asked “you don’t speak right and why u so shy are?” I couldn’t answer her question even. But as days passed, I got the courage to speak with her frankly. In fact I even took interest in her son’s studies. He was only an average student. And I was one of the toppers of my class at that time. I helped him out in test papers. I didn’t do it with the intention of impressing his mom. Once I was invited to my friend’s house for lunch on a weekend evening for the first time. She was wearing a pink sleeveless maxi. She looked damn sweet in that dress. She left her hair untied – just after evening bath. Her face was really glowing that day. Following her to the hall I got a view of her wonderful and well shaped ass and how I wished if I could hug her from behind and kiss her. That day I saw my friend’s father for the first time. How jealous I was at that man for marrying this lady of my dreams, I know it was childish to think. But I already accepted her in my mind as my own. But his husband in fact was good natured man.

Jaya my friend’s mom -2

I really wanted to know what jyothi aunty thought of me really. Did she think of me as a friend? What was my status in her mind? Just her son’s friend or some thing other. But I was too afraid to ask her direct about it also. What would she think if I asked her this question? And how odd it would be if she had no feelings towards me. She definitely was behaving very freely towards me. But I really wanted to be sure. Every day the thought as to how would she look naked made me feel really excited. I would masturbate often whenever I had that thought. Was it lust or was it love? Whatever it was I loved it.

Sex In The School

And I was waiting for the right time. My new school was a good one. The total strength of my class was just 35 and half of them were just girls. They were beautiful. But they have nothing to do with this story. That new school was very posh outside but inside (strictness, education) it was just ok.

My darling Priya

We spoke for a few minutes & had some wine. Priya loves red-wine. I found it very hard to control myself for long. So did her. She told me frankly that her husband was a very good lover when they had married, about two years ago. But, now after about 14 months of marriage the romance had gone out their marriage. The husband would come home drunk, indulge in a few mts. Of foreplay and in about 5mts. The whole love-making & sex would be over. ‘He is finished even before I have started’, she said. While talking, absentmindedly she arranged and tied her hair in a bun-style. Each and every movement of hers denoted class. Boy, she is really gorgeous!!! In her earlier mails she had told me about her husband who would also quarrel with her everyday for no reasons at all, due to the excessive drinking. I slowly came & sat beside her & put my hand on her shoulder to console her. This was the beginning. She placed her head on my shoulder & the whole scene was romantic, good music, intoxicating perfume & above all a gorgeous sexy & hot woman beside me.

My 1 of beautiful friend

So priya’s my neighbor’s daughter. She has short blonde hair, the most beautiful blue eyes you’ve ever seen and freckles across her little nose and cheeks. She had just hit thirteen, I found out, when she and her parents moved in some months ago. We live in a nice neighborhood in the suburbs, so it didn’t take long for our families to get close when they first moved in. Priya’s a beautiful girl. She always wears those tiny shorts that show off her legs and is always outdoors. Whether she’s reading or playing or doing nothing, she just loves to be outside. She’ll even rake the leaves just to find an excuse to be out. She doesn’t have any siblings, so I find myself talking to her quite often and we’ve become good friends. She’s a major tomboy; never afraid to stand up to any kind of challenge, and fortunately for her parents, that intimidates the boys in her grade, whom she finds very boring. When most girls her age are painting nails and chattering on the phone, she’ll be on her back porch reading one book or another, or holding a soccer ball and taunting me to come play.

Phul Sajya

I moved closer to her. I said I want to share many things with you about life on this night but your beauty is killing and then the show started. I took her hand into my hands. This is the first time I touched a lady in my life so I felt very much excited. I said we are not only just wife and husband, we will also be good friends and we have to share everything in our lives especially sex, it is just a symbol of love between us and we cannot find more enjoyment anywhere as in sex and kissed her on her forehead softly and slowly started to press Mitul’s soft buttocks and I pressed her stomach and moved hands all over her back and I again kissed on her forehead and I said I love you, she felt shy more at first, as this was the first time because this is the first time she spending with a man. She returned back the kiss and said I too love you too. Slowly the shyness in her is gone and her face started glowing as I talked very friendly with her. I asked her to be cooperative in sex and she said that she will and I will be yours and you can use me in whatever way you want. We stood up and hugged each other and I started kissing all around head and I kissed the neck portion and bit on her shoulders smoothly. a small moan of ooooooooo…. Aaaaaaa…..ae ki korchoooooooooo….. amar lojaya korche and closed her eyes. She then hugged me tightly and planted kisses on my lips.

Making a video

Sanjay and i used to go for sex together since our collage days and many time fucked together. I know how he likes to see shaved pussy. More over my wife had big round type pussy and not flat one, and it looks grate without hair. I know sanjay is always hot towards sanjana. In free time we always talk about girls we fucked together and on many time he compare them with my wife. He was never indecent but always his remarks ends with you are lucky to have good looking wife like sanjana. Sanjana always insisted he marry but he replies were if i find some girl like you then only he will marry. My wife knows all about our activities and we talk lot about it in bed.

Bus Fortune – 1

Then she replied “aaj ami khub anondo pacchi pls aaro ador koro amake ami tomar kole hariye jete chai” I was on seventh heaven after hearing this I started to press her boobs vigorously she was moaning very slowly aaah hhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh aarooooo jooooreeee plsssssssssss kheye phalooooo aaj amar maaaiiiii er bota gulo chide pahlo. Listening to this I lifted her blouse and black bra and I gave a bite on her nipples this time she shouted “AAAAAAHHH ki korcho ektu dhire aase paase sob sunte pawa jacche” I realized that she was right. Then I started to bite slowly and started chewing her nipples she was enjoying every moment and moaning lightly “aahhhh uuuu uuuhuuuhuhhhh, aaah koto din pore ii anondo ta pacchi aaaaahhhhhhhh, tomar saathe aagey dekha holo naaaaaaaaaaa kkkkannnno aaaaaaaaaaahhh.” Eorm bor pele to kono meye ii bichana theke uthbe naa sob somay bara haath edhore bose thakbe bore r. aahhhhh jore aaro joreeeeeeeeeeee. I was listening every word of her which was making me more and more horny in the mean time I entered my hand in her panty and it was amazing to observe the softness of her skin inside her saaree she was simply superb. I observed that her cunt juices are started oozing from her cunt and drenching her panty as I like to lick cunt but the situation is not favorable so I just entered my finger in her cunt and tasted her juice and in the mean time my prick was also in her hand she was vigorously stroking it after few min I cummed on her hand an she wiped my cum with bottom of her saree and same time she unloaded a huge orgasm on my hand and in her panty , I wiped my hand with bottom of her saree.

Shanthi Shanthi Shanthi I need you again

The next day I met with Prakash and worked with him to get his resume updated and later forwarded it to some of my contacts in Chennai. Over the next few days Prakash uncle started getting interview calls from these companies and in the mean time my company asked me to go to Singapore for a project implementation. Before I left to Singapore, I went to Shanthi’s house and informed her about my trip and promised her that I will follow up with my friends regarding uncle’s job and call her & give her an update from Singapore. After 2 weeks, while I am at Singapore, one of my friends called me and told me that his company is ready to hire Prakash uncle as an Accounts Manager and he can start his job 2 weeks later.

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