Araku Trip With Friends And Deflowering My Half Girlfriend

Araku Trip With Friends And Deflowering My Half Girlfriend

I am friends with those 4 girls and we are a gang of 8 (4 boys and 4 of those beautiful girls).

Hi readers, I am a big fan of these stories and today I am writing one. Give feedback and chat with me on my email. When this happened, I was a student studying polytechnic in Vijayawada polytechnic college.

I am Subbu. There were only 12 girls in our class and only 4 were good in terms of figure, shape, color, character etc.

I am friends with those 4 girls and we are a gang of 8 (4 boys and 4 of those beautiful girls).

I was close with Manaswita, who was fair in color, having a tight body than any other, lengthy hair that reaches till her butt and which dangles while she walks in synchronization with her butt moment. That would grab every boy’s attention.

I always tease her by mimicking her walking style. We are so close but never hd any dirty thoughts about each other.

Three years of polytechnic completed with fun small trips, bunks, ice cream parlors, fights, misunderstandings etc.

In the final year, we all decided to go for a long trip to Araku. Guys, it is always a battle with parents for permission. Our parents know about all of us as a friends group. So, they trusted us and finally, allowed the girls to come with us.

We booked train tickets and day before our journey, Nanaswita started talking with me at night about the preparations etc.

After some time, she her tone changed to disappointment. I asked “what happened?”. “You will be with others all the time” she said.

“I am spending more time with you than anyone else others”, I said.
“Stay with me all the time during the trip, hold my hand and do not leave me at any point”, she said.
“Think what you are asking for, I am just your friend and I will be like this. And you are asking for more like a lover’s treatment. I saved that for my lover. So sorry”, I teased her.
“Abha!!! Ok, then treat me like a lover”, she said.
“Are you proposing me? I will not accept”, I teased her more.

“I want to know how you treat your lover?”, she said.
“It’s only for my princess, all those special services for her only”, I said.
“Please yaar, you are my best friend and I am too attached with you. I have the right to know”, she said.
“Okay. For my lover, I will give piggyback rides, hold her hands, feed her all the time, great hugs etc.”, I said.

“I wish you can do all this with me”, she quipped.
“That’s not all, great kisses, tight hugs, sex etc. Can you do all those with me”, I teased.

“I can’t do that, those are for my husband. Please treat me like lover without kissing, and other stuff”, she said shyly. She with her cute voice can make any boy crazy.
“So, you want to be my half girlfriend”, I asked.
“Yes, this means no kissing and stuff” she asked again.
“Ya, ok. I agree. You are my half girlfriend for the trip. This should be fun baby”, I said romantically.
“Hahaha, ok meet you tomorrow bye” she disconnected the call.

So that was the only girlfriend in my life (technically, half gf). I had never even kissed anyone before. But on the other side, I had a big lust and was always on fire thinking about beautiful women.

With my friends, I never had anything dirty as they are known to my parents. If I do anything wrong, that hurts our parents’ reputation. So, I always hide my playboy character inside.

So, after that call, I couldn’t sleep well, thinking all the things I can do to her over the trip.

Next morning, we reached the station at 8 am with our parents. A quick description about me and my friends.

I am taller than all of them, 6 ft height, and normal fit body with broad chest.

Manaswita:-sexy tight body with fair color and now my half girlfriend.

Sankush (male) is my buddy who is close to Bavitha.

Bavitha is short but had a cute face, chubby cheeks, lumptious body, and killer eyes.

Murari (male) is another friend who is close to Sirisha.

Sirisha is slim girl but a sweet person.

Karthi(male) is close to Priyanka.

Priyanka is a beautiful girl in our class, rose milky white color, round face, have great body which she hides wearing normal dresses. Anyone would want her as wife. I can bet that he would be the luckiest person in the world.

So, we started our trip. All said goodbyes to parents and boarded the train.

It was a 6-hour journey and so we played games and chit-chatted in the train.

At night, we reached Murari’s relative house where our night stay was arranged. The plan was to board Araku train the next morning.

We boarded the train at 6 am in the morning. It was not a busy train, only a few passengers were in our bogey and we occupied the full set of seats. We were all talking, and making jokes.

After some time, I took Manaswita to the door. The train started moving up and down the hills, it was a beautiful view from there. The fog was still covering the mountains, it was a damn romantic weather.

I asked her to sit at the door to get a full view. She was scared. So I told her to sit between my legs. At the door, I wrapped my hands around her. It was a great feeling and my first time. “How do you feel?”, I asked her. She said, “safe”.

We had a great view from there. When a tunnel came, she was so scared that she tilted her head to my chest listening to my heartbeats. I squeezed her tight with my hands.

We were going to a water fall and it was 2 kms walk and trek to reach the fall. It was path with stone steps. We followed a few other people for some time and then reached a much riskier climbing path. All the girls were wearing highheels. Everyone was supporting and helping others.

I and Manaswita were the last and slowly started pacing up through the slippery way. But at one-point, Manaswita started slipping. I held her by the waist. But again, she was going to slip, and I tried to catch her. I grabbed around her breasts this time. If I hadn’t caught her, she would fall into the valley which was too steep. I said sorry and she said she understood.

Now we were walking with my hand around her waist. We reached the waterfalls and there were no other people except us.

Soon, all of us were in the water. That was when I saw her shapes clearly. All the clothes were sticking to her skin. At the front side, it formed a shape of two hills. Those breasts were big and were standing high on her body. I couldn’t stop looking at her.

We started playing in water. I went to her, lifted her by the waist and dropped her into the water. It was fun playing with her. I was not leaving her one second without touching. While returning, I gave her a piggyback ride for some distance. Her breasts were pressing on my back, they felt so fluffy. Her nipples were protruded and poking on my back.

In Araku, we visited all places and came back to Vizag and went to my friend’s relative’s house. We ate and went to the bed. In the bedroom, we shared a single bed. Me, Manaswita and Priyanka on one bed. And remaining people in other rooms. We were all so tired and all of them went to sleep quickly. I couldn’t sleep remembering the previous incidents and places of her which I touched.

I was sleeping on one end, Manaswita in the middle and Priyanka on the other side of the bed. Manaswita was so hot in her night dress. Seeing her in t-shirt and leggings was making my dick stay in straight up position. I tried hiding it. But she was so near me and so I couldn’t control my feeling towards her. I moved near her face and said, “you look so beautiful today”. She blushed. She turned to me and placed her hand on my chest and said, “thanks for saving me”.

“For a boyfriend, mere thanks is not enough”, I said.
“What else do you want”, she asked.
“Give me a kiss”, I said.

She planted a kiss on my cheek.

“What is that?”, I asked
“The kiss you wanted”.
“That’s not a kiss”.
“What is it then”.

I reached near her and without giving her time, I put my lips on her lips. She first tried to push me away. But it faded, and she also started responding well. I was sucking her lips wildly but it was like I can’t get enough of them. I was in her mouth exploring her with my tongue. It was a passionate kiss which lasted for 15 minutes. Finally, we broke the kiss and were breathing heavily. Her breasts were rising and falling due to her rapid breathing.

Now I was above her, smelling and kissing her neck, and kissing the back of her ears. She laughed and said, “it’s tickling”.

I slowly lowered my lips from her neck to her waist, pulling the t-shirt up and kissing on her belly button. Her skin was so smooth. I kissed around her waist and she moaned lightly. I again came back to those lips, planted a little kiss and said, “shushhhh” (as Priyanka was sleeping beside us).

Now Manaswita was looking into my eyes deeply waiting for my next move. I slowly removed her t-shirt and kept it aside. I lifted my head a little bit to see her fully. In the dim bedroom light, I could see her her perfectly curved waist and her tight bra which cannot hide fully those beautiful breasts clearly.

She removed my t-shirt and I started kissing on her bra and cleavage. With one hand, I grabbed her boob and pressing over the bra. She tilted her head sideways in pleasure. I removed her clasp and saw her naked boobs for the first time. Those nipples were hard and telling me to squeeze them. I bit one nipple with my teeth and she moaned, “ahhhhh..”

Quickly, I closed her mouth with my hand to suppress the moan. I sucked and kissed them one by one while squeezing the other with my other hand.

Then I went further down and pulled her leggings down, removing it from her legs. Her thighs were so soft, and between her thighs lief the beautiful place which I never seen in real life before. I always wanted to know how the pussy smelled like. I pushed my nose into her pussy lips over her pink panties. Her pussy smelled so strong. The tip of my nose became moist due to the wetness of her panties. I pressed my hand on her pussy over the panties. She raised in pleasure. I kissed her thighs, they were so smooth.

Now I slowly slid down those panties looking into her eyes.

I was surprised to see her neat shaved pussy. Those were like lips in vertical position waiting for me to kiss them.

First, I gave a peck on the pussy lips, slid my hands through her body and reached her both nipples with both hands. I pinched her nipples and squeezed those boobs. Meanwhile, I started licking her pussy. It tasted like sweet and sour combination.

My tongue went through the pussy line licking from the top to the bottom. Then I started slowly penetrating my tongue inside her pussy. She was breathing heavily now, she started to moan slowly unable to control the pleasure. Along with pinching of the nipples, I started penetrating deep into her pussy with my tongue; slurping all the juices out of her pussy. I couldn’t get enough of them.

In the middle, I found the rough spot inside her pussy (g spot). When I concentrated more on her g spot, she started biting her lips, pulling my hair and pushing my head into her pussy. After 15 minutes of sucking, juices came out of her and she was at the edge. I intensified the squeezing and sucking. She was pushing my head into her pussy and soon released moaning, “ahhh ahhhhh hmmm ooooh” more loudly.

Her pussy was filled with more thick juices – all sweet and gooey (I liked the taste of it so much). I sucked every drop of it. She moaned with much high pitch and volume. I checked if Priyanka woke up by the sounds but she was in sound sleep (I thought). Her pussy gushed with juices for about 2 minutes.

Manaswita, after having a great orgasm, tilted her head back on the pillow, closed her eyes and slept for a while. As it was her first orgasm, I gave her the time to rest and slept next to her. After 5 minutes, she regained her senses. She put her hand on my chest looking into my eyes giving me a smile of satisfaction.

Now it was my time to enjoy. I gave her a kiss and started lowering my shorts. She then sat on her knees on the bed, watching the tent inside my underwear. My penis was so hard from recent events and never went down.

Manaswita, seeing my underwear going to tear at any moment, pulled it down. She was awed by the size of it.

She asked, “what should I do with it?” innocently. I told her to suck it like a lollipop. She then grabbed it with her hand even though it didn’t fit, and lowered her mouth on my penis head. She was doing so great, licking with tongue, sucking with lips around my penis head. I was in cloud 9. I told her to slowly stroke and suck. She did and I was in a higher world, enjoying every bit of it. She was licking from the top to the bottom and tasting the balls also. Then she took one ball into her mouth and sucked it hard. It made me crazy.

I stopped her as I was nearing the climax. Then I positioned her in the missionary position and reached to her pussy, it is all wet again. I licked it for some time and made it more wet. Then I slowly inserted finger into her pussy, “ohhhhhh aweeee”. I removed it and placed it inside again. It went so smoothly and deeper this time. I fingered her for some time to make her more wet. I put her legs on my shoulders, placed my dick on the entrance and slid up and down the puffed pussy lips.

She moaned, “go inside”. I slowly pushed my dick into her. It was tight and was hard to push. She said, “no no remove it, it is so painful”. But I pushed more and then slid out. It came out with some blood, like the initial stage of a desi vergin sex. I grabbed a towel and cleaned the blood from my dick and her pussy. I made her suck my dick once again for lubrication.

Looking into her eyes, I pushed it inside. She was afraid of the pain. Tears were filled inside her eyes at first. After sometime of going in and out, she was slightly relaxed with pleasure and started enjoying it. I increased the speed of pumping. Now my dick was sliding in and out more easily. Her pussy walls were squeezing my dick so tight, like they didn’t want it to leave. I was sucking her nipples and kissing her while fucking her.

All I could hear was her little moanings from the fucking. I couldn’t feel anything else other than the pleasure that I was getting. She pushed her hips towards me to go deep into her. My dick was moving in and out smoothly and my balls were hitting her butt making little thumping sounds. I fucked her for 10 minutes and she came 2 times in the middle of it. I didn’t stop even when she was cumming and only increased the pace. It made her more crazy and her moanings louder. I closed her mouth by kissing her.

After that, we switched position. She was on top of me sitting on my dick. She slowly lifted and lowered herself on my dick directing it into her cave of wonders. I moved my hips to match her rhythm. It was more pleasure and I could watch her boobs bouncing up and down. I held her by the waist and fucked her with more power and speed. She came again.

She moaned in higher volume this time. I was afraid of priyanka waking up and catching us doing it. I checked her all the time whenever she was moving in sleep.

As I was nearing to edge, I stopped her and told her suck again. She lowered her head on my dick and suced it like she needed it. Its so awesome and I came within 2 minutes. I held her head onto my dick and told her to drink it. The moment came and a big rope of white thick cum shooted into her throat.

While pulling it out of her mouth, she opened her mouth and 2 thick drops of cum fell on her face from her hair to the chin. She closed her eyes. Again a big load came in her mouth as I wasn’t finished. Her mouth was now full of my cum. I never cummed this much in masturbation. As this was my first time, it came a lot. She opened her eyes and looked deep into my eyes and closed her mouth. I told her to swallow it. She gulped two times to swallow all of it.

I asked, “did you like it?”

With a big smile on her face, she swept some cum off her face with one finger and put it in her mouth licking her finger. It was so sexy and satisfying to watch her doing that. She swept all the cum off her face and licked the cum like her favorite ice cream.

Then we went to the bathroom and took a show together; cleaning ourselves. It was so sexy watching her bathe. I scrubbed her back with soap and she did mine and cleaned my dick neatly.

We came back to the bed and wore the same clothes. She was top on me and we were hugging each other. She didn’t feel heavy, she felt light and comfortable in my hands and we are kissing and talking and then went to sleep like that.

Technically, we broke the pact of half girlfriend, but I liked the way it went.

All the time I kept an eye on Priyanka, she seemed like sound asleep. In the morning, Priyanka woke us up. She was teasing us and asking, “what happened between you, guys?”,

Manaswita said, “just felt cold, so he hugged me. That’s it”.

“Ahaa. You guys are cute”, Priyanka said.

“There is nothing between us and we are just friends”, Manaswita said. (we kept it secret from others about the half girlfriend thing)

After Manaswita went out of the room, Priyanka was looking naughtily at me, biting her lip and winked at me.

She saw us doing it last night, did she? Or didn’t she?

I will continue in the next episode. Give feedback and chat with me on [email protected]


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