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October 20, 2018

Amma’s coconuts 2

Amma’s coconuts 2

They were struggling with each other now, their breathing heavy, the cot creaking wildly.

He grabbed her huge tits in his palms. With a cry, my mother caught hold of his wrists and tried to push his hands away, but he was too strong for her. She kept on trying to stand up, but he held her in place. He dug his nose under her thick, straight hair and started kissing her neck, at the same time he started kneading her huge boobs very roughly. Quite thrilled, I watched how his strong palms were squeezing her round, melon-sized tits. Her sari had slid down her shoulders and I could see how, every time he squeezed, the tops of her boobs swelled out through the low neckline of her tight blouse like balloons.

“Sar…let me go…please…” Tears welled up in her eyes again.

They were struggling with each other now, their breathing heavy, the cot creaking wildly.

“Ssshhh! Calm down,” he warned her. “Your son will wake up.”


As I said, Vasu was a really strong man. He lifted my mother up almost bodily and dropped her down on the cot. The old cot almost gave away.

“Aiyo!” she cried out loudly.

Then, before she could get up, he pinned her down by her shoulders and climbed upon her. As he did so his mundu came off him and fell on the floor and I saw him lying on top of my mother stark naked. His hands grabbed her wrists like wrenches and spread her arms wide open. Then, after looking at her tear-stained face for a second, he started kissing her. He kissed her all over her face, all wet, noisy kisses that reflected the great lust he was having for her. She kept throwing her head this way and that to avoid his greedy lips. Now she was really crying, her body rocking with each burst of emotion.

“Shut up!” he commanded. He looked in my direction briefly. Then he pressed his lips upon hers so tightly that she could not make any more crying noises. For the next whole minute or two he laid upon her like that, his lips glued to hers and her wrists pinned hard against the cot so that she could not move at all. So as not to be suffocated, she was breathing heavily through her nose. They were both breathing heavily. The night was very calm and only the sound of their unsteady breathing disturbed the heavy silence. For some time she had kept making crying noises in her throat. But now she stopped. She was constantly gazing at me through a corner of her eye. Her cheeks were still tear-stained, but the tears were quickly drying. She stopped struggling. The two figures lying so lip-locked on the cot were not moving at all.

Finally, Vasu lifted his head, ending the long kiss.

He looked at her. She looked at him and for a brief moment their eyes were locked like their lips had been. Next, he started kissing her face again. One, two, three…the kisses fell. They did not stop and kept falling. She kept throwing her head gently to this side and that, gently moaning complainingly.

Oh, how he was kissing her face!

“Sar, enough…” she said after some time. “Hari might wake up any time.”

But he would not stop. He planted a noisy kiss on her lips and whispered, “Let us do it very quietly.”

“We will do it tomorrow…please…” she whispered to him, entreatingly, submissively, “after Hari has gone to school.”

“No,” he breathed, “I want you now.”

“Aiyo, sar…”

He gathered her fat lower lip between his teeth and pulled at it so hard that she shut her eyes tightly and moaned in pain. He left her hands which he had been holding tightly all this time and caught hold of her shoulders. He gently sucked her sexy lower lip for a few moments. Then, he left her lips and slowly slid down a little so that his face was upon her bosom.

“Aiyo!” she exclaimed and quickly crossed her arms over her over-sized boobs. He brushed away her arms impatiently and his eyes feasted on her big, round tits packed tightly in her dirty, white blouse. All that scuffle had made her sweat heavily. She was not wearing a bra under her blouse and she was not in the habit of wearing one. And since her blouse was totally wet because of her sweat, it showed a lot of her skin. Her dark nipples were clearly visible even to me from where I lay. She tried to cover her tits once more but Vasu would not let her. She once again tried to tell him that it was enough for one night, but he had suddenly grown deaf. He gently poked his nose between her huge boobs. The neckline of her blouse was so low that it presented a generous view of the deep cleavage between her huge tits.

“Aiyo! Sar…aiyo,” she said and looked at him as he dug his nose deeper and deeper as if to fathom the depth. His palms cupped her lofty boobs from either sides and fondled them lovingly.

“Aiyo, sar…,” she exclaimed. She looked in my direction a couple of times. Clearly, she was perturbed at the thought of her son waking up suddenly and seeing them in this position. I longed to assure her that her son was not going to wake up tonight. I watched as she tried in vain to remove his hands from her tits, as she tried in vain to push him off her body. The old man was in a world of his own. Oh my god! Almost all of his face had now disappeared between her enormous boobs and it looked like her blouse would tear.

A moment later, Vasu resurfaced, his face red. He looked at the two tits again and kissed them lovingly.

Next, his hands began to fumble with the hooks of her blouse.

My mother quickly caught hold of his hands and gently shook her head from side to side, looking at him beseechingly.

“Please,” he said.

Still shaking her head, she said, “No, sar…please…let us do it later…”

“Just let me open your blouse,” he told her, “and then I will go.”


Vasu brushed away her hands very impatiently and undid the first hook.


My mother understood that it was futile to stop Vasu. And now she watched as he kept on undoing one hook after the other. Her blouse was very tight and her huge tits seemed to be very impatient to get out. The thin material of her blouse was straining. When there were a couple of more hooks to be undone Vasu paused to run his palms in wide circles over the exposed portions of her boobs. Then he undid one more hook. He looked into her eyes. She too looked at him. And at that time something like a cloud seemed to come over her eyes. They became so dark, as if she had just applied kanmashi on them.

The last hook seemed to be stuck. The old man’s fingers struggled with them for a while. Then he looked at her. She glanced in my direction furtively. Then she gently brought her hands up and, lifting her head to have a closer look, she undid the hook for him.

Oh me god! Oh my god! My mother’s huge tits! Bare!

They were bigger than I had ever imagined. Vasu cradled them lovingly between his palms. Her titties seemed to be greatly relieved to be out of that tight blouse. As he looked at them, at their sheer bulk, the old man’s eyes seemed to pop out of their sockets. He was finding it hard to believe that he was actually holding her lovely tits in his hands, and they were bare, and he could do whatever he wanted to with them. He was looking at them in total disbelief. His mouth was slightly open. He gulped a couple of times.

“Aiyo, sar…idu venda…” said my mother. She covered her eyes with a corner of her sari.

Because of their enormous size and their weight, her surprisingly firm tits were tilted to the sides so that much of their bulk rested on her upper arms. Her nipples made slanting angles to her torso. Still, even in a reclining position, her massive tits were retaining their rotundity and firmness. The old man gathered her heavy tits together between his palms so that they rose up and their nipples pointed straight up. He was still pop-eyed. He was finding it hard to believe that he was actually holding her tits. He just kept looking at them. After a while he lowered his head and placed a kiss on each nipple. My mother peeped at him from under her sari. Next he started licking her nipples and they soon became so hard and erect that they tickled his tongue.

He took one standing nipple between his teeth and threw back his head, lifting the nipple and the boob with it up. He did not let go until she had cried out in pain a couple of times.

“Aiyo…sar…” she said, “what are you doing…?”

The old man now ran a trembling palm all over one tit, as if to get an idea about its actual size, squeezing it a couple of times. He caught her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pinched it hard. He tugged at her nipple so hard that she had to catch hold of his arm.

“Sar…” she begged.

He smiled at her. He could not stop now. He had just started to have fun. He grabbed her well-rounded boobs in his large palms and started squeezing them, hard. She lay still with her face turned towards the window. Occasionally an “Aiyo” would escape her lips when he squeezed too hard. He kept on exerting pressure, kneading her tits like dough. He had lusted for her tits for a long time and now he wanted to play with them to his heart’s content. Vasu now once again cradled her hulking, well-rounded boobs between his palms and started shaking them from side to side gently. It was a wonder to see something so big shaking. Her two tits were sandwiched so tightly between his palms that they were raised up, their crowns reaching an unbelievable height. And the way he was holding and shaking them, it almost looked as if he was doing a balancing act in a circus. As he shook them, he watched her nipples draw strange circles in the air. He gently brought his head down and caught one nipple between his lips. He started sucking the nipple. And she moaned, a sexy moan. He sucked hard, taking control of both her nipples, sucking them in turns, making her moan more and more.

In between, he placed his face between her boobs and shook them, so that they slapped against his chin. He dug his teeth into her boob and bit her hard.


Then, he continued sucking her rigid nipples, continuously moving from nipple to nipple as he sucked. And how she was moaning! I noticed that she would gather a portion of her fat lower lip between her teeth and push it out gently as she moaned. Vasu was having a good time. He had dreamt of this moment so many times.

“Look, how they are shaking,” he said to her as he shook her tits. She uncovered her eyes only briefly to gaze at them.

“Aiyo, sar, what are you doing…?” she whispered.

Pressing her tits together, Vasu brought her nipples so close to each other that they touched. Holding them thus, he sucked both her nipples together for a while. This was a sight to see. She peeped at him from under her sari. Next, he once again started kneading her huge tits, using all the strength that he had in his fingers.

“Aiyo, sar…melle..melle,” she breathed. “Slowly, sar…slowly.”

He did not care if he was hurting her. He kept on squeezing her abundant boobs, as if wanted to make them rounder and softer. Her tits were so big that it was not possible to hold one tit in each palm. But he was managing. In between, he was also shaking her tits, as if he enjoyed it more that anything.

Finally, he left her tits and sat upon the cot. She looked at him from under her sari. Once again, she crossed her forearms over her big tits. Vasu now concentrated on her pebble-smooth belly. She had a large belly, but it was very smooth, and it was milk-white. He ran his palm gently over her belly, looking at it as if in a dream. He dug his middle finger into her navel, tickling her. She quickly turned on her side and lay with her back to him. The old man’s eyes now rested on her arse. He wanted to touch it at once. But he decided to wait. He looked at her once from head to heel.

“Take your blouse off,” he said.

She did not move. Sweat glistened on her sexy waist where the flesh had doubled up deliciously with age.

He touched her waist. He said again, “Sunandini, take off your blouse. I want to see your back completely bare.”

“Sar…not now please…later,” she begged without looking at him.

“Please…” he said. “Just take off your blouse…I just want to see you…”

She lay still for a while. Then she took in a deep breath and started peeling her blouse off her. It was not easy. She had to sit up to do it. And I noticed that how, when she flourished her arms to take off her blouse, her heavy tits swung. In her hurry, her blouse got torn. But she did not care. She removed it quickly and started to lie down again like before. But he caught hold of her shoulders and gently turned her towards him.

“Let me look at you,” he said.

She tried to free herself, but it was not to be. She gently crossed her forearms over her huge tits and avoided looking at him.

“Stand on your knees,” he told her. He wanted to have a good view of her tits with her body in an erect position.

She showed a lot of reluctance, but she slowly raised herself on her knees, never once uncovering her bosom.

He sat in front of her in a comfortable position with his legs folded. For the first time I saw my mother directly looking at his cock. But she looked only once, then she looked away. With his erect cock standing like the leaning tower of Pisa, Vasu placed his palms on her fat upper arms and studied her.

“Bring your hand down,” he said to her.

Her face became red suddenly. How could she? Till yesterday she had looked at this man like a retired school-teacher who was kind enough to occasionally help her son with his lessons, and, that too, free of cost. She had respected him so much. He was, in a way, a god to him. It was because of him that she and her son had survived their ordeal. Never in her wildest dreams she could bring herself even to think of doing something of this nature with this old man. And now… She was clearly lost in thoughts when he asked her again to uncover her tits. She looked at him, her face blank, and slowly shook her head. But then, the next moment, she gently lowered her arms. She turned her head and looked away. No, she won’t look at him again. She won’t be able to.

The old man looked at her round, oversized tits. Now with her body in an upright position they looked rounder, and so monumental. They were so surprisingly firm, and very, very round. She was more than a feet away from his body, but her boobs were so huge that her jutting nipples almost reached his face. Their enormity was more evident to me, as I was looking at her body from the side. To me they seemed like two lofty, balloon-shaped towers standing horizontally between her fat upper arms. They were magnificent. They were big. Very unwieldy.

Vasu kept admiring their sensual beauty for a long time. He studied the soft skin. Not a single blemish on it. He studied how the dark circular areas around her erect nipples glistened. Her hardened nipples were now longer, so long that in her present position you could use them to hang something.

Then he placed his hands on her shoulders, close to her neck and started sliding them down gently, very gently. When they reached her boobs, he started moving them in a circular fashion, each hand minutely taking note of the amazing rotundity of her colossal boobs. His thumbs played with her nipples for a moment. Then he gently placed his palms on either side of her tits, sandwiching them, and applied a little pressure, making the great tits bulge out towards him.

“Aiyo, sar…” she mouthed, ” what are you doing…?” Now that her tits were in a suspended position, they shook like anything. Vasu first shook them very gently. Then, as his momentum grew, he started moving his hands very animatedly, tossing her tits this way and that. Her elastic tits seemed to stretch as they shook.

“Madi…madi sar…” she whispered. She glanced at me once. May she was agitated by the thought of how in the world she would explain to her son if he suddenly woke up and saw this queer scene.

Vasu kept rocking her grand tits. Now he shook them in a manner which made them slap against each other. It made sound too, two melon-sized boobs colliding with each other. Thump, thump.

Now this was too much for her. She caught hold of his wrists and begged him to stop. He did and she, clutching her man-handled tits, quickly got down from her knees. She gently lay down again like before, with her back turned towards the old man.

He took in a deep breath, as if he was suddenly feeling tired. He sat and for a long time eyed at her bare back. She looked very sexy from behind. Her back was covered with her sweat. Beads of sweat rolled down the skin of her waist. She was nearing forty, but her body had retained that hour-glass shape which she had in her younger days. Her long, straight hair had come undone, and now it lay scattered beside her head. Vasu touched and stroked her hair. Maybe he loved her hair. A couple of strands over her ears had turned gray with age, otherwise her hair was black. The old man parted her hair from behind her neck and bent down to kiss her there. She did not move when her kissed her. He kissed her bare shoulder. And then her waist. He gathered the flabby flesh of her waist between his fingers and squeezed it so hard that she clutched his hand. The sheet of sweat on her bare back was making her look sexier. Sweat slowly trickled down the cleavage of flesh at her waist and down and across her back

“Lie on your belly,” he said to her now.

She waited a couple of seconds just to show that she would not do it willingly. Then she rolled over and lay on her belly, pressing her heavy tits against the cot. Vasu studied her arse for a while. Then he touched it with his fingers. It must have felt warm. Her whole body went tense when he placed both his palms upon her buttocks. Gently he ran his trembling palms all over them in wide circular motions, taking into account their rotundity. She raised her head a couple of times to let him know that she did not like he was doing. Then, all of a sudden, he caught hold of her sari at her ankles and started lifting it up. She quickly sat up and looked at him. She shook her head, her disheveled hair brushing against her cheeks.

“No…sar…I can’t let you…” she said, her arms once again enveloping her outsized tits.

He grabbed his cock in his hand and started stroking it. Perhaps he found the picture of her sitting on the cot with her arms crossed over her enormous tits very sexy. He kept looking at her and masturbated. She looked away, but she sat as she was. She did not move and turn her back to him.

“Move away your hands…,” he whispered to her urgently. “Let me see your mulakal again.”

Maybe he was about to ejaculate.

“Please…Sunandini…let me…”

There was so much of lust in his voice that it shook. She sensed it and looked at him. Then, to my utter amazement, I saw the shadow of a smile playing on my mother’s lips. Is she smiling? Or is it just a trick of the light and shadow. The naked bulb hanging from a wooden beam above produced only a dim light. Then, still looking at the old man, she slowly lowered her arms from her tits. And she turned her torso towards him, pointing her rigid nipples in his direction. The old man was beside himself with excitement. He started stroking his cock very vigorously.

“Shake your tits,” he told her, “shake your tits.” Oh, he loved her tits! She slowly shifted her position and sat completely facing him, her knees pointing in his direction. The old man too moved and sat with his knees pointing towards her, never stopping the movements of his hand stroking penis. Then looking at him, my mother raised her arms up to gather and tie her hair. Oh, how her massive tits rose and fell and wobbled with her actions. It was heaven to watch. Slowly placing her palms upon her knees, she started moving her torso from side to side and thus making her heavy tits shake gently.

“Ohhh…lovely!” exclaimed Vasu. This encouraged her to shake her boobs more vigorously. And she started jerking her torso in a manner which literally threw her boobs from side to side. She glanced at her dancing tits and she watched the expression on his face. And the old man worked his cock like a machine.

This went on for quite a while.

Then Vasu suddenly stopped stroking his cock. He looked a little tired. He was bathed in sweat.

“I need a glass of water,” he told her.

There was a jug of water on the table placed at the foot of her cot. She turned around and, raising herself upon her knees, she poured some water into a glass from this jug and gave it to him. As he drank, she once again sat with her forearms crossed over her bosom, her head bowed. She glanced at me once.

Vasu drank slowly and emptied the glass-tumbler. He returned the tumbler to her and she placed it on the table.

“Have a drink,” he told her, “you must be thirsty, too.”

She shook her head. She was looking at his cock now. He followed her gaze and found that his penis was dwindling in size. It was loosing its erection. He lifted it with his hand and looked at her. He looked very despondent. He eyed her blankly. He gently stroked his cock, trying to revive its erection. But his manhood was deserting him completely.

“I am an old man,” he said now and wiped the perspiration on his brow. He sat back and did not know what to do.

Maybe a wave of sympathy traveled through my mother. She gently moved closer to him, removing her arms from her tits. She gave him a randy look and moved closer, still closer to him, so close that one of her full tits touched his shoulder. The old man was taken aback by her action.

I was taken aback myself by her conduct. Next, I saw her pressing her cheek against the old man’s hairy chest. She placed her palm on his shoulder and gently lifted her face up to kiss his neck. Vasu gasped. She stroked the back of his head and his ear. She looked at him and smiled timidly. Then she pressed her tender lips against his.

All of a sudden, he threw his arms around her and drew her all the more closer to him. She in turn returned his embrace with a sudden moan, flattening her plump boobs against his chest with such force that his torso was thrown back. And the two of them began to move closer and closer to one another, as if they wanted to merge into each other. They were both moaning, the flat of their palms running up and down their backs, speaking a strange language of lust. Twice they kissed each other’s lips. They were stroking each other so vigorously that I could hear the sound of sweat-stained skin rubbing over sweat-stained skin. And how my mother was moaning! In total abandon. She had perhaps completely forgotten that her own son was in the same room. And it was not surprising, seeing that it was such a long time since she had known a man.

And they made a very sexy picture. The old man and my mother in each other’s arms, he fully naked and she with her torso bare. Oh, how they were feeling for each other’s body, their closeness not seeming enough for them. They were breathing heavily, sexy moans escaping my mother’s lips on and off. He was kissing her cheeks and she was receiving his kisses with lust written all over her sexy face. He gently placed a palm on her cheek and prized open her mouth with his tongue. He pushed his tongue deep into her mouth and she took it all in, sucking his tongue. She sucked greedily, her own tongue playing with his all the time. And, as she sucked, she held him all the more tightly, jamming her huge tits against his chest, his hairy chest. She liked the hair on his chest and she was again and again bringing her hand between their bodies to run her fingers through them. I watched as my mother now shoved her own tongue into his mouth and pushed him so hard that he was forced to lie down on the cot. She climbed upon him like a tigress. She placed her palms on both sides of his body and, looking at him lustily, she rubbed her boobs all over his chest, sometimes loosely, sometimes with pressure. Vasu watched her as she massaged his body with her great boobs. Since now she was on her all fours, her tits hung down and took on a balloon-like shape. She moved her torso forward and let her tits brush against his face. He laughed lightly and once again threw his arms around her. Bringing her huge boobs to rest on his chest, she caught hold of his head at both sides and started kissing his lips. He stuck out his tongue and she started sucking it once again greedily.

They were now both totally drenched in sweat. My mother’s voluptuous body glistened in the dim light of the bulb. Vasu’s hands massaged her bare, sweaty back and she liked it. His hands moved down and squeezed her buttocks, and she liked it too. I saw him pull her sari up from her thighs and put his hand into it to feel her bare arse. She laughed lightly when he squeezed her bare arse.

“Sunandini…” he whispered.


“Show me your chandi. Your bare buttocks.”


“Please…I will die this moment if you don’t show me…” She laughed. Then she whispered into his ear, “Sar, I will show you anything you want.” He kissed her lips lovingly a couple of times. Then he loosened his grip on her body and she understood that he wanted to see her arse now. She sat up slowly.

“Take off your sari,” he told her. She gave him a tangy look and smiled. Their lovemaking had once again loosened her hair. She gathered and tied it in a bun behind her head. Vasu too sat up. His cock was erect once again. He now held it and showed it to her proudly. She looked at his cock now fixedly for some time. It was a big cock and she was clearly marveled by its size. Standing on her knees, she started pulling at her sari gently. She was in no hurry at all. Nor was Vasu. He sat calmly as she busied herself with the task of taking off her sari. Carefully, she unwound the sari from around her and dropped it on the floor. Next she undid the knot on the string of her petticoat. She did not drop her petticoat immediately. She gently raised herself on her knees, her heavy tits swaying this way and that, and she looked at the old man teasingly. She smiled a gentle smile and studied the expression on his face. She watched him gulp. He stroked his penis almost absent-mindedly. She was a big woman and, the manner in which she was holding her petticoat, all of her big belly and some pubic hair showing, her big boobs gently pendulating with her movements, she looked a very sexy dish. She started to turn around on her knees, the cot creaking, her tits swinging wildly. She positioned herself with her back to him. Then she turned her head to look at him. He gulped again. Now, pushing her massive, but shapely arse towards him, she started lowering her petticoat. Slowly. No hurry at all. I gulped myself when the top of her heavy, well-rounded bottom came into view. Down and down went her petticoat until her big, sexy arse was finally fully exposed for Vasu and me to see. Oh my god! It was so large, and so round. And, since she was pushing her chandi towards him, so that the two cheeks were slightly parted, I could make out her dark anus from where I lay. Oh, she was really a sex-goddess!

She eyed at him, smiling teasingly, and watched the effect the sight of her bare arse was having on him.

Vasu had already started stroking his big cock gently. Now, the sight of her bare arse made the movements of his stroking hand vigorous.

He studied her arse. It was big, and round. It was wheat-colored, like the rest of her. Actually, it was fairer, and its cheeks were the color of apples.

Never stopping to the stroking of his cock, he leaned over and gave her arse a quick pinch.

“Aaahhh…” she cried out and rubbed her arse with her fingers where it hurt. She looked at him.

“I have wanted to do it ever since I put my eyes on you,” he told her.

She smiled. “Now you can do it whenever you want to,” she said slowly, looking straight into his eyes.

“Whenever I want?”

“Yes…but only when nobody is watching,” she said shyly.

“Shake your chandi a little.”

She gave him a spicy look. Then she started swinging her big buttocks for him to see. She swung gently, as if she was dancing.

My mother was actually a trained dancer. And until she got married when she was twenty-four, she used to teach mohiniattam to young girls at her home. She could not continue teaching after she got married. Work in the tea-shop took most of her time. Here, in this house, when Parvathiamma came to know about my mother’s dancing skills, she one day made her show her some of the steps. My mother was not ready to show, at first, and had to be cajoled a lot. She did it a bit clumsily; her body had changed a lot over the years. She was feeling a lot embarrassed, too, because Vasu was there, and I was there also. Her navel was showing as she exhibited various dancing postures. Mid-way through her performance, she laughed and rushed out of the room, covering her face with her sari. The old woman had commented that she was shy like a teenage girl.

Now, Vasu kept watching the gently swaying of her arse and was so thrilled that he was stroking his cock like a possessed man. His whole body was stiff. Maybe he was about ejaculate.

But he did not want to ejaculate yet.

He suddenly stopped moving his hand and said, “Show me your mohiniattam.”

She glanced at him and smiled teasingly.


“Later…” she whispered. “I’ll show you later.”


“Um.” Vasu could not hold himself back any longer. He lunged forward and placed his eager hands upon her magnificent bottom. He moved his palms in wide circles all over it, feeling its warmth, its enormity, and its rotundity. His whole body was shaking now. With a feverish movement, he positioned himself close behind her and, pushing one cheek of her great bottom to the side, he brought the tip of his cock in contact with her hot anus.

“Aiyo, sar…what are you doing?” she said. He had taken her completely by surprise. He was pushing her so hard that she was thrown forward, and to regain her balance she caught hold of the table. But she did not move her arse away from his cock. Clutching the edge of the table tightly, she whispered, “Sar, idu venda…aiyo…”

He had once again become deaf to her protests, which had been gradually becoming weaker and weaker. Standing on one knee, he twisted his wrist, moving his cock this way and that in order to squeeze it into her arsehole. But the wall of her anus was not seeming to budge.

“Do you have oil here?” he asked now, impatiently.

She looked at him questioningly for a while, but then she understood. There was a medium-sized bottle of coconut oil placed upon the table. She picked it up and handed it to him. He unscrewed the cap of the bottle and poured a large amount of the oil over his cock, spreading the oil all over it with his free hand. He returned the bottle to her. Now he moved a little closer to her started to poke his penis into her arse-hole again. This time he met with only little resistance. The cock slid in quite smoothly. In, in it went. He kept on pushing gently until it was inside her to the hilt. I watched her face. Her eyes were shut and she was wincing a little. A slow moan escaped her lips. His cock finally in position, Vasu now stood behind her on both his knees and studied the manner in which his cock was swallowed up by her anus.

She said,”Sar…please…idu venda.”

He did not say anything. He shut his eyes. Maybe he was enjoying the warm sensation of the walls of her anus tightening around his cock.

“Aiyo…what are we doing…” Said my mother as if to herself. She stood with her torso leaning over the table. And waited.

The old man got ready to fuck her arse. He placed his palms on both sides of her waist and started moving his pelvis back and forth.

“Aiyo…uummm…” She tightened her grip on the table and bit her lips.

Back and forth, back and forth. The cot began to creak. Back and forth, back and forth. Vasu moved slowly, but rhythmically. From where I lay I could see his oil-stained cock going in and out of her anus. His cock was probably a little more that six inches long and with every thrust of his pelvis he was making it go all the way in. And everything he thrust, his heavy balls would slap noisily against her arse. And a moan would escape her lips.

This went on for I don’t know how long, but after some time he suddenly slowed down and came to a stop. He was literally bathing in sweat. He wiped his brow with the back of his hand and announced, “I am tired.”

He carefully disengaged his penis from her arse and plopped down upon the cot. She too sat down beside him and impulsively brought her arms in front of her tits.

“Sar, do you want water?” she asked.

He nodded.

She poured him water from the jug on the table. He drank slowly and returned the tumbler to her. She drank too, for the night was hot. She parted the curtains of the small window behind them to let in some fresh air. Outside, it was a full moon night. I could see the bright moon from my cot. Somewhere far away a night-bird was crying.

Once again, Vasu’s cock was deserting him. He held it and stroked it gently, sadly. She saw what he was doing. She drew closer to him and took his cock from him. He looked at her and she gave him a gentle smile. He relaxed a bit. He spread his thighs and sat back, watching her do whatever she was doing with his cock. She held his penis with both her hands; his cock, even when not erect, was so long that she had to use both her hands to cover it fully. Then she started stroking it, her hands moving in a manner which suggested that she was pulling a thick rope, or, more clearly, as if she was milking him. He liked it and sat watching her do it for some time. Then he extended his hands and grabbed her bulky boobs. He put his palms under them and lifted them up, as if to weigh them. He held them cradled between his palms and teased the nipples with his thumb. She had big nipples, which now became bigger and erect. It seemed to excite him to watch her nipples grow erect. He looked at her.

“Do you have clips here?” he asked her.

She looked at him incredulously. “Clips?” she asked.

“Those which you use to attach clothes to the line.”

“Yes,” she said. She lifted the curtain of the window from below and there on the window-sill Vasu saw lying some clips. He picked up two. She still watched him in confusion as he brought one clip close to her nipple. Then she knew what he had in mind. She bent her torso sideways to avoid him.

“Aiyo, sar…,” she said, “what are you doing?”

“It won’t hurt, Sunandini,” the old man assured her.

Without saying anything more, he caught hold of her shoulder and attached one clip to her nipple. An ‘Aiyo’ escaped her parted lips.

“Sar…,” she said, “it hurts. A little.” She smiled at him and sat still as he attached the other clip to her other nipple. Then he sat back and studied the result. She felt a little embarrassed as she sat there before him with the clips dangling from her nipples. White clips on pink nipples. Somehow the clips on her nipples were bothering her, making her feel ashamed. Wearing them and sitting in front of him was making her feel more than naked. But the old man was very much enjoying the scene. So thrilled was he at the sight of those clips hanging from her nipples that his cock was once again coming to life. She noticed it. She once again took his cock in her hands and caressed it. As she stroked him, she would move both her hands from the hilt of his great cock to the tip, hilt to tip, hilt to tip, gently, gently. Her milking action was so sexy to watch that I longed to make her do the same thing to my cock. His cock, I noticed, was not fully erect yet.

“Sunandini,” said Vasu, “now show me the dance.”

“Now?” she asked, a little shyly. She was completely naked now and he wanted her to do a little mohiniattam in front of him. She looked down at his cock. Maybe, that would make it fully erect.

She left his penis and got down on the floor. I looked at her from under my forearm. My god, what a picture she made! With not a string of clothing on her – just two clips hanging from her nipples – she was standing in front of this old man, and she was going to dance. But she was shy, very shy. She stood covering her face for a moment. Then, after looking at the old man for a second, she started to dance. She made some elaborate stances of mohiniattam with her buttocks jutting behind her and her arms making some gentle gestures. Her sexy tits jiggled as she moved. The clips swung too. When she turned around, it was pure heaven to watch her lovely, round arse. For a woman of almost forty, she moved quite gracefully, seductively. The old man watched her all the time, mesmerized, even forgetting to stroke his cock. Finally, he asked her to stop. He too got down on the floor. “Squat down,” he told her. His cock was in his hand. It was erect, but not completely. She was breathing a little heavily after her dance performance. She squatted down slowly. He stepped forward and waved his cock in front of her eyes. Her blood quickly rushed to her face. But she did not get up. She knew what he had in his mind. She looked at his manhood.

“Will you give it a kiss?” he asked her.

She looked at him and her face became even redder. She shook her head. Somehow she was unable to smile anymore.

“Just a small kiss,” he said.

She looked at him. She knew that now he was going to beg her to do it. Very reluctantly, she tilted back her head and gave a small peck on the tip of his cock. Then she gave another. Then she moved down and kissed his balls. He moaned and touched her shoulders. This seemed to encourage her. She grabbed his cock and gently pushed back its foreskin, exposing the shiny head, which she licked once with her tongue, gently, self-consciously. He cried out in pleasure. She looked up at him to watch the expression on his face. Now she started licking him all over, wetting his cock completely with her spit. Vasu looked heavenwards and muttered some vague things. She licked greedily, her head bobbing up and down with the movements of her tongue.

She stopped licking his cock and looked at him as she held it in her hand. His cock was now hard like an iron rod. It was a long time since she had felt in her hand an erect cock, or any manner of cock for that matter, and she felt thrilled. She looked at it and wondered about the power that was surging through it. She could feel it, as if it was an electric current running through a wire. She looked into his eyes as she started stroking his cock vigorously, Then, holding his manhood with both her hands, she parted her lips and slowly started taking it into her mouth. Vasu suddenly felt weak at his knees and he clutched at her shoulders for support. She could not take his cock in to the hilt. It was simply too large. But she took in as much of it that she comfortably could, then, throwing back her head, she slowly let it slide out of her mouth, but not completely. Throwing her head forward, she once again let his cock glide into her mouth. This process went on for a while, her head bobbing up and down gently all the time. Then the old man decided to take it over from her. He caught hold of her wrists and lifted them up. Holding her wrists tightly for support and also for controlling the position of her head, he started moving his pelvis back and forth, back and forth. She kept her head steady and let him gently fuck her mouth. Back and forth, back and forth. He went on like this for I don’t how long. It seemed like this night was never going to end.

“Ah!” moaned the old man. He was liking it, the sensation of her warm lips around his cock. He shut his eyes and concentrated on the tickling sensation of her lips rubbing against his large cock and how, inside her mouth, her restless tongue was playing with his manhood. The whole universe must have gone blank for him. The whole universe, except for his cock and her mouth. His cock and her mouth. Oh, how he was massaging his cock with her lips. It lasted a good five minutes. Or more. “Madi, Sunandini,” he said finally. He gently withdrew his cock from her mouth. He was tired. He sat down on the cot. She too stood up, her weighty tits swinging, the clips attached to her nipples still intact. He looked at her tiredly. He said slowly, “I want to see your chandi again.”

She looked at him, that teasing smile returning to her lips. She started to turn around.

“No,” he told her, “come on the cot.” So she climbed upon the cot.

“Stand on all fours,” Vasu instructed.

She gave him a knowing look. Then she first turned her back to him. Eying him with the corner of her eye, she touched the clips and asked, “Shall I remove these?”

“No, let them be.”

Then, placing her ankles on both sides of the old man, she slowly raised herself on all fours. This brought her large, well-rounded chandi close to his face, so close that he could probably feel its warmth on his cheeks. He placed his palms on her arse and looked at her. Her big, pendulous tits were hanging down and looked like balloons, the clips attached to the nipples almost touching the cot. “Fold your arms and lower your shoulders,” he instructed her. “I want your arse up. Only your arse.” She turned her head to glance at him once and smiled. She gently lowered her torso by shifting her weight to her elbows and rested her head upon her forearms. Now her arse stood higher than her shoulders, and the rest of her. Not content, Vasu asked her to lift her buttocks higher. She did.

“Higher,” he said to her, “you can make it go still higher.”

My mother took in a deep breath. Then, straining as much as that she could, she lifted her arse up and up, and still up, her supple backbone making a very steep curve to her shoulders. Now her chandi was really high up in the air, My god! It looked so very sexy, her jackfruit-sized arse standing so tall and slowly swaying from side to side. Vasu once again placed his palms upon her arse and stroked it lovingly. Then suddenly he slapped one of the cheeks so hard that she cried out. He liked it. He slapped her arse again. And again. Noisily. She lifted her head and looked at him. She gently warned him that he was making a lot of noise. She glanced in my direction. She asked him to slap lightly. But Vasu would not listen. He kept on slapping her hard. He would slap one cheek with one hand, and then the other cheek with the other hand. His arms moved in wide circles in the air so that the slaps fell hard and noisily.

“Aiyo, sar,” she said, “don’t make so much noise.”

He went on slapping her. The enormous cheeks of her arse grew red. She grew quite. She pressed her forehead against her arms, her disheveled hair covering her face completely, and silently bore the slapping. But I had a feeling that she was actually enjoying it. Every time he slapped her, a moan would escape her, a moan that suggested more pleasure than pain. His deliveries were so hard now that once or twice she lost her precarious balance and almost fell on the cot. With every slap her arse was thrown sideways. It was so sexy to see her ample buttocks thrown this way and that. Finally, fearing that I would wake up anytime now, she tilted her head to glance at him and said, “Aiyo, madi sar. Enough…you are hurting me.”

Vasu stopped. He was perspiring heavily. He looked in my direction. Then he grabbed her bottom at both sides and gently wiped the sweat on his face upon the twin, well-rounded cheeks. Then he sat back and looked at her buttocks admiringly for some time. He caressed her arse with his fingers, tickling her. She laughed and slowly swayed her magnificent behind from side to side. He was thrilled. He stood upon the cot and, planting his feet on both sides of her, he caught hold of his cock and slowly poked it into her arse-hole. From where I lay I could clearly see it disappearing into her anus. When her anus had swallowed all of his cock, he started moving his pelvis, fucking her. He placed one hand on the window sill for balance and started pumping her arse quite energetically which seemed quite surprising for his age. The cot creaked complainingly, but the old man kept on moving, his whole body bathed in sweat. My god, how he was fucking her!

He stopped suddenly and withdrew his cock. My mother turned her head to look at him.

“I need oil again,” he told her.

She promptly handed him the small bottle of coconut oil kept on the table. He quickly applied oil on his large, pulsating cock. Then he parted one of the cheeks of her arse and poured the oil into her anus. He thumped the flat of his palm upon her arse-hole a number of times to make the oil go deeper and deeper. Then he returned the bottle to her and gently reattached his cock to her arse-hole. He tested the friction upon his cock by moving his pelvis violently a couple of times. Satisfied, he gave her big, sweat-stained arse a loud slap and started fucking her again. She moaned, thrilled at his amazing strength and energy, and the enormous size of his cock which was filling her arse-hole so completely. Her face was hidden from me by her upper arm and long hair, but I could see that she was thrilled, from the way she was moaning and clutching at the bed-cover, from the way she was stiffening her toes and leg muscles. He was now fucking her like a stallion. The cot was creaking so wildly that it seemed like it would give away anytime. My mother was again and again telling him to slow down and not to make so much noise. Fuck, fuck went Vasu. Creak, creak went cot. Now it had become quite a noisy affair. “Sar, some one is knocking at the door,” whispered my mother suddenly.



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