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October 19, 2018

Aladdin And The Magic Lamp Sex Version – Part II

Aladdin And The Magic Lamp Sex Version – Part II

“Yes but the task to convince you to be Aladdin’s spouse took much more effort though”, said genie stroking jasmine’s cheeks. She blushed and looked up. Aladdin was away from three weeks and she was feeling very -very lonely but now the feeling of being near a man was filling her up.

After the events in Agrabah Sultan had made Aladdin the new king and had gone on a trip to his sister in law. He was absent for more than three months so jasmine got worried and Aladdin flew in his magic carpet to search him leaving jasmine with genie.

One day they were in the garden lying on the grass as cool winds were blowing in Agrabah after a span of sixty years. Jasmine suspected genie to be behind this and started the conversation.
“…took a lot of magic of course” jasmine asked.

“Yes but the task to convince you to be Aladdin’s spouse took much more effort though”, said genie stroking jasmine’s cheeks. She blushed and looked up. Aladdin was away from three weeks and she was feeling very -very lonely but now the feeling of being near a man was filling her up.

“So all the lovely things Aladdin said to me were coming from you”, she asked lovingly pulling his tiny beard towards her.

He nodded” And the honey moon was from me as well”.

“What were you doing? Spying on us making love?” she chuckled pulling his face closer to hers.

“I did not need to as nothing is hidden from me (his hands brushing her tits) but yes I took the price for making your honeymoon good”

They had forgotten the limits and were pressed against each other. Jasmine was restraining herself but could not help from crushing her body to his…there was an odd scent around…so the genie knew his techniques.

“No! You did not receive the reward for what you did till now.” And without waiting they curled on the grass on each other. Genie laid her underneath himself and gazed at his master’s wife. Jasmine was impatient and said.

“Come on nobody’s going to see us.”

Genie was hesitant…it had been ten thousand years in the cave of wonders and he had fucked only magically conjured women but now he had a beautiful natural woman underneath him. He bent lower to her lips and paused just a few centimeters from them and said.

“You are going to the happiest woman in the world.”

And he buried his lips in her juicy red ones and kissed her passionately. The effect was immediate! He felt like the elixir of life was going down his throat as he slurped her saliva. Jasmine on the other side had the same effect and cared for nothing else in life. She felt like eloping away from here. Genie broke the kiss with a thread of saliva hanging from their mouths like a bridge. Both of them leapt forward to swallow it and as a result devoured each other’s lips for more.

Night had fallen and they decided to go to her room. They flew to her balcony and were so eager that decided to fuck each other there itself. In a second they fell on a silky bed made by genie and hugged each other like the world’s oldest lovers. When they started undressing each other genie was beside himself with joy as he had never seen jasmine undressing so intently (but seen otherwise anyway). He touched her naked boobs and squeezed them fondly.

“You know…these are the best tits in this kingdom”, said genie pinching the left nipple and sucking the right one.

“I know”, said jasmine closing her eyes. “I inherited those from my mum.”

“The sultan might miss her,” said genie biting the nipple.

“Not at all, said jasmine”, I will explain later.

Down in the garden Agrabah’s knight hidden behind a hedge watched his queen undress with so much longing that his dick began throbbing. He removed his lower clothes and watched the scene up there. Now completely naked jasmine kneeled down and genie pointed at his dick which was good enough. He cupped her head and said.

“Now come on darling make me feel like a man.”

“You may lose the feel in your manhood if I suck it”, teased jasmine.

She spat on his cock and spread the saliva around it using her tongue. It was an experience for which the genie was ready to spend another thousand years in the cave of wonders. Slowly, when his whole cock was wet she opened her mouth and sucked the head of his cock. The genie chuckled and shook in pleasure he had long forgotten. He gripped her head and pushed his dick deep into her throat, she gasped for breath and genie using his own set of magic provided her a way of breathing otherwise for a few minutes.

It was really dark now and the knight could not see anything from below so he went inside the castle and walked up to jasmine’s room which as he perfectly knew wasn’t closed. The curtains hid him in the shadows. The blowjob was over and the knight wondered where genie was and then he nearly cried as he saw the genie transform himself into two inches miniature form and go inside jasmine’s vagina.

Jasmine was curious as nothing happened for a few seconds then she writhed on the bed and the genie did his work in the vagina giving her pleasure nobody in the world might have received. Then after she was satisfied to some extent he came out of her vagina and turned to his original form.

He shoved his dick into her and jasmine groaned. His cock adjusted to size and shape jasmine preferred then he slowly started fucking in and out of her. His cock was totally covered in her juices and he was enjoying every moment of fucking Aladdin’s wife. He lifted her in the air and swiftly turned her. He entered her from backside and started thrusting with huge force. She nearly screamed as he roared through gritted teeth.

Then as he ejaculated his cock expanded so badly that jasmine went away with it into the sky ahead. There, out in the open, naked and wrapped on the monster cock she looked below as some beggars whistled. Slowly genie reduced his cock size to normal and brought jasmine back.

The knight watched as the genie apologized to jasmine.

“It’s not a problem darling you gave me an hour of pleasure and I liked it,” she said lovingly.

Then she pulled him into a tight embrace and thrust her tongue into his mouth. His eyes widened and he sucked onto it dearly. After a heartfelt kisses they departed and the knight ran below trying to hold his excitement.

Far away in Agrabah children were playing in the streets when they heard a very loud scream. They were puzzled and wondered where it came from but could not figure out so they started playing again.

In the dirtiest part of the kingdom where Aladdin once lived, there were low groans coming out. The place was deserted and inside the house was a woman lying face down on her bed while her son mercilessly fucked her from behind. His name was Ali. He was the magician’s son who had once fucked Aladdin’s mom.

Yes, it was Aladdin’s mom who was getting fucked by her second son who gave her as much privilege as a family whore. He was as magical as his late father and as hungry for women. He had grown up in a remarkable pace as well. He was in his mother’s womb only for a month and was born then he grew up in the same pace. He grew so fast that it seemed he grew a year old every month. Now he was as old as Aladdin and stopped growing completely.

He pulled his mother’s neck towards his and found her lips. He licked each lip first then planted a deep kiss on them, initially ruby was against this then she started kissing him back and he smiled at her. Now she was his perfect whore ready to be fucked. He turned her and laid her on her back. Then in the missionary position he started fucking her again but this time it seemed that he wanted to tear her pussy. Her lips were back on his and he bit them this time.

There was a knock on the door and ruby paused, Ali was relaxed and went to the door naked. Ruby covered herself with the bed sheets and watched Ali come in with the sorcerer who taught him magic.
Ruby lowered her head as the sorcerer grinned at her.

“Master has the silver orb I want ruby!” said Ali. “And I cannot afford to buy it so I am giving him you for the whole day as the price for the orb.”

Ruby was shocked but hung her head as she was still not completely out of the spell the magician had planted. She had recovered well enough but could not refuse Ali’s direct command. She remembered Aladdin coming here to take her to the castle with him when he was named the king but she had refused on Ali’s command and shouted him away.

“So here you go”, said the sorcerer handing the orb to Ali and he undressed.

He climbed onto the bed with ruby and embraced her. She felt a rush of magic going through her from the sorcerer and she felt as if she was his wife and plunged her mouth on his.

“I will be back tomorrow and I hope you enjoy”, he said. Saying this Ali departed leaving his mum being fucked by the sorcerer.

Then he worked magic and found all about his father and how Aladdin had killed him. Bubbling with anger he walked towards the castle with revengeful feeling spreading upon his body.

In the castle jasmine was enjoying every moment with genie. Then the knight grew impatient and one evening when she was sleeping, he lifted her and took her to the dungeons. Once there, he undressed her and locked her arms and legs with chains. Then he squeezed her boobs as she woke up and she screamed.

“Please princess….or now your queen…. I watched you in the castle from so many years and always hoped to marry you as you kept rejecting everyone but now after watching you fuck with genie even I could not control myself and did this…please forgive me. I will unlock you after I am finished and I will leave Agrabah forever.”

Jasmine did not know what to say and the knight pulled out his cock and thrust it into her pussy. Jasmine gasped and wrapped her arms around him as the tightened their grips around each other. He started fucking now and watched slowly as jasmine’s angry face changed expression from uncertainty to an expression of outmost pleasure. She bit her lip as he kept pumping her and took the pleasure willingly.

He looked at her smiling face and slowly unlocked her completely. Then he wished he had done it long before as jasmine forgot herself and fucked with him ferociously. He lifted her and the kissed and fucked each other.

Ali was standing at the gates of the castle. He opened the gates and walked in ready for revenge…

Far-far away Aladdin was with the sultan in a castle where the sultan’s sister in law lived. The sultan had come here to take her with him to Agrabah due to the death of his brother. It took more time than what he had estimated as she had to set the affairs of the kingdom in order and come. He grew anxious about jasmine day by day and sultan promised to come in a month’s time and asked Aladdin to go back to Agrabah.

Aladdin was ready to go and had his magic carpet and his pet monkey Abu up in the terrace, he walked to the sultan’s room and was about to knock when he heard loud groans. He peeped in and immediately came out and walked to the terrace not wanting to watch the sultan fuck with his own sister in law.

He reached the castle in few days and directly few to his room’s balcony. When he landed he immediately noticed the stillness in the castle. He called jasmine and found that she was not anywhere. He instantly understood everything wasn’t well so he tip toed to the hall. When he reached there he saw Ali sitting on the throne and getting a blowjob from one of Aladdin’s maidservants. The maid kept moving up and down on his cock and then he ejaculated in her mouth and made her drink the semen.

He stood up and Aladdin saw the lamp in his hand. Aladdin closed his eyes and groaned. The guy whoever he was-was controlling the whole castle. Aladdin listened closely to the guy.

“Get princess Jasmine and get her ready for the marriage tomorrow. And for tonight I will have my great fuck session with her as a practice.”

The maid nodded and walked towards the dungeons. Aladdin followed her through the secret passage and stopped her on her way.

“Oh my king, where have you been? This guy has captured the castle and we are supposed to listen to whatever he wishes to do…he has kept queen jasmine as a prisoner in the dungeons and intend to marry her and tonight he-he…

She began weeping and Aladdin consoled her. He removed a costly chain from his neck and gave it to her.

“Listen…Shylaa if I manage to get everything back to normal you will be honored beyond your wildest dreams”.

He lifted her chin and gazed at her beautiful face. Aladdin told her to go to him instead of jasmine while he rescued jasmine. She agreed and departed.

Ali was smarter and saw all this in his orb. He instantly captured Aladdin and put him in the dungeons chained along with jasmine.

“Oh Aladdin…”

Aladdin was thoughtful for a while; he leaned to her ear and whispered.

“You will go to his room today and try by any means to rub the lamp…once genie is out everything will be fine. And please let him not touch you”.

She nodded and at night she went to Ali’s room. Ali waited and she entered his room scanning it for the lamp. It was at the table just behind the king’s bed. She sighed and moved seductively to him and sat on his lap.

“Your highness”!

He smiled at her and tore her clothes. Then jasmine hugged him and in the process tried to grab the lamp from behind. But she could not! He thrust his cock in her mouth and started mouth fucking her. She could not take breath but managed to take few gulps of air which truly satisfied them. She spat on his cock and circled his cock’s head with her tongue.

He tried to squeeze her boobs but he could not even hold a single boob with both his hands and so he turned her swiftly and banged her on the bed. The lamp fell on the next pillow due to that and he entered her pussy with great groan. She tried to reach the lamp but it was out of her reach. She caught her head and rolled towards the lamp kissing him.

But without warning he slapped her butts so badly that she gave up the attempt to reach the lamp and massaged her bum with tears shining on her face. He laughed mercilessly and said that she was a whore and needed to be fucked by every single guy in Agrabah. She turned back and called him son of a bitch. He grinned now and said that his mother was “actually” a bitch. Jasmine cursed him under her breath and felt him enter her ass. She closed her eyes and more tears streaked down as he started moving in and out.

She pleaded him to stop but he was going in and out like a mad man. He shoved his whole dick in her ass and pulled out totally till only the tip was in and then rammed in again. Jasmine did not know but she was sure that blood in small quantity had come out of her ass hole, she stretched her ass with her fingers for more comfort and he continued.

Maybe due to the blood, Ali got disgusted and turned her in missionary position. The moment his cock was in he came inside her pussy showering the pussy walls with his cum. Exhausted, he fell on her and jasmine closed her eyes squirting her juices. She came to her senses in few minutes and looked at the lamp next to her head and stretched her hand to take it. Her fingers were nearly there when he caught her hand and slapped her.

Jasmine had enough! She kicked him on his genitals and threw him as he thrashed on the floor shouting in pain. She held out her hand and rubbed the magic lamp…in an instant genie came out and chained him down in iron chains.

“Thank you so much Jasmine…”were the only words he could muster.
“The pleasure is mine darling” said jasmine as the kissed and had a fuck session in front of the shocked Ali. They went in the dungeons and freed Aladdin.
“What should I do with this piece of vermin”? Asked genie.

“Throw him away in the farthest place”, suggested jasmine rubbing her asshole over the dress as it still hurt.

Genie did as he was told and Aladdin asked him to bring back his mother whose whereabouts nobody knew. Genie found her in a brothel getting fucked by street beggars. Genie got her back and did not tell anybody where exactly he found her but had his eye on her.

At night after the feast, Jasmine told Aladdin that she was going to meet her father and went with the Knight (who promised himself to fuck her every minute). Aladdin was spotted by genie going in the maid shylaa’s room to fuck her and genie went inside Aladdin’s mother’s room.

Only Abysmall, the small time crook so all the three women moan in the silvery orb that Ali had accidentally dropped. He smiled mischievously and looked at his tall partner.

“Well well, Aladdin had dept to pay to us and I am taking nothing but the whores he is living with.”

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