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October 18, 2018

Afternoon delights – I

Afternoon delights – I

Very wet, her voice was hoarse.

I met Priya on chat. We chatted about our interests and our life in US. Priya was in mid-30s, married with 2 sons. She had been in US for a long time and worked as a volunteer at a local library. After our first few chats, she would come on chat during afternoons and wait for me to login. After the first week, I took a chance and asked her phone number, and to my surprise, she readily gave it to me.

My home was very near to my work, and I would go home during lunch and call her from there. Our conversation on phone slowly turned a little naughty. Once when I was telling her my favorite sexual positions, the conversation got really heated and I asked her if she was wet.

Very wet, her voice was hoarse.

I asked her to take off her clothes and we masturbated on phone for the first time. This became a routine for us. I would come home for lunch, call her up, and we would masturbate. She was shy and did not talk much while masturbating. She just moaned and said yes, yes.

In spite of all this, she was quite reluctant to meet me.

I don’t know Nitin. I have never done this before, was her argument.

Well, I want you to be comfortable with this idea. If you think you will feel bad or guilty after doing it, don’t do it. I know I would love to. Moreover, we will do only what you are comfortable with

I knew she wanted to and she was trying to justify herself.

Finally she relented.

OK. If we meet, you have to use condoms always. And no oral sex please. Anything you want, I quickly agreed.

Although she did not mention anal sex, I knew that was out too.

So around three weeks after I first met her on chat, I took a day off and booked a room in her city. I reached her city the night before. The next morning, I got ready and waited eagerly for her arrival. She came to my hotel around 10 AM and I was downstairs to receive her. The first time I saw her, I was struck by how much in shape she was. She wasn’t particularly very beautiful, but she was petite. Around 5’4” and fair. She was wearing a black Lycra pant which showed the lining of her panties and a red and blue top.

We came up and sat in the office room of the suite. Both of us sat on the same sofa. She was looking down and we both were a little nervous. I took the initiative and held her hand.

I am glad we could finally meet, I said.

Yes, she was quiet and a little shy.

I started gently rubbing her hands with my other hand. I touched her cheek and she pressed her cheeks on my palm.

Do you want to go in, I indicated towards the bed room.

She nodded and I led her in the bedroom. The bedroom was dark with only the side lamps on.

She climbed up and lied down on the bed and looked at me. I climbed over her top to the other side and started caressing her cheek. Her eyes were closed and I moved my hand down gently caressing her breasts and tummy.

It was hard for me to control myself any longer and I started pushing my hands inside her pants. She shut her eyes tightly. I moved up and started kissing her neck while trying to take my hands inside her pants. I touched her panties and kept moving down. My hand grazed her shaved mound as she had earlier told me she would be.

I finally found her protruding clitoris. I gently touched it and pushed on between her pussy lips with my middle finger. It was already wet and sticky. I started gently rubbing her pussy and kissed her hard on her neck at the same time. I was now rubbing her pussy wildly and she was moaning.

I started sucking on her breasts over her top and continued to play with her pussy while my feet were rubbing on her feet.

I finally slipped my middle finger inside her. As soon I pushed my finger inside, she pulled my head hard on her breasts seemingly out of control.

My hard-on was pressed on her thighs while I continued fingering her. I pressed my cock harder on her thighs rubbing myself on them.

Very soon she started shuddering and I knew she had reached her first orgasm.

She opened her eyes, smiled, and looked at me. I smiled back.

How you liked it, I asked.

Wow, that’s all she said and proceeded to hold my cock over my pants.

She smiled and I climbed on top of her placing myself between her legs. I was very hard and I started humping her over her clothes, my hard-on poking on her crotch. She bit her lip and started moving her hips to match me. My hands were grabbing her breasts, mauling them, while I was dry-fucking this hot married woman.

I kissed her hard on her neck, and held her tight. Her hands were clenching my butts. I knew I was going to cum and I buried myself in her neck and let myself go, feeling my cock pulsating as it shot load after load in my pants.

Author’s Note: I plan to put this story in multiple chapters. I will appreciate comments/suggestions at [email protected]



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