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October 17, 2018

A Stanger On Locanto

A Stanger On Locanto

She: what your name? What is your age? What you do?
Me: lakki, 26, student
She: why do you into this job?
Me: as man, I have an urge to explore the fun in the sex with elder women, I want to feel their body, I want to make them happy, in the end, I accept some tips (if they provide, but not necessary)

This is my first ever story that I’m publishing online, I have been following Indian Sex Stories and HD wed sites since 7 years, I know they have been quiet long years. Let’s consider my pen name is “lakki” as we all need privacy and securities. Let me give a brief introduction about myself, I am a student, 26 year old, I have been in the sexy activities since I’m 18. So I’m not at all virgin at this age and I well play on bed to make my companion as queen. So let’s coming to the story, this has happed few months back in Feb 2017 when I am in Hyderabad. Even though I’m sexually happy with my girl, the sex urge inside me never stopped me. In order to meet my urge I have posted an add in “locanto” for asking for sexy service at the door step and given some description. But with time I never received any kind of contact form any one, time passed, 1, 3, 5… I was keep on updating my add with some time.

At the end finally, I received a massage in my inbox stating “are you true and trust worthy?”. I felt happy after locking at that massage, so over conversion started.( the whole conversion happened in Telugu, but I’m translating it)
Me: yes, my service is true and I’m trust worthy
She: how do you I know you are?
Me: how can I prove?

She: what your name? What is your age? What you do?
Me: lakki, 26, student
She: why do you into this job?
Me: as man, I have an urge to explore the fun in the sex with elder women, I want to feel their body, I want to make them happy, in the end, I accept some tips (if they provide, but not necessary)

She: so you are a male prostitute or call boy..?
Me: may be yes or may be no. I myself call self-employ (wicked)
She: big ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
She: so what do you expect from me at the time of service
Me: nothing then your willingness, since I’m at your service I will be favorable to your convince (to do anything at your wish)
She: so what kind of women your prefer?
Me: I don’t have any boundaries, but above all, they have to be from good families (I mean, I must be in safe zone, like out of STD and all)
She: I’m 42 years old
Me: I’m fine with that
She: ok bye, I have to go.

Then she left, I said bye, after that she has contacted me for a couple of days, then I’m at my usual work, sagging myself, having my own fantasy etc. one fine day I received a message from her
She: Hi, sruthi here
Me: Hello, how are you? How do you do? I finished with all formalities talk

She: I was busy with some other work
Me: fine
She: I’m interested in meeting you, but before that, I want to conform to your nature by personally.

She told her that “she is a middle-class housewife, married to employ, had a kid of 16 years old who stay in hostel away from home, his husband is good person but since a couple of years he is not at all bother about her sexual feeling, how she feels alone in the home once her husband left to office etc etc.

She told that “she won’t look that beautiful” for that I replied beauty does not criteria to decide a person, then she is like “she is physically challenged”

Me: laughed loud, madam I don’t know how you look, how you behave, but let me say this, if I’m comfortable with you, I will do anything to satisfy your need, as a promise.
She: ok let’s meet at LB Nagar(gave me a landmark, told me to wear a white shirt) bye.

On that day I dressed well and went there on time, but she didn’t reach yet, so I waited for 10min, then I received a message
Sruthi: please turn right side
Me: then I saw srithi, there she is, as per her description she is PH(hand, but that doesn’t bother me), she not that fare (to be frank as same as my skin tone), but you don’t believe guys her boobs are awesome

I said, hello and near to her, she says Hi, we both were walking on the roadside, keeping ours self-safe distance one to other, then we seated in an ice cream shop nearby, she ordered vanilla and I ordered butterscotch, then we chit chatted some casual talk, while talking to her I tried to scan her assists, she caught me twice and smiled and finally said wait for few more days you can have the clear view, the I blushed.

She looked at me and asked “are you really 26 years?
Me: why? You have that doubt…
She: No, you hardly have much hair on your scalp
Me: it’s because of heredity and weather conditions and stress I under go, I lost my hair in the early stage.
Anyway my stamina has nothing to do with my hair and wicked at her.
She: blushed, let’s see that too and wicked back.
There we finished our ice cream and came out of the shop, she took auto and left to her home, then I took the bus and came to my room, this is how it ended. At late night I received a message form sruthi.

She: I want to enjoy new heights of joy
Me: well I can give you to the maximum at your wish and need
She: I never did oral, my husband doesn’t like, I want to try with you
Me: you are asking me to do or you want to do?
She: vice-versa

Me: wicked, you will see my stamina and naughtiness on the bed
She: so how long and thick is your monster?
Me: 6’ length 3’ thickness wicked
She: big wwwoowwww
Me: why such a big wow…?

She: my husband has the same length but not that thick
Me: don’t worry I will go slow, make you feel my queen
She: blushed, I am waiting for that day, to have you by my side
After that we kept some chit chat about her fantasy, how she wants to get fucked, what makes her happy, how she wants me to love her one bed, we exchanged all over opinions. After a couple of weeks, I received a message form her asking for my next day schedule, told me to be ready by 10 am, at the same place where we departed on the other day, and said bye

The other day I got ready, by cleaning my private parts and had a good bath, came outside and purchased 2 packets of chocolate flavored condoms. Then I took a cab to reach her, by the time I reach she I waiting for me, then we drew by the same cab to her home. She was wearing a blue saree with weight blouse, we kept quite in the cab, as we reached her home, she paid for the cab, she has an individual single home with 2BHk. As soon as we entered the home, she locked from her back.

I was eagerly waiting for this moment, I continuously looking at her back(guys don’t know, a sexy and huge back always makes me crazy) I hugged her from behind, I got a bulge in my pant. I went a bit closer and touched my manhood on her ass, was playing with my dick in her ass crack, I started to rub her back and slowly put her hand on her ass bums. As I could go further, she turned to words me there was just around five inches gap in between our lips, I said to her I really like you. By the time I finish my statement she lip locked me.

My first ever kiss to a mature lady. I started to kiss her upper lip and our juices were exchanging (smooching). The sound of the kiss made me hotter and I grabbed her tightly and my bulge pressed against her pussy. Then I kissed her lower lip and went on to kiss her for 5 minutes. Then I came down a bit and started to kiss her neck. She raised her neck to give more room for me. She was also new to these styles and enjoyed it. I was propagating from left side of the neck to right side and my saliva on her neck made her hotter. I turned her and started to kiss her back and went down and kiss her waist. Then I came down and kissed her navel. It was round in shape and a bit big and she had a bit mass at her waist. That chubbiness made me hot and started to lick and bite her waist.

She pulled me up and then whispered in my ear that I have been waiting for this so long. She said, “I am all yours, let’s make our wishes come true now”.

She had already made all arrangement and prepared the bed. So walked to the bedroom hand in hand and smooching. Once we reached to the bed room, I removed her saree pallu then again I kissed her on cheeks and ear blouse. The slowly came down to her neck and licked there for some time, then started to explore the boobs 34C from above the blouse by both hands. Now even she got aroused and pushed me on the bed. Now I am lying on the bed and she came started to kiss me. I slowly removed her blouse, she wore a black bra, I removed it too, and then there she goes… hot and sweet boobs, get ready to suck and lick by horny mouth.

Then she told me to take off my shirt, she started biting and licked my nipples which were an awesome feeling and pressed her to suck more of it. She then went down kissed and licked my tummy. Then I took charge of her. I removed her blouse and bra, I was in hurry, sucking her melons like a hunger child and she us moans Aaaa haaaaa suck me, suck them, eat them, aaaa haaaa drink my milk(even though she doesn’t have). Her words drive me crazy, her nipples were dark black and I love them to suck. Then I started to suck her nipples and the other hand is busy in exploring the other boob, nipple, mean while my hand is brushing her pussy from above the saree, this was continued for 10-15min all the time she moans to hell makes me crazy. she keep encourage me all the acts I do…

Then I slowly moved down to her tummy and kissed her navel, I started sucking and licking her navel for good amount of time, whiling licking her navel my has are busy in exploring her boobs and pussy, she kept moaning “Aaaaaa Aaaaaa please suck me, eat me Aaaaa Aaaa” all these reactions of her made me hot. I explored her continuously by licking and pressing her boobs and brushing her pussy. She held my head and moaned hard as she was also experiencing it for the first time. Finally, we stopped and I removed her saree and pavadaa completely, there she is with the only panty on… the panty was wet with her love juices. I removed the last piece of cloth on her… there she has reviled her beautifully cleaned pussy, dripping with her love juices. I’m still with my trouser.

Then I slide down to her, slowly started to explore her inner beauty, I inserted my tongue over her pussy walls, let me describe in detail: first I played with my tongue above her clitoris, then slowly came to the side walls just below the clitoris, I kept licking all over the clitoris and the wall and keep circulating my tongue on these party for 15min, mean time my hand were busy with her boobs (believe me guys when you lick a women clitoris give more pleasure than rolling your tongue inside the pussy) then I came little more down into her pussy kept rolling her love hole, circulated, tongue fucked deeply and licked all over her pussy till she came and I drank all those juices.

She got exhausted laid down and I slide next to her, we to some rest by hugging each other arms, after some time she started to bite my lips and kissed me, we both explore each other some good time, then she removed my boxer and saw my bulge with a wicked smile she said “ I am gone taste a huge dick today”. Then she held it in hand and started to jerk it slowly. Then slowly with a kiss on my dick tip she started to suck it, well she does not have experience in this she did it for the first time, but she did her best.

Then we slide side by side, I started to explore her pussy with my fingertips, the slowly sided 1 finger into the pussy. She moaned slowly, I started to and fro motion of the finger into her pussy. She started to moan loudly and started to press her and boobs and as well hold tight to her pillow. Meanwhile, I gave me body to her, then she started biting and sucking my nipples and as well as lips. As the pussy was dipped with love juices I kept two fingers into the pussy. She moaned loud, I started to and fro motion of the fingers into her pussy. She started to moan loudly and started to press boobs and my body tightly. All the way her moans was increased drastically Aaaaaa Aaaaa Aaaaaa please lakki please fuck me, fuck me hard, don’t tease me any more with this, I want to enjoy with my pussy with your dick, please fuck me lakki, Aaaaa Haaaaaaaa Aaaaaaaaa please

By hearing this I stopped and took the missionary position (with condom on, safety first), slowly kept my dick just above the love opening, she literally dying to get fucked up by my dick (monster 3’x6’), with a slow and steady speed, I pushed dick inside her pussy, in the beginning he felt little pain, but with slow strokes they vanished. Then I increased the speed with heavy and low thrusts, with play full rectum, some time with deep and usual strokes. While doing this, I used to kiss her, smooch, my hands use to be busy with her boobs, my toungue by sucking and licking her upper body with all love and affection, she kept moaning Aaaaa Aaaaa AAaaaa haaaa plz fuck me lakki, fuck me hard to the core… Aaaa aaaaa this continued for 10min

Then we changed our position, I licked her ass checks. I spit saliva all over and went on licking. I made her to a position in doggy style. I put some saliva on my dick and slowly started to insert into her pussy. She first shouted for my deep action, then she started to enjoy, even I did with low space not going deep since it hurts her. She keeps on slow moan Aaaa Aaaa Aaa Aaaa… While riding her she gave her hair in my hand to feel the feeling of horse ride, but I’m not comfortable with that, she even didn’t say anything, as per her request I started slapping her on the butt(Bums), she felt very happy(I thought it’s going bit wild, but I like all kind of experiences), whenever I slap on her bum she use to make noise AAAhhhaaaa one more, this kept for 10min more then we aging came back to missionary position( this time I was standing on the floor, she is on the bed) this gave deep penetration to her and we, we enjoyed in the same position till the moment we came

I kissed her and caressed her for a while, we hugged each other and slept for a while.
Hope you liked my story. This is end of one session with her on that day, I will write the rest of the story based on the feedback and the comments, this is 100% true story, it’s up to you whether to believe or no, but all kind of comments, quarries and feedback are accepted either here or [email protected] Now currently residing in Pune, will shift to Hyderabad soon.. Thank you, thank you all.
Have a good day…




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