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October 20, 2018

A Long Lust Story, Part7

A Long Lust Story, Part7

I was thinking how to begin and do away with all the three now. Then Ranjita was a big help. We all were seating in the common room and chatting about things from here and there and then I suddenly said, “rashmi, how come you are friends with Nimmi?€ she smiled and then Nimmi replied that, she did not know Rashmi till this morning, she is Ranjita’s friend only. And they went there to meet her because they felt bored in the fair. I bowed forward and told in the ears of Ranjita, “rashmi is game, she can make any guy crazy, and anyone would love to fuck her to hell for hours.” She smiled and said, that is why she is here. Nimmi also got the point and said, “i am sorry Jeez, but she insisted that no guy in the world can satisfy her sexual urges and so we brought her here.” Her words ignited in me a fire of desire and I wanted to fuck her then and there only.

I went to the bedroom and opened my undies and wear only my short boxers and came back to the hall, while the three girls were giggling. I asked Rashmi, “so you think, you can not be satisfied? Would you mind if I wanted to try out.” Nimmi pushed her forward and without waiting for her nod I inserted my hands into her loose t-shirt and started kneading her boobs. She was silent and it made me feel like she has been fucked umpteen times by many people. And as such, girls’ orgasm takes a long time to come and so she thought her urge can’t be satisfied. Ranjita came forward and said, she was going out for some work and she is taking Nimmi along and they will be back in the evening after a couple of hours. They left in a hurry and I knew they wanted to let us enjoy the moments of glory together.

I closed the door of the apartment and coming back to Rashmi, started fondling her boobs from above her t-shirt. She had started giving me help by pushing her boobs forward. I sucked her boobs from above her shirt and then I removed her shirt and gave a good suck to her nipples which were already erect. I started biting her nipples and she started moaning and softly crying at each bite. I went on playing with her boobs and tried not to touch her body till she herself tries to do it. I was sucking her boobs which were filling my mouth completely and the pointed nipples were giving me some more help too. After about half an hour she pulled me close and said, “will you only be happy with that, or will you try to see elsewhere?€

I smiled and said, “it is time I made the fire, later I will cook things on it.” She smiled and said, “the fire is already on.” I smiled and said how I know that unless there is water to cool it. And the water will come from you and then I will add mine. She was astonished and then pulled one hand and put it on her cunt which was already wet and there I felt like she was dripping as she had not put any undies. I inserted one finger into her love hole and it slid in silently and smoothly. I pushed her on the bed again and pulled her skirt down and saw the most beautiful cunt I had ever seen. She was clean shaven and her cunt lips were as pink as her own lips and I wasted no time in grabbing the lips in my mouth and started sucking them hard. She was moaning harder and harder.

She was now not relaxing much and with my each stroke of the tongue on her clit, she made a soft cry. It was what was the beginning of a journey of sex, she had been missing all these years, and that made her think that no one could

Satisfy her. I let her sleep and relax while my tongue was busy sucking the most beautiful cunt ever seen. I was just tingling her clits with my tongue and then inserting the whole length of the tongue into her vagina and fucking her. She was in pleasure and then her body started responding, and she started throwing herself on me. Her waist was above the bed and her waist was moving rapidly, to and fro, giving me not an opportunity to explore her cunt anymore. Still I held her thighs tightly and inserted my finger into her cunt, for a moment she was silent, but then she was violently moving the next moment and it was then I squeezed her nipples between two fingers and bit her clit and she came with an enormous orgasm and was wet like hell.

The honey juice started flowing and she became cold too. I enjoyed her juice while looking at her, and she was not able to see me in the eyes. She got up and went into the toilet to clean herself and come back. She returned for another surprise. I was nude by the time she was back and my already erect cock was standing hard, which I asked her to put in mouth, she was reluctant at first, but then with my strong arms I puller her hair and put the tip of my cock in her mouth. She gagged for a moment and then took the whole length in. Now I was the master. I asked her, “are you satisfied?€ she only shied and I repeated the same question a couple of more times and she thought she better gave good attention to make me satisfied. She fastened the grip of her tongue on my dick, and suck it harder and harder. My dick was becoming fat and I enjoyed her sucking the dick with so much interest.

While she was busy sucking my dick one hand of mine was kneading her boobs while the other was inside her cunt and was doing a virtual fucking. Then she was moaning and was taking deep breaths and I pushed her on bed. I rode her and widening her fair clean and thin thighs, I inserted my dick and it went in sliding, no doubt she had much experience. But I found it difficult to do sex with her since her hole was much slippery and was wide too. Jokingly I said, “you seen to have put up too many dicks up in your cunt, for pleasure, now it feels not like a cunt but a canal.” She smiled and then made her face to the side while I held her head straight and kissed her deeply pushing my tongue into her mouth as far as it can go and started sucking her tongue. She was having the pleasure of her life, while my dick was just doing the fun of going in and coming out slowly.

She grabbed me and said, “now please increase the speed.” I was waiting for this command to come from her and I started giving her good strokes. She cried in pleasure and my speed was getting faster and faster. Then I pushed her on the edge of the bed and pushed my dick deep into her cunt while she kept hanging on the edge. I was standing on the floor, this way I was not only getting a clear view of her clean cunt and ass, but also I was having much easier fucking her. I fucked her so faster that it felt like I was slamming her against the cot. She must have felt the pain and she wanted to resist but then I was not allowing her to move an inch and then suddenly the movement of her body started indicating that she was approaching yet another orgasm.

I was rumping her harder and harder, while she made wild cries and loud sounds, my forceful thrusts were slamming her against the edge of the cot and she was unable to move, and this made all the game and in few more seconds she started shivering and I knew it is time she came. And I increased my thrusts. She almost came, but at the end I stopped abruptly and withdraw my dick from inside her. She was surprised, as would anyone. She was only a few more minutes away from an orgasm. She pleaded Me to fuck her to get the orgasm and I insisted she sucked my dick for a few more minutes. She finally agreed. And started sucking harder, thinking not to lose a few minutes either. I was doing this because I was waiting to drop my thing in her mouth. I pushed her on the bed and started sucking her cunt while she ate my dick, this way her orgasm started growing and my tongue was doing the best thing that it can do. In a few minutes she was cumming harder and her juice though less this time was yet enough to make my tongue go wet at once, and this made me crazy and I held her head tightly over the head of my dick and gave a crazy thrust with which all the cum started ejecting out and getting dropped at the end of her mouth. Shegagged, but I did not leave her. I kept her head fixed on my dick till I knew all the cum had been delivered and she had taken it all into her stomach. I released her head and she ran to the toilet and started cleaning her mouth. And when she returned she complained about my way of cumming in her mouth. I said this is fun and you have never done this and so you thought no one can satisfy you. We had a hearty laugh and then she went to the kitchen to make come coffee. After our session of about a couple of hours we sat down to see the TV.

It was getting darker and I was worried about Nimmi and Ranjita. But then they returned at about eight in the evening. Then Rashmi left for her home in a hurry and of course while going she gave the hint to the duo that she has been defeated.Ranjita and Nimmi went into the kitchen to prepare the dinner and I kept on watching the TV and then without my knowledge I slept. I was awakened by the movement of Nimmi, who asked me to get up and have the dinner. I got up and while taking the dinner we had a hearty laugh at the condition of Rashmi. Ranjita was happy that her proud friend has had a nice lesson. After dinner, Nimmi prepared a glucose drink for all three of us so that we will have enough energy for doing what we all liked much. After the drink we had a plateful of Cashew nuts which increased sexual drive as well.

After eleven at night while the town went to sleep, we got up for action and soon, Nimmi was sucking my dick while I was doing the rounds of sucking the cunt of Ranjita. Ranjita was hot in no time and coming up to me said in my ears, “tonight get ready for a surprise”, and I already knew that Nimmi has agreed to open her ass for my dick to travel deep into it. I smiled and said, “ok†We got up and I took Ranjita below me and started giving her good thrusts while Ranjita started rimming Nimmi on her ass hole and then tingling her ass hole with her fingers, then she grabbed her waist and pulled her below and she got off, I had no time in hand to lose and pulling Nimmi up and putting a larger

Amount of cream on my dick I pushed it into her ass. It did not quite go in but then it went in smoothly, because of half a bottle of cream that I had used on my dick. Now my dick was inside Nimmi’s ass and Ranjita was guiding me to fuck her. I could not wait longer and in no time made Nimmi cry while all the cum I drained in her ass. Ranjita remained dry but was smiling at both of us. We all got tired and slept on the couch, for a while and then got ready for the next round which went on and has still been going on, regularly..About the Author: Dr Bikash Dash has a long history of writing stories of sex and erotic literature. He is considered as one of the pioneers of erotic literature in modern times. Being a young writer his writing is distinctively separate from the lineage of writers of his times. He is currently working as a medical officer under the government of Orissa, in Ganjam district and is interested to utilize his expertise in sex and sexuality to bring smiles on the faces of thousands of women, girls and ladies who are leading a sex starved life, being unsatisfied from their partners. He is fond of travelling For fun and you may be anyone anywhere in Orissa, he is willing to travel to you, and provide you with all the explicit pleasures as mentioned in this work of a true experience of his. So Ladies, women, girls, widows, may please contact him for pleasure and for answers regarding sex and sexuality. He is an expert sexologist too.You can contact the author by mail at [email protected]


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