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October 24, 2018

A Long Lust Story, Part6

A Long Lust Story, Part6

About five in the morning I felt being sucked and when I opened my eyes, it was Ranjita who was sucking my dick. Looking me get up, she came close to my ears and said, “don’t let Nimmi get up. I want to enjoy alone. Please come with me to the other room.” I said, in her ears, “i wanted to come alone for you only. But she insisted to come, anyway let’s move to some other room and do it so that she does not wake up. And if she gets up we will say that, we were in the other room because we did not wish to disturb her sleep.” We went to the other room.

Ranjita grabbed my dick and started sucking it. And then she proposed something to me, which was a new experience for me. Though I had never done that, I wanted to do that. She wanted me to fuck her in her ass hole. I said it would be difficult, but she did not agree, she said she had done it many times and is very good. Now I came to know that is why her cunt was so tight. She had been getting fucked in the ass. I agreed, and she continued sucking my dick. Although new but I wanted to fill every bit of sexual activity and so I started doing ‘69’ with her and I tried to suck her love hole, while making circles around her ass. She was getting immense pleasure and I tried to insert a finger into her ass to know how tight it was, and to my surprise it went in silently without making any noise or resistance. Then I got charged up and pushed two fingers up in her ass while she was giving the best ever blow job to me.

She stopped immediately after I tried pushing three fingers in and said, “jeez, I can’t control anymore, please fuck me in the ass now.” I did not know how to go about it, but she was a master and she pulled herself up and stood like a dog in front of me and looking back at me, said, “please fuck me. If you find it difficult please apply some body lotion put on the table there.” I found her suggestion rather acceptable, as I had never done that before, I applied a lot of it on my dick and pushed it in to her ass hole, alas the whole length of my dick was inside her. She tried to grip my dick in her ass, and I was having the pleasure of fucking her in the ass. I went on giving her slower and faster strokes which aroused her to the top and she enjoyed it the most.

But she seemed like a horny bitch as her wailing increased as well as her pleading for more strokes. She went on asking for more and more, and I went on fucking her like a horse, and unknown to both of us, Nimmi had woken up herself and was watching our motions. I came to know of her presence but did not stop, as I was enjoying like anything and was thinking at the moment if her ass is being so nice, how it will feel if I fucked Nimmi in her ass. I increased the strokes and then with a finger I started tickling the clitoris of Ranjita. Now Nimmi had come in to the room and was standing behind me leaning against my ass. I sent a hand back and squeezed her boobs. She came to the front and started breast feeding me telling, “jeez have some milk, you will not feel tired.” I was enjoying sex like a god.

After about fifteen minutes of doggy style sex, I felt pain in the waist and so I stopped for a while, when Ranjita asked me to sleep on the bed and she rode me. It was then that Nimmi Noticed that I was having my dick inside the ass hole of Ranjita. She was surprised. And then I was sleeping silently on bed while Ranjita was jumping madly above me. With one finger I was kneading her clitoris, which was giving her good jerks; while, with another hand I was squeezing her erect breasts. She jumped for a while and then Said, she can’t control anymore and came with a violent jerk, almost squeezing cum from my dick. She gripped my dick so hard that it started paining. She had cum and I was about to cum, I let her again sleep in the couch and I got up on her in missionary position to fuck her a small while and then I came inside her. She was worried but Nimmi told her not to worry, and also told her how she can prevent pregnancy by a pill.I got up and went to the toilet. Nimmi and Ranjita were talking and I could hear clearly what they were talking about. Nimmi was enquiring about ass fucking to which Ranjita was giving her details with elated voice. Nimmi was bothered but then Ranjita was convinving her to try it once and she can know how nice the sex is. Nimmi was bothered about the pain and Ranjita told her, that there is pain in fucking the Pussy too. I think Ranjita agreed Nimmi to try getting fucked in the ass, and I was taking bath as I was getting late for my meeting early morning at Capital Fair ground.

It was Saturday and Ranjita had taken off from work for me only. At about nine in the morning we all three went to the exhibition grounds, there I kept busy while sending the two girls to go and make rounds and visit the different stalls to being some good feedback for our company. I could not know when it was past twelve, and then my junior executive came to me to inform that I can take break now, and they will all take care for the evening session. I was relieved, but then there were not to be seen, either of Nimmi and Ranjita. I went around searching for the two thinking they may be strolling around here and there.

After some time I felt that they are not there and so I called Nimmi on her mobile and she informed me that, they are at some friend’s house, and requested me to pick up them from there. I went to the friend’s house, and undoubtedly it was again another sweet looking girl. When I requested the duo to leave, the third Rashmi, also wanted to come along. She was a beauty for the eyes, having the fairest body with sharp pointed boobs and thin and slim figure. I could never say ‘No’ and from her smiles she was doing at me, I did not have to think twice that these two have told her about the experience they have had with me. We left for lunch and had it in the famous ISKCON temple. At about three we reached the apartment of Ranjita. I was tired like anything, but the presence of Rashmi was not allowing me to go to bed.

About the Author: Dr Bikash Dash has a long history of writing stories of sex and erotic literature. He is considered as one of the pioneers of erotic literature in modern times. Being a young writer his writing is distinctively separate from the lineage of writers of his times. He is currently working as a medical officer under the government of Orissa, in Ganjam district and is interested to utilize his expertise in sex and sexuality to bring smiles on the faces of thousands of women, girls and ladies who are leading a sex starved life, being unsatisfied from their partners. He is fond of travelling for fun and you may be anyone anywhere in Orissa, he is willing to travel to you, and provide you with all the explicit pleasures as mentioned in this work of a true experience of his. So Ladies, women, girls, widows, may please contact him for pleasure and for answers regarding sex and sexuality. He is an expert sexologist too.You can contact the author by mail at [email protected]


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