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October 24, 2018

A Long Lust Story, Part5

A Long Lust Story, Part5

It had been a week since we returned from capital and we did not get a chance to meet for some fun. I was very eager to fuck her at the next instance and was unable to do anything. We were close at home and were seen as good people, so we did not have much time and place for sex. Although occasionally she would brush herself on my shoulder when she walked past me and I would without the knowledge of others caress her breasts, and pinch them. Then one day she came out with me on pretext of going to the university library, and we talked there about the problem. I told her how much I want her with me; she suggested we took Didi into confidence so that there is not much problem. I knew it meant death for me, since my wife was aggressive and also very much possessive. But Nimmi convinced me that she will do all the things and would get the things done by her. I just requested her not to tell her Didi about the days we spent together and she promised she won’t do that.

In the meanwhile one day I received a call from Ranjita, The friend of Nimmi, we met at the fair in the capital, she enquired when I was going to meet her. I said I am free but she should have some place so that we can meet, otherwise it will be difficult for us to meet for some fun. She smiled and informed that she lived in a small apartment on rent and would love to make me a guest for couple of days in the weekend, if I am free. I knew it is worth going and so decided to go and meet Ranjita, hence forth I would call her Ranju. And fortunately I got an opportunity too, when my company decided to send me to the capital to organize our stall for exhibition at the famous capital fair. I informed at home that I am going to Some other town for some promotional work of our company and would be busy during the weekend as there is some fair going on and I am being sent there as an executive to look after everything. All was well till Nimmi heard this, she insisted to come along and see how I do my duty. It was difficult and I could not possibly tell her that I am going to screw her friend.

Then my wife Minu also insisted that I took Nimmi along, because she was feeling bored alone at home. I knew it is a golden chance for me to enjoy Nimmi, but then what about Ranjita? So I said, wait till the programme is finalized. I called Ranju and told her everything. She showed me the way and asked me to inform Nimmi that I am going out only for her. And then ask her to call Ranjita. I did the same thing. I informed Nimmi that the plan of going out is but a blank plan and that I am going out for her, so that we both can enjoy, she nodded her head telling me that she knew it well. And then I said, last time your friend was insisting on meeting us, Ranjita, why not inform her this time, if you are having no problems we can call her to be with us for a few moments. Nimmi apparently said nothing and said ok. Nimmi called Ranjita and informed that Jeez is coming over to the capital and would like to meet her, and then Ranjita insisted that we stayed with her at her apartment. Nimmi agreed.

We went out on Friday evening, by train as I said at home we had an inauguration the next day morning at capital fair. We reached the capital past midnight. I asked Nimmi if she has informed her friend about our arrival, and she said yes. Then Ranjita came and had arranged a taxi for our transfer to her house. We reached her apartment at 2 in the night. Nimmi and me were tired but were not willing to sleep as we had been waiting for such a thing for last more than fifteen days. And so soon I reached the apartment, I asked Ranjita, if she is feeling sleepy she can go to bed, we would rather enjoy a bit before going to sleep, and Ranjita said, she would love to be part of the party.

Then we changed our dresses and came to the central hall where Ranjita has arranged bed for us, knowing well that we would be doing sex all day and night and so she can also do it with us. I was in boxers, while Ranjita wore a skirt, a rather mini skirt, and a very loose t-shirt showing her boobs from above and was not wearing bra inside, yet her tits were firm and stood like tall balls. Nimmi came in her favourite dress, a towel wrapped around. When the two girls are ready for the play, I was unable to sight how to begin this thing and then asked Ranjita, if she has some movies, I meant blue movies so that we can be started off, and she said, “don’t worry Jeez, I will let the game begin” and coming close to me, kissed me deeply.

Then she pulled Nimmi close and asked her, to tell her what Jeez liked, Nimmi was bolder and told her that Jeez liked getting sucked and immediately Ranjita put her hand in my boxers and pulled out my dick, and started kissing it madly and then slowly inserted in to her mouth. Then she went on sucking it harder and harder, that it became uncontrollable for me to stop cumming. I indicated this thing to Nimmi and she told Ranjita to be gentle and enjoy, but she was mad and said, “you don’t know Nimmi, how much I have craved for this moment. I wanted to suck your Jeez’s dick, that Dick which made you glow like sun light, and made you feel so happy. I really can’t stop.” But then Nimmi said, “but if you do it faster, he will cum and it will fill your mouth. Would you like that?€ Ranjita paused for a moment and then said, “did you like that?€ Nimmi nodded her head in yes and then Ranjita smiled and started sucking it still harder while giving it a good blow job.

I had started moaning louder and louder and then suddenly I grabbed Ranjita by her head and gave good thrusts to her mouth and ended up cumming in her mouth with loads of my cum, as soon as I have finished doing my stuff, Nimmi lowered her mouth close to the dick and started licking it, while Ranjita was awe struck and gagging. I got up and went in to the bath room to clean my tool. When I returned the scene had changed, now Ranjita was busy sucking the pussy of Nimmi. Undoubtedly Ranjita was a horny girl and I loved watching her do that to Nimmi. I was probably little gentle on Nimmi, but Ranjita would bite her clitoris hard that she would leave a shriek cry. Nimmi was in pleasure which she never thought of.

While the two were busy with each other I went to Ranjita and pulled her Skirt a bit up and watched her hidden possessions and was surprised to see a clean valley around her pussy, may be she clean shaven it for tonight only. And I looked at her round and firm butts, which were very shapeful and were inviting me to caress them. I lowered my tongue and pulling the skirt down from her waist started licking her shaped butt curves. Then I rolled her up and smelled her pussy, she might have added some flavor there. I kissed her pussy. It was bigger than Nimmi’s and was also swollen with pleasure, and was more than the wide opening of my mouth, but I managed to fill my mouth with her mound.

While Ranjita was busy giving pleasure to Nimmi, I started sucking her. Ranjita slowly started feeling the pleasure and I though for a while like Ranjita was not a female, although she had well developed breasts and pussy, her behaviors was more like a male. Anyway I enjoyed sucking a big pussy. Then I separated her labial folds and inserted my tongue in search of her clitoris and to my surprise she had a very big clitoris, which knowingly I bit hard to make her feel the pleasure. She cried and then turned towards me, making me sleep on the bed she turned to do ‘69’ on me, which was not a new thing for me, but For Nimmi it was something she never experienced. I went on sucking Ranjita while both herself and Nimmi were sucking and licking my dick. Ranjita was becoming very hot and then she asked me to fuck her.I pulled Ranjita below myself and guiding my dick into her pussy tried to enter her. It was not easy as she was not much experienced and neither had done much sex, unlike Nimmi, who had been rammed by her husband for last two years on almost all the nights. But I did it gently and pushed my dick inch by inch inside her vagina till the whole length of it was inside. Then I made my motion slow and slower. While I did that Ranjita asked Nimmi to offer her pussy for some tongue magic, and Nimmi stood in front of Ranijta kneeling down so that she can suck her cunt. Then I made a change, I held Nimmi close to me upside down and started sucking her cunt while she sucked the nipples of Ranjita hanging from above.

I was slowly fucking Ranjita and Holding Nimmi tightly and giving her mouth treat. She was having a funny time hanging upside down. Then Ranjita moaned hardly and asked me to finish fucking her as she can’t control anymore. I left Nimmi on bed and started fucking Ranjita hard. Nimmi then started caressing the boobs of Ranjita. Then ranjita started moaning louder and louder. I gave the best thrust and she started moving her waist in association. Then I pulled her from the bed and took her to the cot and putting her on the edge of the cot then pushing my dick from behind and giving her some good thrusts while Nimmi was touching me all over from the back. I was having a helluva great time. Then Ranjita was pushing from behind and I was enjoying my time, and then she made a shrill cry and came with violent shivering.

Nimmi started massaging the back of Ranjita, while she lay still on the bed and smiling, having done something which she had been longing for. I released myself and went to the bath to get my dick cleaned and in the mean while, I called Nimmi to follow me. In the bath room, I asked Nimmi, if she felt bad, that I did it first with her friend, she said no, and said she will now be free till the morning for the sex, that is her right. And we returned to the common room, while Ranjita was still on the bed lying like a log, I pulled Nimmi below me and pushed my dick into her cunt.

Nimmi was wet already and was supporting me. She said, “jeez How come you have so much stamina? You fucked her out of senses and yet again you are ready to fuck me?€ I said, “dear it is not magic, this is because I drink a lot of love juice. Now you are drinking it and soon you will see, you also will have a never ending urge to do sex.” She said, “then Jeez please let me drink your cum, don’t put it in my pussy.” I smiled and started fucking her slowly, we both enjoyed it. While Nimmi laughed on Ranjita for getting tired so early. I decided to fuck Nimmi in all the poses of KAMASUTRA that I had seen in books. We took a brief break and then I opened my laptop and played the KAMASUTRA Blue film, where we watched all the different poses and tried to do that. Ranjita got up from bed and come to us to help us do the poses properly.

We enjoyed immensely the sex we did, but what Nimmi liked most was the doggy style sex, where she stood like a dog and I fucked her from behind. In some thirty minutes Nimmi was tired as also me. And then I decided it is time we went to bed, as the next morning I had an appointment with my company officials at the fair site. I gave strokes to her and she reciprocated and soon we both were cumming. I quickly removed my dick from inside her cunt and held it in front of her mouth, and then I put all my cum on her waiting tongue, which she lovingly took inside. It was past 3:30 at night. Next morning I had Some appointments and so we all went to sleep. Even though the room was cool, Ranjita preferred to sleep in nude by my side, and I was sleeping in the middle of two horny and sexy ladies.About the Author: Dr Bikash Dash has a long history of writing stories of sex and erotic literature. He is considered as one of the pioneers of erotic literature in modern times. Being a young writer his writing is distinctively separate from the lineage of writers of his times. He is currently working as a medical officer under the government of Orissa, in Ganjam district and is interested to utilize his expertise in sex and sexuality to bring smiles on the faces of thousands of women, girls and ladies who are leading a sex starved life, being unsatisfied from their partners. He is fond of travelling for fun and you may be anyone anywhere in Orissa, he is willing to travel to you, and provide you with all the explicit pleasures as mentioned in this work of a true experience of his. So Ladies, women, girls, widows, may please contact him for pleasure and for answers regarding sex and sexuality. He is an expert sexologist too.You can contact the author by mail at [email protected]


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