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October 24, 2018

A Long Lust Story, Part4

A Long Lust Story, Part4

We went out of the hotel room, at six and I took her to the big IG Park in the center of city nearer to the Railway station, where we moved through the walk paths holding hands like new lovers and then we sat in the shade of a tree while she rested her head on my shoulder, I was combing her hair with my fingers, she told in soft voice, “Jeez, will you promise me something?” I was unable to guess what she wants, but then nodded my head saying anything for you. She told me, “Please don’t tell anything to Didi, nor anyone in family. And please keep loving my Didi as you always have been doing. Never let her feel that I made her life sad. But please keep loving me like this for ever. I don’t want to go back to that man. I want to be an independent woman and I want to be your woman.”

I was the happiest man on earth then. We stayed in the park for some time and then we went to the venue of our meeting with the delegate from Abroad, for job opportunity. In the venue were hundreds of people waiting to have a glimpse of the people for probable job offers, and it was difficult on our part to make ways to go there, but thanks to Ranjita, a friend of Nimmi, we had already seats booked in the front row. We went there and spent the evening listening the lectures, although I was still in the dreams of how to making the most of the night with Nimmi. The meeting was successful and Nimmi submitted her papers with the people and then we were getting ready to move to our hotel. When Nimmi’s friend Ranjita caught her hands and smiled at her for a while. Nimmi could not understand anything but she was a prompt girl.

She shamelessly told Nimmi, “I know you have done something with your Jeez, today. Why else you should have come in the morning, when you knew well that, the meeting is late in the evening? And your face is also glowing so much.” Nimmi could not control herself and smiled. Ranjita asked her, how was the whole thing, and Nimmi only could smile and say nothing much. Ranjita was looking at me while talking to Nimmi and suddenly she asked Nimmi if she would not mind let her also taste some goodness of sex with Jeez. Nimmi was speechless and told her that she can’t tell as Jeez may not agree to it. Then Ranjita pushed her to me for asking for permission. Ranjita was a hot and sexy girl. I knew that she can make a night with me, but knowingly I denied, but said I need to talk to Ranjita about this.

Ranjita finally came to me and with little bit of shyness asked me if I would like to include her also tonight in the celebrations, while Nimmi went to pick up some coffee. I quietly pushed my visiting card into her hands and said, “You better call me sometime to your place, and I will come. Now Nimmi is there, I don’t want her to know that I am going around fucking girls.” Ranjita was very understanding, but then demanded that I have to come to city next week only and stay with her for a complete day. I asked her to call me and fix the date. When Nimmi returned, Ranjita told her that Jeez is not agreeing. And she left. Nimmi was surprised, and asked me, why I denied her friend. I said I wanted only her and no one else. She felt very good and said, “Jeez you are really great.”

We returned to our hotel room at night after finishing a low fat and small dinner. This time Nimmi was intelligent and she ordered the dinner, and told me in the ear that, we need to eat less, so that we can enjoy a whole night sleep. We both laughed aloud, while others watched us in awe.

I had discovered a new way of living life and we decided that every month for at least twice we would come out of city in pretext for some work and enjoy a day and night in some nice hotel. I said no problem I will always help, but I also offered her the assurance that, even if we are in town, we still can do all this, when her Didi is out for work. She laughed.Coming back to the room, we called home and told them about the hectic day that we had searching for the meeting place, meeting with the guests there etc. My wife in particular was very happy, that I am helping her sister so much. I was feeling proud. I had changed my dress and was in my boxers and nothing else. She went in to the bathroom and came out in only a towel wrapped around her body and coming close to me said, “Baby wanaa feed on mom’s boobs?” That was too sexy and I quickly grabbed her and she put her perky boobs in my mouth. I started sucking them.

She was now bolder than the day. I was playing with her boobs and sucking her boobs harder. She pushed me aside and started sucking on my cock and what an expertise she was having I thought for a while, in a day she had gained enough knowledge and she started giving me the best blow job ever. She wanted me to cum in her mouth. Although I knew I did not have much cum left in me for her, but still her words made me mad and I went on fucking her and then in ten minutes I came like hell and the few drops of cum that came out, she took on her tongue tip and sucked very seductively.

After this she went in to the bath room and took a bath and came out to spread herself on the bed and showing me with her finger to give her cunt the same pleasure now. And I did not waste time and started sucking her cunt now with all my pleasure. I sucked her cunt for some one hour non stop while she watched some TV programmes, and then her body started to respond and I inserted my dick into her cunt hole and started giving good strokes. She cried in pleasure and in a few minutes she started cumming and though little less, this time she was also equally wet and made me mad by letting my dick do a sliding inside her cunt.I went on fucking her faster and faster till she was shivering and then I stopped, when she became cold and calm. She then kissed me and went to bed telling me that tomorrow we have to catch train home in the morning at ten. I slept too only to get up early in the morning. And the early morning exercise that I had planned at night.

She was sleeping nude by my side when I got up at about six in the morning; I picked up her boobs and started eating them. She enjoyed it. I then looked at her pussy and it was as fresh as a sweet dish for me, the puffy pussy was welcoming me. And her erect nipples made me crazy and I started rolling the nipple between fingers while putting her whole puffy cunt in my mouth. She was still in sleep when I separated her cunt lips and put my tongue inside and licked her deep up and down, she got up from bed and said, “Jeez, you are naughty. You disturbed my sleep.” I said, “You have slept enough in life. Now come and enjoy a bit, we don’t have much time.”

I was licking her juicy cunt and was kneading her boobs with my hands and she was lying silent on the bed enjoying every motion and action I was doing. I used my hands to separate her legs apart a bit more and then I pushed two fingers into her pussy and separated the lips and then watched the valley and then with the tip of my tongue I teased her clitoris a bit. She went in shivers and I did it a couple of times more, till she was fully erect and was ready to be fucked. I pushed my tongue further into her love hole and then fucked her cunt with my tongue. She was moaning lightly. I was enjoying her moans while Sucking her pussy. She was moving from side to side enjoying the magic my tongue was doing on her. She now was becoming violent as the motion of her waist was becoming fast and she was virtually throwing herself on me, and my mouth was getting filled by the heavenly soft mound of her cunt. Then she held my head with both her hands and gave a shriek cry and came loudly on me, and her cunt was filled with watery love juices. I sucked her juice, despite her pressure to release herself and go to the bath room for cleaning; I did most of it by my tongue.

Then she some how got out of my grips and ran into the toilet to clean herself. I got up and opened my dress and when she returned my pole was erect standing in search of her smooth lips. She came and naughtily said, “Jeez, you made me get up so early?” I smiled and said, “Now it is not me, but my dick that made me do it. If you wish you can punish him. And make it sleep.”She smiled and coming close to me said, “Jeez it is already eight in the morning, we better hurry, else we will miss the train.” I said, “It would be better still, we will catch the next train at one in the afternoon.” She denied that saying, “Didi may doubt us.” But then I said, “So why are you wasting time now, come on give me the pleasure you gave last evening and we will hurry to the station to pick the train.” She smiled and picked up my semi erect cock, with her touch it became rock hard and started throbbing in her hands. She kissed it in the tip and then put it in her mouth and started sucking it faster. I knew she was worried for missing the train.

After about ten minutes I had gathered enough stamina and I pulled her bellow me and pushed my dick into her cunt. I was slower because I wanted to enjoy but she was in hurry as she was fearful of missing the train back home, and so said, “Jeez please fuck me faster, we don’t have much time in hand. Please.” I can’t do this way, because I wanted to enjoy her body to the most as I did not know when next I am going to get this chance. I said, “No, I can’t do that. I want to enjoy my moments with you. I don’t know when we will again get an opportunity.” She said, “Jeez, I will allow you to fuck me when we are in town, when Didi goes to office, please now you do it faster. Otherwise I will ask Ranjita to call home and tell that there is a new interview next week and we will come again.”

I was happy with the eagerness she was showing and so I decided to finish the thing faster. I fucked really harder and she moaned in pleasure, while our pelvis touched each other, sounds of love was produced. I enjoyed fucking much more than the last evening. Now I was about to cum, I knew she won’t cum as she had just cum on my after my sucking her cunt so I brought out my dick to apply the condom, and then she said, “Don’t worry Jeez I will eat a tablet of morning after pill (Pill to prevent child birth after accidental sexual encounter). You please leave your cum in my cunt.” Her sexy words were making me feel like mad and I poured my cum in her pussy, before finishing my last rounds of sex with my dream sex goddess.

Having done our bit and enjoyed the most we were returning home by the ten ‘O’ clock train. We had enjoyed our time to the most with all the things we could, but I felt like it was not enough as we were returning home, I told in her ears, “Do you remember what you said to me in the hotel? Am going to ask your Didi to go to office early every day and you are going to stay with me for the whole day.” She smiled and said, “For you anything Jeez. But don’t you think people will start doubting if I stayed in your house and you also stayed without coming to the office?” I raised an eye brow, and said, “Who said we Are going to meet at home, I am going to rent a room for my private office and we will work there together, day and night.” We were both laughing as the swift motion of the train was giving smooth jerks to both of us.About the Author: Dr Bikash Dash has a long history of writing stories of sex and erotic literature. He is considered as one of the pioneers of erotic literature in modern times. Being a young writer his writing is distinctively separate from the lineage of writers of his times. He is currently working as a medical officer under the government of Orissa, in Ganjam district and is interested to utilize his expertise in sex and sexuality to bring smiles on the faces of thousands of women, girls and ladies who are leading a sex starved life, being unsatisfied from their partners. He is fond of travelling for fun and you may be anyone anywhere in Orissa, he is willing to travel to you, and provide you with all the explicit pleasures as mentioned in this work of a true experience of his. So Ladies, women, girls, widows, may please contact him for pleasure and for answers regarding sex and sexuality. He is an expert sexologist too. You can contact the author by mail at [email protected]


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