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December 15, 2018

A Long Lust Story, Part2

A Long Lust Story, Part2

Opening her legs apart I smelled her inner jungle and watched the beauty for some time. Unbelievably her pussy was not much crowded with hair, and the few hair, that was there were smooth and cut along the panty line. May be she did shave off once in a while, but it seemed like she had cut the hair in last few days. Anyway she was getting impatient as I could smell from her heartbeats. I lowered my lips over her love hole and simply kissed on the mound, and her whole body started shivering in pleasure. Then a bit harder and still more harder, I went on kissing till I rested my lips on her love hole and with the help of my tongue separated the lips of her pussy, to push my tongue in and tickle her clitoris. She had started being wet, and already water had started flowing from inside her vagina. I further lowered my tongue and pushed it into her love hole and she held my head tightly on her pussy and threw her pussy onto me, as if fucking me on face.

I remained calm for a few moments till she went on madly giving thrusts on my face and once she has become cooled, I again started sucking her deep hole, this time rather hard and fast. She started making moans and my biting her lips started with much fast speed. She was moaning and was ecstatic. She again started throwing herself on me and I did not lose a moment to excite her. I went on sucking hard and hard all the while trying to give importance to her clitoris, tickling it and biting it softly. Then her grip was harder and she held my head close to her pussy while trying all her power to enter into my mouth, and I knew she had come with a violent force, and love juice started flowing from her love hole.

I did not allow her to separate her from me, as I was still working on her pussy, cleaning the last drop of love juice which came out of her love hole. She was in heaven, as her moaning had subsided, and now she was sleeping still on the bed. I got up and started caressing her bare breasts. Biting a bit here and there. Then I left her free and she went into the bath room, to clean herself. In the next ten minutes she came out clean as if nothing has happened. I wonder how come these girls make so nice change so early. While she returned to the room, I looked in her eyes, she was happy, and in last more than a month since she had left her husband, I never saw her glazing face like now. I got up and grabbed her by hands and kissed her and she reciprocated to my kiss with equal force and sweetness.I went in to the bath room and cleaned the pre-cum which had accumulated on the tip of my manhood. Because I knew it is now her turn to turn me on.

Coming back to the room, I looked at Nimmi, she was looking even more beautiful than ever to me. I felt like making her nude and fuck her like a mad ox then and there, but I did not. I had the tough job now of making her agree to suck my dick although it was not mandatory, but I wanted to put my dick in her sweet lips, and feel how a nice sucking she can do. And it was going to be the beginning of a life full of joy for me and for her, so it was necessary for both of us, to make all possible use of the time we had in hand. Already I had spent a good one hour giving her the best oral satisfaction she could have ever though of. And although we had nit much time, because of the busy schedule, I wanted to utilize to the maximum her willingness to experiment.I again opened some files on the laptop and searched for some movie files of sucking of dick and I got one. When I played this one she looked at the movie keenly and then looked at me for a while and asked, “Didi, sucks your dick?” I looked at her and said, “Obviously, she loves it more than getting fucked in the pussy.” She kept thinking for a while and then I said, “You Did never suck your husband’s cock? Oh you only told me how devilish he was. I am sorry. But like you enjoy getting your pussy sucked, you can enjoy sucking a dick too. And while her eyes were fixed on the laptop screen, I pulled her hand and put it on my already erect cock.She looked at me, and smiled and I said, “Try it now. You will love it.”She pulled my dick out of my trouser and started stroking it slowly and then I knew a sign of hesitation was still there on her face and I pulled her face close to my crotch and put her lips on the tip of my cock. She opened her mouth and took the first inch of my cock in. And tried sucking like they do with the ice cream, I said, “Use your tongue and give me the pleasure.” Keeping my cock in her mouth she washed it with her saliva and then started sucking on it, and it made music to my ears. I relaxed on the couch while she was eating every inch of my cock. I held her head tightly with my both hands and guided her to suck my cock fully. We went on doing this for quite sometime till I felt an urge to cum. It was already half an hour she had been sucking on me. I had already gained some momentum and now I was on the verge of cumming. I kept her mouth fixed on my cock and started fucking her mouth, while she felt like gagging, I cared less and holding her head close and putting the tip of the cock at the rear end of the mouth, I jerked and dropped my cum, which did not perhaps get chance to come forward and wet her mouth as it went down her throat. She started coughing, and then ran to the bath room to cleanse her mouth.

She returned to the room, and said, “Jeez, don’t you worry, what you just did?” I laughed and said, “This is the richest source of vitamin for you. All women after marriage drink this and become beautiful. Because you have never drank it so you are thin. She said, “Didi, drinks it?” I said, “Of course. She enjoys this drink.” She said, “Of course it is not that bad at taste as I always thought of.” Now I went into the bath room and got cleaned.Coming out of the bath room, it was already 1 ‘o’ clock and we both were tired and feeling hungry. So we went out of the room for some lunch. I prefer vegetarian food and that too very less. She was anxious to know about my food and I told her in the ear, “If you want to get fucked by your Jeez, let me eat small amounts only. It will increase the action.” Then she looked at me and gave a naughty smile and said, “Drinking alcohol can increase action too?” I laughed and said, “Said, who? Your husband I think. He is a fool. Alcohol does not help increasing the action, in stead it makes it worse.” She nodded her head in appreciation of what I was telling.

About the Author: Dr Bikash Dash has a long history of writing stories of sex and erotic literature. He is considered as one of the pioneers of erotic literature in modern times. Being a young writer his writing is distinctively separate from the lineage of writers of his times. He is currently working as a medical officer under the government of Orissa, in Ganjam district and is interested to utilize his expertise in sex and sexuality to bring smiles on the faces of thousands of women, girls and ladies who are leading a sex starved life, being unsatisfied from their partners. He is fond of travelling for fun and you may be anyone anywhere in Orissa, he is willing to travel to you, and provide you with all the explicit pleasures as mentioned in this work of a true experience of his. So Ladies, women, girls, widows, may please contact him for pleasure and for answers regarding sex and sexuality. He is an expert sexologist too.You can contact the author by mail at [email protected]


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