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October 24, 2018

A Long Lust Story, Part1

A Long Lust Story, Part1

It had been more than four years since I was married and yet I was unhappy, because in all these years I could not put a hand on my dearest shali. She was a sweet looking cute girl, when I married her sister. Though she did not have much geography like her sister, but what ever she had was much for me. I was in look out for chances to put a hand on her beauty, and explore the beautiful inside of the virgin girl. She was an average health with cute looking pointed small boobs. My point of attraction was the two buds which she proudly displayed every now and then.In first few months though she came quite close to me, but an encounter of close variety never happened. And I remained thirsty for the water she had in her hidden prized possession. Then the time came when she was married off to a man staying in distance from us. And my dream remained a dream, or so I thought.

Then one day everything changed when she came home crying, leaving everything behind, her job, her husband everything due to differences in their understanding, though I knew she tried her best to patch up, for about an year but the guy was not of the standard to see her happy.My in-laws were orthodox type and were unwilling to invite any trouble and so I asked my shali to come and stay with me and her sister and she readily agreed. As such she had much faith on me and depended largely on me for her all decisions, more so after the breakup from her husband. This time I was not willing to leave her. Even after a couple of years of marriage she was just the way she was two years back, slim, fair and the boobs still stood pointed without any support.

For a month I only had eyes roaming behind her, trying to sneak in to her chest when she would bent down to pick things etc. But I never got the chance to touch them. Then one day she got a call from her colleague asking her to visit the capital for a meeting with some senior professors, in hope to get a chance to get some good job. And she asked me to accompany her to the capital. Although excited to be with her for a day, I was still unwilling to spend so much money on her journey, but then my wife insisted that I go with her, and so I went.We left our town by morning to reach the capital by 10 in the morning, a four hour journey by the train. She was seating next to me in train and I was sleeping or so I was feigning, and unknowingly I put my head on her shoulder, and slept. The scent of her boobs was making me mad. And trying to act my best I put my hand on her chest accidentally, rubbing her left boob. But I knew there were people around and so I was under control. After we reached the capital she made me wake up and we walked out of the station. She called her friends and they informed that the delegate will reach by evening and we had a full day. I feigned like feeling sleepy and we checked in to a small hotel by the station and as we had not much things to carry, I fell flat on the bed and acted to sleep.

She was standing before the mirror and was looking at her for a moment, I called, “What happened Nimmi? “ She said nothing and came and slept by my side. I went on asking her about her life that she spent with her husband and she was more sad. I went outside on pretext of bringing something for eating and while returning I bought a pack of premium condoms, because this was the chance that I was not willing to part with.

In the room, I offered her the fruits and drink, and opened my laptop to work. I always had a handful of blue movies on my laptop and knowingly I put a blue film on the desktop and keeping the computer on I went inside the bathroom to masturbate. While I was in stroking my dick, Nimmi called from outside, “Jeez can I use your laptop?” I said “yes”. I did masturbate thinking about her, because I knew that if I masturbate now then the next time I am doing sex, I will not get tired easily and neither will I lose semen early. She was using the laptop and through the small slit in the door of the bathroom, I watched her see the movie file and then she opened it, unaware of the content. When the movie began she looked back at the bath room door and then made the volume slower. She was watching the movie. I stroked much faster and did cum, in the bath room. Then I made up my self and came out. Rather slowly without making any noise.

Suddenly I came in front and said, “Oh, you are watching a movie?” She was speechless. Then immediately I said, “I got this movie from internet. Nice one. Is not it?” She was unable to look at my face. I said, “Ok, you keep watching, I will be coming back from outside in a while”, and I left her alone in the room, allowing her some space to get excited and enjoy the movie. I went outside and had a cup of hot coffee, and came back rather early. And through the pin hole in the door, I looked inside; she was still watching the movie. I knocked the door, and she got arranged and opened the door, but what has changed was that she had become more bold. She was watching the movie. And she did not bother to close the computer. I said, “The movie is not yet over? Of course it is a nice movie, I enjoyed watching it a hundred times with your Didi.”

I went to her and seating next to her, touched her shoulder and said, “Did you and your husband watch these movies?” She nodded her head in negative and said, “He never watched these movies. Once only we saw this on internet, but he was not interested.” I quickly added, “So you are interested to watch these movies?” She smiled and said, “Jeez, you are cool.” I said, “Yeah, I am.” You can ask your Didi. Then she was getting up to go when I held her hand and pulled her near to me, and said, “Where are you going? Come let’s watch the movie.” She was a bit shy. Then something wrong happened, and it was the end of the movie. I was disappointed, but soon I caught up and opened a new file and asked her if she liked watching movies like this. There was a movie showing group sex. She was shy. And I knew this is time. I started talking to her about her sex life.

“Did you ever gone to any group sex party? You were staying in a big city.” She was surprised and said, “Jeez, how come you know so many things?” The new movie has started and my conversation was on. Then I asked her a difficult question, “Don’t you ever feel the vacuum around you, since now you are alone, you can’t enjoy sex?” She was silent and a drop of tear rolled down her cheek. She looked at me and I felt sad too. I opened my arms and she rested her head on my chest and told me her story. Her husband was a bad man. Every night he would ask for sex, but the session hardly extended to more than ten minutes. And he would only rump her hard for five to ten minutes and then leave her wailing. This was the way they enjoyed sex. I said, “You should have shown him some movies like this.” Then I said your Didi is not quite interested in sex. But I am very much interested; even I try to help her to get excited by giving her oral sex.” Nimmi paused for a moment and said, “Oral Sex?” I nodded my head.

I looked at Nimmi and said; “Your husband never did oral sex on you?” She was silent. I said, “I am sorry. I think I am disturbing you. But I think you missed something really very nice.” Then I paused for a few moments, and then said in a soft tone, “Nimmi, hope you don’t mind me saying all this to you, but I think, if you agree, You still have chances to enjoy the heaven.” She looked at me in astonishment and questioning with her eyes, I said, “If you have faith on me, I can help you out.” She was surprised and suddenly came out of her mouth, “But Didi? Would it not be indecent?” I knew she is ready, but only fears for society. I laughed and said, “Would you go and tell to your Didi about sex with me? Will I tell her? Nah… So why do you worry. No one will come to know of it, if we don’t tell. She was still uttering words like if… but.. I pulled her hand and she fell on my lap, with my dick standing erect then, touching her back, I looked in her eyes and saw lust, and said, “No if no but, come let’s enjoy.”

I got up from the bed and dragging her close to me, kissed her lips and started sucking on her lower lip and in no time she was also doing the same to me. I opened her dress and she did not resist. I planted a kiss on her boobs from above her brassiere. Then I opened her brassiere and pulled out one of the buds of my desire and filling my whole mouth with one I started sucking them slowly which made her shiver and then I was going hard on her sucking each boobs alternatively. She was enjoying immensely and was trying to rub her body on mine which gave me a new jerk and in one go I pulled out her pants to expose the pink coloured panty that she wore below. Then I inserted a finger in to the panty to separate it from her pussy.

She had the pussy that one would love to suck on for hours. Very pink and very smooth and still it was coming up like a bud from her thin body, like inviting me to lick her and suck her. I looked into her eyes once more and said, “Now it is time for relaxation. You sleep and enjoy the magic that my tongue will do on you.” But frankly I felt like jumping over and giving her pussy mounds a good suck that will kill her and then fuck her love hole like she had never before experienced. But I made up my mind to use the opportunity to do the best so that she will long for me again and again.

About the Author: Dr Bikash Dash has a long history of writing stories of sex and erotic literature. He is considered as one of the pioneers of erotic literature in modern times. Being a young writer his writing is distinctively separate from the lineage of writers of his times. He is currently working as a medical officer under the government of Orissa, in Ganjam district and is interested to utilize his expertise in sex and sexuality to bring smiles on the faces of thousands of women, girls and ladies who are leading a sex starved life, being unsatisfied from their partners. He is fond of travelling for fun and you may be anyone anywhere in Orissa, he is willing to travel to you, and provide you with all the explicit pleasures as mentioned in this work of a true experience of his. So Ladies, women, girls, widows, may please contact him for pleasure and for answers regarding sex and sexuality. He is an expert sexologist too.You can contact the author by mail at [email protected]


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