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October 20, 2018

A Husband’s Mistake, A Wife’s Nightmare – Pt. 6

A Husband’s Mistake, A Wife’s Nightmare – Pt. 6

Chapter Six

Ashalata awoke to find herself lying nude on the bed back at the house. She felt light headed and in pain looking down at herself she could see why. Ashalata’s once natural and perky breast had been enlarged too much larger melons.

There was pain and discomfort in her breast but also in her groan. She touched her breast as she lifted up to look at her groan. She guessed her bra size was now at least a D or maybe a DD. Moving her hand she ran it across her groan her skin was smooth above her crotch. As Ashalata gazed down at her privates her mouth dropped open in shocked silence. Her clit was now visible for all to see as it was exposed between her now engorged pussy lips. Her skin was smooth and felt strange to her as she ran her hand across it the lack of hair or stubbles told her something else had been done, but she was unsure what.

Knowing she had been changed, transformed as she had been Ashalata felt a deep shame. These men she didn’t know had somehow convinced her to allow them to do this to her. She was appalled by her appearance and disgusted by her actions as she began to wonder what would come next. She worried that she would never see her parents or her daughter again. Then she started to wonder if she would be able to face them or anyone else after the things she had done and that had been done to her.

She collected herself the best she could and headed for the restroom, as she walked she felt the lips of her pussy rubbing her now exposed clit the sensation was unlike any she could remember. It was a perverse experience feeling herself rub her sex as she walked. Ashalata was tired and weak as she entered the spacious restroom. She tried to figure out what time of day it was, but looking out the small bathroom window gave her no clue.

Taking in the sight that greeted her in the mirror Ashalata was amazed at how she looked. The large breast now on her chest looked out of place. Even if she wasn’t feeling the pain in her chest she would still feel unnatural with the large orbs now poking from her body. Her skin felt stretched by the enlargement of her breast. To her shame she did thank the looked good, properly shaped and very bouncy. She felt each breast finding a small incision underneath each one. The cuts where much smaller than she had thought and were already beginning to heal nicely.

Ashalata then took special notice to her sex looking in the mirror the incisions made to her sex where easier for her to see. They too had begun to heal nicely. Ashalata ran her hand across her now exposed clit a sensation ran through her a mixture of pain and pleasure just from a gentle touch. She took notice that her cunt lips where now apparently permanently enlarged and just as sensitive as her clit. Her shame increased as she felt the sensations run through her body from her own touch.

Ashalata taking note of the instructions on the counter labeled “Care and maintenance of you slut.” Read how she was to bath for the next two weeks. Following the instructions she gave herself a sponge bath making sure not to get her incisions wet. She gazed in the mirror one last time before wrapping herself in the towel.

Weeping and distraught by what had been done to her Ashalata walked out of the bathroom and headed for the bed. Then she heard that voice again the one from her nightmares.

“Hey, Slut the fella’s tell me they taught you how to give a blow job. Get over here and prove it.” he said sitting in a chair on the side of the room.

Ashalata looked at him in shock sitting there gazing lewdly at her was the man her husband claimed was Nate. Ashalata found it hard to believe that the person she had spent so many long hours chatting with would have done the things to her this man had. In their online chats he had been charming and romantic, telling her he was a teacher and coach. She had found him to be sweet and funny. The two had chatted about every thing. This man knew more about her than anyone else ever had. She had told him things she could never have told another living soul. She felt good telling him what she had; telling herself she was just pretending and it was all make believe. She thought no one would ever know it was her she hadn’t even used her real name.

Now here he was demanding a blow job of her. Ashalata knew she had no choice so she quietly walked over to him and dropped to her knees.

“Lose the fucking towel Slut.” He ordered her next.

Without hesitation Ashalata pulled the towel free from her body and let it drop to the floor beside her. She pulled his cock free of his pants using only her mouth as she had learned to do. As she took his cock in her mouth and began to suck it he took out his cell phone and made a call.

Ashalata paid no attention to his phone conversation as she concentrated her efforts at giving him a blow job. He ran his hands through her hair as he spoke on the phone. Occasionally he would give her directions on how to make it better. Although Ashalata wanted to tell him to do it himself she followed his instructions without saying a word.

She sucked on his cock for what seemed like hours. She felt ill knowing she was taking this stranger’s cock into her throat. Finally after what seemed like hours Nate fired his sperm deep into her mouth she swallowed as best she could gagging on the thick globs of the goo sliding down her throat.

Standing and putting his member away after Ashalata had cleaned him adequately he ordered her to follow him as he walked out of the room. Ashalata picking up the towel started to follow this monster who led to her defilement. Turning to her he told her to leave the towel and do as she was told.

Nude as she was Ashalata followed him back to the table in the other room. Nate ordered her to sit down and shut up as he walked into the adjoining room. She heard the muffled conversation from the other room but was unable to hear what was said. In front of her the television was on to CNN news. While reading the headline ticker Ashalata saw it was now just after 2:00 PM Thursday afternoon. Ashalata had been out of it since Monday. After several minutes Nate walked back in the room and took a seat across the table from the tortured young bride.

“So Slut how do you like what we’ve done with you?” Nate asked her.

“I hate it and I hate you! Why don’t you just kill me and be done with it you bastard!” Ashalata shot back at him angrily, no longer worried what might happen to her.

“Well that’s what I expected. As to killing you there’s no money in it however as to what I have planned for you well I’m hoping to make a mint on that. But rest assured if it becomes more profitable to just kill you I want hesitate to kill you and your family you little slut!” He fired back at her.

“Why? Why are you doing this to me? You seemed so nice and now you’re doing this to me, why?” Ashalata cried.

“Simple Slut, in my business I need a special kind of women and fresh face’s. I’ve used the chat room’s to find all kinds of women and to judge what I can get out of them. It’s all about the Benjamin’s; it’s always about the money. It makes the world go round you know.” He said laughing at her.

“If you follow my instructions and do as you’re told you’ll make it out of this alive. I’ll let you go back to your husband and your normal life. If he won’t take you back I’m sure with your new training you’ll be able to make some other man very happy. You fight me on this and you might live to regret it, but I doubt it Slut.” He said in the most serious of tones.

Ashalata dropped her head in defeat. She wondered what else was in store for her. She looked up to see one of the men, Tony it was bringing in two plates full of food. At that moment Ashalata came to realize just how hungry she really was having not eaten since Sunday evening.

Tony placed the plate full of pasta in front of her and one in front of Nate. Looking at her Nate told her to eat and she dug in greedily. After finishing her food and having seconds Nate had her follow him into another room. It was a gym and inside was another man she did not recognize. She was ordered to blow him to wash down her meal.

Doing as she was told Ashalata sucked the man off. Thankfully he lost his load quickly in her mouth. After she cleaned him up he instructed her on different exercises she was told to do in order to “tighten” up her almost perfect body. Ashalata spent two hours in the gym exercising as she was told. She was then taken into the kitchen where she was told to blow Tony and the talker.


Ashalata had been gone for five days when I answered my front door. Siksha stood in the doorway and asked if she could come in. Looking at the blonde standing at my door way my jaw dropped, she was wearing a tight tube top that was skin tight around her huge breast. The skirt she wore left nothing to the imagination and showed all of her treasures.

I stepped back out of the way allowing her in. Siksha sauntered into the roam seductively she sat on the couch and crossed her legs erotically. I sat across from her and asked her what I owed the pleasure of her visit to. She explained Ashalata had called and asked her to stop by and check on our daughter and I and drop off her paycheck.

I sat shocked as I looked at Ashalata’s paycheck it was almost double what we had expected. Before I could say a word Siksha began to tell me how good I was looking and continued to shift her legs trying to give me a show. I was shocked as we talked for almost an hour she keep making subtle suggestions about how lonely it must be for me and how she would like to help. I laughed at her jokes and told her I would have to be going as I was taking our daughter to my parents for dinner.

When I got home from dinner I put our daughter to bed and got out the tapes of Ashalata’s weekend. Siksha’s earlier visit had made me incredibly horney. I placed the fourth of Ashalata’s tapes in the VCR and laid down on couch.

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