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October 20, 2018

A Husband’s Mistake, A Wife’s Nightmare Part 1

A Husband’s Mistake, A Wife’s Nightmare Part 1

Part 1

My wife and I had been married for about seven years. Our first and only child was just about four years old now. When I made unmistakably the worst mistake of our lives and destroyed our marriage. I had known Ashalata since I was fifteen and we had dated since I was 17 she was three years older than I and already in college.

Ashalata was about 5 foot 4 inches tall and weighed only about 100 lbs. She had long brown hair with blond highlights that went down about to her mid back. She was small and petite very attractive I must say. Her breast had grown to 34b’s after the birth of our daughter and her hips were round and sexy. I felt lucky to be married to such a fine looking women especially since I thought of myself as less than the best looking guy. My insecurities about why she was with me would doom us both.

She was a virgin when we started dating although we did have pre-marital sex she was very shy. She always dressed very conservatively and was bothered when I would tell her how sexy she was. She managed a restaurant and had few friends. After a year of begging I had finally gotten her to get her navel pierced. It was incredibly sexy, but I could never get her to wear any clothing to show it off.

I work on computers for a living and we had four in our house. Ashalata hardly ever used one but I had one I told her was hers. I hadn’t really noticed her begin to use it but I had woke up several times at night and she had been in the computer room the TV on. The computers being on did not seem out of place since I leave them on almost all the time. She said she had gone in there to watch tv so she wouldn’t disturb me. It seemed reasonable enough except she was always closing something on the computer screen. On a few occasions I would lay and wait to see haw long she would be in there sometimes five hours a night. I decided I needed to know if she was doing something or not. I installed some spy software and waited.

Ashalata would sign into a chat room each night. I began to review some of her chat logs and most of the conversations where innocent enough but several were not. I found where she had even had cyber sex with several “men” on line one in particular seemed very friendly with her. She chatted with this Nate every day for hours and every night they confessed their love for one another. She had told him she was single with a child but other than changing her and our daughters name every thing else she told him was true. Except she told him she was single her daughters father had run out on her. I was enraged by this how could she, I felt betrayed like she was cheating on me.

I confronted her and asked her what she was doing each night when she would crawl out of bed. She said just watching TV trying to get sleepy. I asked her what about on the computer at first she said nothing after I continued to pry she finally admitted she had gone into a chat room but when I asked her what she chatted about she claimed just stuff and swore she never did anything wrong, I got angry and made her promise she would never chat again. Never letting her know I knew she had cheated on me in a Cyber affair. I monitored the computer she was back and chatting the next night and the next.

Even though she had promised to stop she hadn’t even slowed down. She had stopped having Cyber sex with other chat room visitors but not this Nate person. She continued to profess her love to him and “cyber” with him. I let it go on for another week before I confronted her.

She finally admitted to having continued to chat after she promised me she would stop, but insisted that she had done nothing wrong and it was no big deal. She told me I had no right to ask her to stop chatting in the first place. I expressed my concern that she would get tangled up with the some seedy character on the net. She insisted I was being stupid and she would never do anything so stupid and claimed she had never engaged in any inappropriate behavior. She claimed innocence right up to the point I through her printed chat logs in her face.

She finally admitted her wrong doing and I told her it had to stop or else. She reluctantly agreed. Not trusting her I blocked the chat site from my computers and two weeks later she came to me begging me to allow her to chat. I told her NO! She begged for days I told her no every time. She told me she would do anything I wanted if she could just chat again. I gave it some thought and finally after a great deal of thought I had an idea.

I had been reading sex stories off the a.s.s. newsgroup for years. Some of my favorites where those dealing with wives being double and triple teamed caught cheating on their husbands. I knew it was a safe request she would never go for it. So I told her the rules she could only chat if I was home and if I was allowed to watch at anytime. No more cyber sex. No more telling anyone she loved them. No more telling anyone she was single. And finally if she wanted to chat she had to be willing to have a threesome.

To my shock she agreed I was stunned. I couldn’t go through with it but made her promise she would if I ever worked up the nerve. She agreed and I allowed her to begin chatting again under my watchful eye. I had to go out of town the next week and while stuck in my motel room I decided to check on my wife. While I had talked to her on the phone she seemed distracted. I had ask her if she was chatting and she told me no. No longer able to trust her I got online and checked. Sure enough she was once again online chatting with this Nate person. The two professed their love for one another and cybered several times each night. At that point a plan began to form in my mind.

I started a chat of my own with this Nate person. Between what he told me and the information I was able to gather about him from the net I found out he lived about 4 hours from where my wife and I did and was approximately our age. Over that week we chatted each night finally I had built up what I thought was a trust with him. I finally told him of my true relationship with his online lover. With his promise not to tell her I provided him some pictures of my wife naked via E-mail.

Impressed with her photos I began to explain my plan to him. He was very agreeable to all of my requests and we set my plan into motion to happen the next weekend. I arranged to have my in-laws take our daughter out of town that weekend. I told Ashalata of some property I wanted to look at out of town.

That weekend Ashalata and I traveled to a small town about 3 1/2 hours from our house it was next to a lake. On that Friday night I met “Nate” whose real name was Nick in the lobby of the motel Ashalata and I was staying at. He gave me his blood test dated that day. He checked out drug and STD free. I gave him a key to our room and told him to be there at 9:00 P.M. that evening.

When I went back to get Ashalata who was still in our room I got incredibly excited knowing what she was about to do. When we went to dinner that night I asked her if she had chatted anymore. She of course denied she had. We went back to our hotel room it was 8:35 P.M. I begged her to put on a very sexy black teddy and garter belt I had brought for her. When she came out of the rest room I took her over to the bed and tied her to it.

Once I had tied Ashalata spread eagle to the bed, I placed a blindfold over her eyes. Now tied and blinded on the bed I began setting up my camcorder. Ashalata begged me to hurry complaining her arms hurt.

At 8:55 Nick walked into our hotel room but Ashalata was unable to her him over the television I had turned on earlier. Motioning for Nick to remain silent I began to talk to Ashalata. “So you never chatted with this Nate guy when I was out of town huh?” I asked her. “No I didn’t hon.” she replied pulling on her bonds. “You remember what you promised me you’d do if I let you chat again?” I asked her next. “Yes.” She replied testily. “Well what was it? Tell me.” I pried. “A threesome.” she huffed. “So who do you want to have this threesome with Dear?” I questioned her. “No one! But you already know that. I only said I would do it so you’d let me chat again.” She said. “So I’m the only man you’ve ever fucked?” I asked. “Yes” she replied.

I looked at Nick who was greedily taking in the sight of my bound wife’s beautiful body. She looked sexy beyond words, her small pert breast sticking up from out of the tight black teddy. Her legs spread wide apart and tied to the bed allowed full view to her neatly trimmed bush. Her tanned and slender legs encased in the black hose being held by the garter belt accenting her treasures. The teddy rode up just enough to show the ring in her navel showcasing her flat belly.

And so I continued “I know you chatted with Nate every night I was out of town. I know you had Cyber sex with him every night as well. So I guess you have fucked another man!” “It’s not the same thing, it’s not real it’s just make believe.” She replied. “I disagree. I think it’s exactly the same thing. You had an affair with some guy online behind my back telling him how much you loved him and everything.” I scolded her. “It was just pretend. It didn’t mean anything I was just having some fun.” She whimpered.

I looked back over at Nick grinning knowing now was the time. I then focused the camera on Ashalata’s face. “So did you have enough fun to go through with the threesome you promised me?” I asked her. “You know I don’t want to do that, but I would if you made Me.” she said. “I just don’t know why you would want something so sick…” She began saying when I cut her off. “Well I can’t understand how you find having a cyber affair any fun, but you keep doing it. Maybe we could get your cyber lover Nate to do this threesome with you. I bet you would really like that wouldn’t you?” “Don’t say that you know…” She started again. “Shut up! Open your mouth.” I ordered her.

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