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October 20, 2018

A Husband’s Mistake, A Wife’s Nightmare – Ch 8

A Husband’s Mistake, A Wife’s Nightmare – Ch 8

Chapter 8

Ashalata awoke now over two and a half weeks into her ordeal sadly she had grown accustom to her treatment and what was expected of her. She knew today would be nothing different. After getting up she took her morning shower expecting to have to give Nick his morning blowjob. As she walked out nude except for her high heeled shoes from the bathroom she saw three strangers and Nick in her room. Nick spoke to her saying. “Your name is Melinda Licks and you’ve never done anything like this but you looking forward to it.” Ashalata was surprised by this as she looked around seeing one man holding a microphone over her head and another focusing the camera on her while yet another sat next to Nick.

She was handed a small white tank top that had some studios name printed in black on the front of it. She didn’t take the time to read the name she simply put it on next she was handed a neon green g-string and a pair of black hot pants. She slipped into the clothes as quickly as she could.

Ashalata was almost blinded as the light on top of the camera came to life. Ashalata had already applied her makeup as she had been forced to do for the last two weeks but couldn’t help but think she could have done a better job if she knew there would be someone with a camera here today. She immediately got mad at herself for her thought as she knew why the camera must be there.

The man next to Nick began to speak Ashalata hadn’t caught his name he went on about her audition before he asked her what here name was.

“Melinda Licks.” She said unsurely. “And this is your first video?” The man asked her. Looking at Nick nodding his head she said “Yes.” “So before today what’s the most men you’ve been with at once?” Looking at Nick again she saw him holding up his fingers. “Two.” She said. “So how many men have you ever had sex with before today?”

Ashalata looked to Nick for the answer but he just shrugged his shoulders. “Five or Six.” She said. Her answer amused him causing Nick to smile to himself as he wondered what the true number was. “And how do you like anal sex?” Once again she looked to Nick for the answer however he just looked at her as though he to wanted the answer.

“Well I have never, well, had it before. I think it sounds painful I don’t think it is something I would be comfortable with.” She said as honestly as she knew, not remembering her previous encounter with it. The interviewer looked at Nick who in turned gave an angry glare to Ashalata. “But your welling to try it for us aren’t you?” the man asked her. Looking at Nick she saw his angry nod knowing she should answer affirmatively. “Yes uh it sounds good to me.” She said hoping to appease Nick after upsetting him.

Her answer seemed to lighten the grim look on Nick’s face if only a little. “So I have some people who would like to meet you are you ready to get started?” she was asked by the man as she watched Nick’s face. He nodded approvingly and so she answered. “Yes I uh, well I can’t wait.” She said trying to please her angry master. “Good just put this on and we can get down to some business sweet thing.” Her interviewer said handing her a black blindfold with white lettering on it.

As soon as Ashalata had the blindfold on she heard the interviewer say. “Okay just turn around and lets go out here.” She felt his hands on her shoulder as he led her from her room. After a few moments she felt herself bump up against what she thought was a leather couch and then she was told. “Okay put your knees up on there and okay.”

Ashalata had no idea what to expect but told herself nothing would shock her. Just as that thought crossed her mind she felt several pairs of hands begin to explore her body. She shuddered as he breast where pinched her ass patted and a thumb slipped in her mouth. She then heard a unison “Hello Melinda.” She was unable to make out how many voices greeted her made up name. Meekly she replied “Hello.” She felt her head pulled forward as someone said. “Open up.”

Ashalata had only began to open her mouth when she felt the first cock of the day enter her mouth. She began to suck it as expertly as she had learned and as she felt his first jerk he pulled free of her mouth. No sooner had this dick left than another took it’s place Ashalata knew she was now sucking a second man and tried to concentrate on that job even as hands continued to explore her body.

She found her ass slapped playfully time and time again. Her tank top had been lifted to expose her breast as they where kneaded back and forth by unknown men she now pleasured. She found the new cock again pulled from her mouth and replaced by two more. Although she had learned to please a man orally in the last two weeks she had never tried to pleasure two men at once before. She found her mouth and jaw now stretched trying to take them both in at once,

Her hot pants had been unzipped and hands had wondered into them she heard the directions to stand up and as she did she felt them pulled down as they pulled free of her legs she found herself pushed back down as the tank top was pulled over her head. Once again leaning over the couch where she was immediately slapped in the face with another cock to suck.

She could feel the g-string she wore being pulled to the side as fingers slid into her over sensitive sex. She had not had any vaginal sex since the modifications that had been made to her body. The fingers had begun to stimulate her much to her dismay. She felt sick to know the arousal she was feeling was out of her control. She found herself moaning in between strokes of the new cock she was now sucking.

Then she felt it. She knew it was only a matter of time and that time had now come. Her back arched from the sensations running through her body as the massive cock slid into her cunt. She was in a sexual hell she had never had such extreme feelings rack her body before. The member now sliding in her sex sent shivers across every inch of her skin, and through all the bones in her body. She moaned loudly unable to control herself. Her body racked under her she lost her train of thought and had neglected the cock still in her mouth. She then found herself brought back to that task as the owner of the dick began to slap her face with it. She began sucking cock now almost on auto-pilot unaware of when one disk was removed and another took its place she was lost in the feelings running through her as she felt dick after dick slid in her cunt. It seemed an endless line of dicks would slide in and out of her cunt she had no idea how many now. She would hear directions from different voices and tried to follow them as best she could.

She never realized that at points she had been sitting on one leg while a man would hold the other in the air to give the camera a better view of the actions of the dicks sliding in and out of her. She had been positioned in multiple ways for the three camera’s to get the best shots of her sexual encounters and now found herself lying on top of a man his cock buried in her cunt. Her arms gripping the back of the couch as she sucked on a man standing behind it. She found herself so caught up in the action she almost didn’t feel the intrusion at her sphincter until it had almost penetrated her outer bud.

The cock with lubricant dripping off of it slipped in her asshole in less than a minute of trying. Ashalata felt the pressure of the dick in her ass but could only huff and moan under the cock still stuffed in her mouth. As the trio began to pound it home she felt filled and the pressure in her ass made her try to jump off the man she lay on. Knowing she would try to vault Nick held her down sternly having been the first to penetrate her new cunt and now the first to enter her ass today.

As he neared his orgasm Nick pulled out of his new star and took position at her mouth as she was slid over to lye on top of another man’s cock. As soon as the man under her had made several strokes into her cunt burying himself deeply inside her she felt her head lowered to suck another dick.

She took Nick’s cock into her mouth his dick now dripping a combination of his own juices as well as those from Ashalata’s ass and cunt. She sucked on his dick almost immune from the vile goo it was coated with. She was to preoccupied by having the next man shove his cock in her ass.

As the young women was being tripled teamed by the gang of men. Having all three of her holes filled at once for the first time in her life the camera zoomed in on her face catching the tears as they streaked down her face.

Ashalata eyes closed trying to deal with her situation as best she could, not wanting to anger Nick was unaware the blindfold had been removed from her eyes. She found her self triple teamed on top of a man six times straight. She began to grow used to the pressure of having two cocks at her bottom at a time.

She found her self lifted up off the couch as someone completely lifted her into the air. Opening her eyes for the first time she looked around she was surrounded by about 15 men. The man holding her in the air with the help of two others lowered Ashalata onto his cock as he held her three feet above the ground. With the help of others he began lifting and dropping her on his cock.

Ashalata felt someone else move in behind her as another cock was gently slid into her cunt as well. She began to scream in pain as the second cock now forced its way in her cunt as she was lowered onto it. After the sixth or seventh drop the pain began to subside as it became a grinding ache. After the men bobbed her up and down on their dicks for several minutes she felt the man behind her pull out. She was then lifted slightly higher. Then as she looked behind her she saw the large black cock her asshole was now being lowered onto. She was forced to ride the men for another five minutes before she found her self tossed back on the couch.

Now lying on the couch legs spread wide she had little choice but to lay and smile as Nick indicated she should as each man took his turn fucking her in either her cunt or asshole before shooting their seed on her face and tits.

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