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October 20, 2018

A Husband’s Mistake, A Wife’s Nightmare – Ch 7

A Husband’s Mistake, A Wife’s Nightmare – Ch 7

Chapter 7

Ashalata had been gone for two and half weeks now and I was missing her more than I can express to you. Her friend Siksha’s continually visits by the house made it even worse. I would have sworn Siksha was trying to seduce me now on a daily basis. Her offers to watch our daughter or take me out for a movie or dinner had become increasingly more difficult to say no to. After her latest visit I retrieved the fifth of Ashalata’s tapes.

As the tape began to play I settled in not knowing what to expect. As the tape started I saw my wife on what looked like a hospital bed her arms and legs strapped down to the bed. She was awake and coherent it appeared. Her mouth was gagged and I could hear her whimpering under the large red ball stuffed in her mouth.

A man wearing scrubs walked up and began taking measurements of Ashalata’s breast. He used a tape measure and took several still photographs of her as she pulled at the straps holding her down. He moved around using wax pencils to draw on her breast and small metal calipers on her nipples. Throughout his scrutiny of her chest the camera made a point to show the man’s face. Finally after he had made several note in a folder he stood and the camera was shut off. When the image on the screen flicked back on the image was of Ashalata now with her legs strapped in the stirrups and spread apart. I noticed she was no longer awake and her mouth no longer gagged was now covered by a clear mask of some kind obviously supplying some type of gas to her.

The man in scrubs now seated between her wide spread legs began taking measurement of her sex. He measured the length and width of her womanhood. Then using the caliper like device began measuring the width of her cunt lips. He was exacting, making measurements every few centimeters and carefully making notes of them. He then pulled a spreader and applying a small amount of lubricant to it slid it in her cunt. He opened it up and using a small flashlight to have a look at my wife’s precious inside’s. After taking several notes and and having several looks inside he closed the device and slid it out. He next picked up a thin metal tube and slid it inside Ashalata’s sex. He pulled the tub back and began playing with some type of controls off camera. I watched enthralled as a balloon like device began to enlarge inside her I could see it filling her to the limits. He took notes and shook his head as he deflated the thing from within her and pulled it free of her. He immedieatly lubricated the metal tub and inserted the device ever so carefully into Ashalata’s ass. It took no time at all before he stopped the filling balloon having reached the limits she could accept he took notes and then after flipping this then that pulled the tube free of her ass leaving the balloon still inflated in her ass.

The man in the scrubs then stood and removed the mask covering Ashalata’s face. He sat made a few more notes then stood and dropped his green scrubs. He began stroking his cock with his right hand as his left scrubbed the pencil marks of Ashalata’s breast with an alcohol pad. As he rubbed the cool pad across her breast her nipples hardened and stood erect as her head began turning from side to side. As Ashalata began to come to the man in the scrub’s moved in closer between her legs rubbing the head of his cock against her pussy and poking at the balloon shoved up her ass. As her eyes opened her face distorted into the look of pain. “Get it out! Oh God get it out! I have to… Oh God get it out.” Ashalata cried as she threw her head from side to side tears began rolling down her face. I heard the man in the scrubs begin laughing even as she cried hysterically. He closed the distance between them and pushed his cock into her cunt.

He felt the pressure from the balloon in her ass and heard her screams of pain as he impaled her time and time again. He pulled his cock free each time before jabbing it back into her. Ashalata screaming in pain at each of his thrust. “No! Stop! I need to use the restroom…. Oh God please stop! Stop! Pleaseeeee!!” she would scream.

Finally the man in the scrub’s spoke “Let’s see how that tight ass of you feels.” He leered down at her. “No I have to go. Please let me use the restroom!” She cried “Don’t worry you don’t need to use the restroom. You where given an enema before we began the pressure you fell now is nothing to what your about to.” He warned her menacingly.

He reached out and pulling a needle from the tray next him moved it between her legs. He pulled his cock from her pussy one last time as the camera zoomed in he pushed the needle into the balloon or whatever it was still stuck in Ashalata’s ass. As the balloon thing burst I saw what look to be some type of gas whoosh out of Ashalata’s ass as her sphincter collapsed around the burst plastic device.

Scrub’s grabbing a string pulled the remnants of the balloon from her ass. The camera zoomed in on Ashalata’s face as relief swept over her then while still zoomed on her face her expression changed again. The look on her face now one of terror and pain as the camera zoomed back down between her legs.

Scrub’s had begun to push his cock into Ashalata’s now vacant ass. Her screams even on the tape almost deafening. I was unable to make out any of Ashalata’s weep’s but I was drawn to the image on the screen as this mans cock slowly ever so slowly worked its way into my wife’s tightly puckered asshole. His progress was slow and steady in the first five minutes he had only pushed in the first two inches of his six inch cock.

As he began to move his member back and forth a half inch in either direction Ashalata’s screams never relented. His progress seemed to increase now with this new sawing action technique and in the next five minutes he had buried his entire six inch cock in her ass.

Ashalata’s cries continued but her voice was now hoarse and cracked. But even seeing the pain she was going through I was as aroused as I had ever been. I heard the moan escape scrubs mouth and in minutes I saw the white jism being pushed out with each additional thrust in her ass. He went on and plowed into her until he moaned again and let loose another jet of his seed in her as the picture faded to black never showing scrub’s face.

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