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October 20, 2018

A Husband’s Mistake, A Wife’s Nightmare – Ch 5

A Husband’s Mistake, A Wife’s Nightmare – Ch 5

Chapter 5

Ashalata’s head ached an effect of the alcohol and drugs giving her a horrendous hangover. As she began looking around the room getting her bearings she began to notice her condition. She was sore and tired her skin covered in the dried fluids of her lovers. As she looked down she could see cum covering her inner thighs.

Her head dropped back to the pillow as she remembered the events of the following evening. She remembered it all clearly, the drinks the conversation, the men and the sex. The sex, the men, she had had sex with almost a dozen men that evening. She had begged for it, she had needed it. She thought back with shame at her actions feeling like a slut. Then a feeling of horror and fear came over her as she remembered the cameras. She realized with terror that there was a video and photos of her, a video of her acting like a slut.

Tears began rolling down her face as she began thinking of all the bad things she had done. She then began to worry about the consequences of her actions. Would she be fired, what if Mike found out, he’d demand a divorce. What if her parent’s or daughter saw those pictures? What had she done, she laid and cried for over an hour.

Not knowing what to do or even what time it was she finally got up and took a shower. She scrubbed the disgusting remains from her body. Then she showered for as long as the water remained hot, then she brushed her teeth. As she brushed her teeth she realized that she was using the items she had brought with her. Someone had unpacked her things and it wasn’t her.

Now feeling as clean as she could she went out wrapped in a towel and began to search for her clothes. She looked in the closet and found only high heeled shoes noting they where her size. She then looked in the dresser and chest of drawers but found no clothes. Not knowing where her clothes where she decided to call and ask her friend Siksha for some advice. She just needed to talk to a friendly and reassuring voice to comfort her. She knew she wasn’t ready to talk to her husband yet, not sure what to tell him.

Ashalata picked up the phone and as she brought it to her ear to dial she heard a voice “So your finally awake slut. Good, get your sweet ass out here.” she heard. “What. I don’t have any clothes.” Ashalata said timidly. “I know now get out her now dammit!” The voice told her angrily. Not wanting to anger the voice on the phone unsure of her circumstances she obeyed.

Nervously she walked out of the room wearing only her towel. As she walked out she saw two men seated at a round table sipping drinks. She remembered the room from the previous evening and having been taken from behind bent over that table. In front of the table was a television and she saw in horror as the men where watching the video from the previous evening. She saw her self on the screen hungrily sucking a cock in her mouth as she rammed her hips against someone screwing her pussy from behind. Weeping from the sight on the screen one of the men ordered her to sit down.

The men watched for several minutes ignoring her. Ashalata too disgusted by what she saw on the screen sat with her head down. Turning to her one of the men said “You’re quite the slut, Honey. Just look at you go.” “That’s not me. I don’t know what happened last night I’ve never done anything like that before.” Ashalata said bawling now. Laughing at her the man replied “Really will isn’t that you?” he said pointing to the television. As Ashalata looked up she saw a different scene in a lavish bedroom, on the screen was the picture of a girl a dick in her throat and one screwing her pussy from behind again. Ashalata watched in speechless horror as the camera zoomed in on her face, then her wedding ring on her finger, before focusing on the navel ring she wore. There was no doubt the image on the screen was her. She then took note that her cunt had been freshly shaved and knew it had to have happened in the three days she was now unable to remember.

Ashalata had tried hard not to think of what she could remember from that night. The fear she felt when she saw Nate or Nick or who ever he really was. The since of helplessness she felt as he began to rub her body and touch her. The horror that struck her as Nick knocked Mike to the floor and let the two men in. The shock of watching her husband being tied to the chair, now as helpless as her, the sensation of the drug running through her veins. Her lose of control as Nick began to take her, the feeling of pleasure she derived from his penetration.

Her attention was brought back to the present as one of them slapped her across the face knocking her to the floor. “Pay attention slut!. I said lose the towel.” He said. “No. Please!” she began to plead. Instantly he stood reached out and ripped the towel from her body. “Stop it! Just stop it. This isn’t right what do you think your doing.” She started to protest. The other man now standing as well grabbed one of her arms as the man who had slapped her grabbed the other. She continued to protest as the men effortlessly sat her in the chair and producing a pair of medal handcuffs secured her arms behind the chair.

“You better get a grip slut! From now on you do as your told nobody gives a crap what you think is right or wrong or what you want. You will do as your told or else.” He said. “Your crazy! You can’t just tell me to do anything I’m a human being and there are laws against…” Ashalata began to protest. For her troubles she was once again slapped across her beautiful face. Her head down she got a glimpse of herself in the mirror on the wall.

There she was secured to the chair her body on display for all to see two strange men she didn’t know standing over her, threatening her. The pain and humiliation she feared was only equalled by her fear. She watched as another tear ran down her cheek, knowing just as that fateful Friday night there would be no one to save her. How had it gone from a simple online chat to this? Mike had made a terrible mistake the day he setup his little planned threesome, but how had it turned into this nightmare, and would it ever end?

“Look bitch you’ve got two choices you can start doing as your told right know and save you and your family a lot of pain for one.” He told her letting it sink in for a minute or two “Or you can fight us we drug you, screw you and then screw you up until you do as your told. Now if you chose to go that route will your daughters a freaking orphan. Who knows if your parents will take her after they see the tapes we’ve already gotten of you.” Ashalata no sobbing hysterically listened as he continued. “After we off your limp dick husband, and burn your house to the ground I bet you’ll start to cooperate so we don’t do the same to your folks and kid.”

The man stood back and let it sink in for several minutes before he asked her. “Will Slut what’s it going to be do as we say or not.” “What choice do I have? What does it matter you’ve already killed me, just leave my family alone please!” she said blubbering through her tears. “We will if you do everything your told without question.” She was told. “Fine, just leave my family alone. What do I have to…”She began to ask. “Will I’m glad you asked.” Cutting her off. “First will record some messages for hubby. He is expecting you back in three weeks well be just about done with your training by then.” He said.

The other man still unidentified placed a tape recorder with a microphone and a pad of paper in front of her. “Okay Slut just read what’s on the paper there are 35 different messages for hubby there. You better read them all in a regular tone of voice and make them convincing.” He ordered her as he held the pad in front of her as the other man held the microphone to her lips.

And so she began “Hi honey. Will I just got back in to the hotel we’re driving up the coast tonight to look at some property and I just wanted you to know every things okay. Please don’t let Lisa stay up to late you know she gets cranky at day care if you do. Tell her Mommy loves her and misses her. I love you I’ll try to call you later tomorrow so we can talk, Love you, Bye.” She finished the first. They seemed pleased at her efforts and moved onto the next. The next twenty are so where all about the same. Some lame reason why she hadn’t called earlier or later and trying to reassure him everything was fine. She found the next one troubling it was her explaining to Mike why she would need to stay out of town a few more weeks. As she tried to finish what was written she found herself weeping from the news her ordeal would last longer.

This angered the talker as her pinched her nipple and told her to nock it off and do it right or else. Ashalata fought to regain her composure so she could finish without angering him more. She finished this one and then another and another. Then she recorded about five meant for her parents. Once she had finished the men nodded at each other in approval as the silent one walked into the other room carrying off the recording. He returned moments later with a stack of papers.

Ashalata found her hands un-cuffed as she was told to sign each document where indicated. Looking at the first paper she read something about medical treatment or release or something. As she started to read it the talker grabbed her nipple and said. “Slut I don’t recall telling you to read shit. I said sign the freakin paper.” Pain running through her breast she signed and moved on to the next. She got a glance every now and again, some seemed to be film and copyright releases while others where powers of attorney and medical release forms. Ashalata didn’t want to sign any of them especially the ones that hadn’t even been filled in yet, but did out of fear.

Ashalata sat silently as they shuffled the papers the silent one leaving with them and returning with a small outfit. “Blow us and you can get dressed.” The talker said.

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