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October 20, 2018

A Husband’s Mistake, A Wife’s Nightmare – Ch 4

A Husband’s Mistake, A Wife’s Nightmare – Ch 4

Chapter 4

Monday evening when Ashalata got home I asked her about her day. She was still incredibly excited about her new job. She told me about how the first day had been filled with filling out paper work and learning about the company. I asked her exactly what this company did and she began telling me about it. Apparently it was a multinational conglomerate having its fingers in about everything. They held company’s in everything from shipping and waste disposal to electronics, food processing, and entertainment.

Ashalata would be working for one of the manager’s in their entertainment division which was also there marketing arm. Ashalata’s excitement about the opportunities was obvious. At dinner she told me about all the corny company videos she had to watch on the first day. The seventies safety videos, the eighties sexual harassment video, the nineties overly optimistic marketing video.

We laughed and joked throughout the evening just enjoying one another’s company. That evening, and that week for that matter, we had some great sex. I don’t know if it was because I couldn’t get the images of Nick and the others having sex with Ashalata out of my mind or because of I perceived she had lost some of her inhibitions.

Ashalata came home Tuesday saying she had made friends with a woman in her office named Siksha. The two looked almost like sisters except for Siksha’s massive chest. Siksha sported what she bragged where 38DD breast she said it was the best thing anyone ever bought her. She was quite outgoing and very free spirited she had gone shopping with Ashalata and helped her pick out some new clothes for her new job. Although Ashalata had always dressed pretty conservatively before Siksha had talked her into several sexy business suits I’m sure she wouldn’t have picked out on her own. Although they had only known each other for a few days Siksha had been over to our house from Wednesday on, every night including the weekend. She stayed for dinner on Thursday night and spent most of the evening trying to convince Ashalata she should get a boob job also. Siksha asked my opinion as to what I would like to see? Reluctantly I told her I was happy with Ashalata’s 34B’s. Siksha didn’t except this and finally Ashalata asked me what I would like honestly I admitted it would be nice if her breast where 36C’s or D’s I told the women anything larger would look freakish on her.

Siksha had finally talked Ashalata into “Thinking about it” on the third day the women had known each other that was only Ashalata’s fourth day at her new job. By the second week Siksha was at our house every night. I was glad to see Ashalata had found a friend at the new job but something bothered me about it.

When it was time for Ashalata to leave on Sunday evening our daughter and I drove her to the airport. As we said our goodbyes I asked Ashalata to call me as often as she could telling her I would miss her.

Ashalata boarded the small cooperate jet having said goodbye to her family. She was accompanied by her boss and several other men whom she had not met. Ashalata had only flown a few times and was overwhelmed by the luxury of the small Jet. Leather seats lined one side of the jet while a couch and mini-bar was on the other. Ashalata was the only women onboard and found herself alone with the four men as the plane took off.

Ashalata sat and listened as the men discussed business and the closing of various deals. Their conversation was to weepptic for Ashalata to know what deals they spoke of. Talk of long term contracts after the initial investment and returns on the investment. When one of the men asked Ashalata her thoughts on “it.” She replied it all sounded good to her. Having not been in on the conversation to know just what the men where talking about. Then the men laughed and told her they where glad she approved, before moving on to talk of sports and family.

Ashalata sat quietly throughout the flight not joining in the men’s conversation. As they approached LA they Pilot announced they would be landing shortly. The men talked of going and getting a drink since it was only 10:00 P.M. in LA. They invited Ashalata but she said she thought she would simply go the Hotel since she was feeling a little tired. Her Boss then asked her to reconsider telling her it may be necessary for her to take some notes while they discussed some business.

Not wanting to displease her boss she agreed to join them. Once the plane landed they got in a Limousine and proceeded to a private club one of them frequented. When they arrived they sat around a table and began talking they were met by another company colleague who was sent to get drinks for the table.

The new man returned shortly handing out drinks to the men and placing one in front of Ashalata even though she had said she was fine. After several minutes her boss looked at her and seeing she had not taken a drink asked if she didn’t like it. She replied that she just didn’t drink but thanked him for it anyway. He looked at her disapprovingly and said “Well that’s too bad.” Sensing he was displeased she took the drink and had a sip. Looking at her boss she said “It’s not bad.” Thinking what could one drink hurt. He looked at her and smiled approvingly, happy to have pleased him she took a larger drink of the liquid. The drink was sweet and not hard she thought as she sipped it.

Ashalata nursing her drink had finished it in half an hour. The men had already drunk two. Seeing she had finally finished it someone got her a fresh drink. Not sure what it was Ashalata drank this one more quickly as the conversation had gotten more lively the men now sat around laughing and joking, ignoring her for the most part.

The two drinks laced with the pill made Ashalata feel light headed and out of sorts. Soon she found herself drawn into the men’s conversation as they turned their attention toward her. They began telling her how beautiful she was and what a promising future she had with the company.

As the night went on Ashalata found herself unable to control her mouth or her body. She laughed at everything the men said and found her self agreeing with everything they said. To her amazement she found herself agreeing to go back to the newcomer’s house for some drinks privately for with the men. She found herself wedged between the men as the limo took them to the man’s house. Finding it hard to keep her head up she leaned against on of the men to her right as the man on her left put his hand on her thigh. She closed her eyes and began to doze off. She thought she felt someone fondling her breast as she sat there. Opening her eyes she saw all eyes looking at her.

Ashalata looked around the Limo at the men staring at her then instinctively down at herself. Her blouse lay open and her breast had been pushed up and out of her bra. Her nipples stood erect and bright red at full attention after being manhandled. Ashalata found herself laughing at her predicament which drew a round of laughter from the men.

As she sat there wondering why she was allowing this to happen she took notice of the men around her. Jim Willis her boss was a younger man and already halfway up the corporate later, Manger in Charge of Entertainment Specials for the independent film group of the Company’s media group. John and Christopher said they where from accounting for the company’ s investment group. Ron Charles was a middle manager for will she wasn’t sure, and as far as to whom house she was now on her way to she couldn’t even remember his name. As the Limo pulled into the driveway of the plush house two more men stood outside waiting. Opening the door the pillged Ashalata found herself scooted over the men’s lap to the two waiting outside. As she was pulled across the men she found her ass being pinched through her business slacks and her shirt and bra removed. She found herself standing half naked in front of the large home giggling as she heard the comments from the men.

Once inside she was seated on the couch three men on either side of her. She was handed a drink as someone put some music on. The conversation now centered on Ashalata, as one man after another would reach out and touch her exposed breast. Ashalata saw the men filming her conversation and knew something was terribly wrong but found herself laughing and giggling as the men continued. A pinch to her nipple caused Ashalata to spill her drink on herself. Someone suggested she take her slacks off so they could wash them before the stain sat in.

Ashalata knew it was wrong but she found herself standing up and removing her slacks handing them to someone. Mr. Willis stood and asked Ashalata to dance before she was able to sit back down. Finding herself unable to refuse him she began to dance now wearing only a pair of panties and her belly ring. As the song ended Mr. Willis was replaced with someone else. This went on for three or four more songs. In the process she found herself being kissed and touched by each of her dance partners.

As a slow song began she found her current partner replaced by Mr. Willis again. This time as the couple danced Mr. Willis’s hands made there way down to her panty’s and meticulously began edging them down her legs until they finally fell to the ground. Now nude in a room full of men Ashalata found her self guided through the song over to the side of the couch. As he moved around behind her she heard a rustling sound just before she was pushed over the arm of the couch gently edged forward as her legs where pushed wide apart causing her to fall slightly. Her face landing in someone’s lap she felt a presence behind her. She felt the head of the cock as it pressed against her cunt. Biting her lower lip as she felt him press into her she closed her eyes her mind racing with a thousand mixed thoughts all telling her she must put a stop to this.

As she wondered what was wrong with her she heard the moan escape her own lips.

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