A Husband’s Mistake, A Wife’s Nightmare – Ch 3

A Husband’s Mistake, A Wife’s Nightmare – Ch 3

Chapter 3

I sat in the living room and having inserted the first video cassette which was conveniently marked with the label Volume One written on it. I hit play on the remote and began to open the envelope. The television screen was pitch black but I heard a familiar voice as Nick began to speak. “Well I know you wanted to have a video of your wife’s first threesome so I decided to leave you a video record of all her activities this weekend.”

As he spoke I began pulling the photos from the large brown envelope. The photos of course where obviously all of Ashalata, in various poses and in different states of dress, and undress. I found them exciting and disgusting all at the same time to my surprise in several of the photo’s she appeared to be awake and vibrant while in others she sported that dazed looked she had that night.

The tape then went to that Friday night of Nick taking Ashalata. Having already seen this first hand I fast forwarded through the rest of the tape it played out just as I remembered it except one thing. The scene where Ashalata was drugged had been edited out. As I watched the endless line of men who used her I again knew just how seriously I had screwed up.

After getting to the end of the first tape I inserted the next one labeled Volume 2. As this tape began I noticed the date and time stamp in the corner it was 10:00 A.M. Saturday morning not even eight hours had passed since she had been taken from our hotel room. I watched as Ashalata now conscious walked into a large and lavish room hanging off Nick’s arm. She was wearing a lovely sun dress one I knew I had never seen before. Ashalata seemed fine she sat Next to Nick on the couch and said nothing as Nick began talking to men in suits who had entered the room. The sound on the tape was very low and I was unable to make out anything that was said. Nick and the businessmen spoke for several minutes before shaking hands.

Nick stood and walked off camera this video was taken from a static position my guess was from a wall mounted or hidden camera. Once Nick had walked out of the picture the businessmen began to move in around Ashalata. They sat next to her and began a conversation with her. After only a few minutes the volume was boosted up and I could hear what was being said.

“So Ashalata does your husband know you’re here?” one of the men asked her. “Yeah, what?” she replied. “So have you done this a lot?” another asked “Done what?” she questioned. “Screwed a bunch of men you just met.” He said. “No never. I would never do anything like that.” She said. “But will you let us screw you?” he said “Who?” she replied as he put his hand on her upper thigh and slid it under the small dress.

Without answering her last question he leaned over and began to kiss her on the lips. The other two men in the room just looked at on another and then the couple in front of them. Nothing was said by anyone as the man worked his hand under her dress and began working the panties off of Ashalata never stopping his kiss. Once he finally pulled her panties off his hand disappeared under her dress again. Ashalata eyes now closed made no effort to stop him.

After several minutes of his kissing and groping he pulled away and took of his pants. Ashalata her mouth now free of the intrusion began mumbling incoherently. Several times she said “no” and “I’m married” but no one seemed to notice. Ashalata opened her eyes as he approached her face holding his penis in his hand. She turned away and closed her mouth tightly.

“Come on Ashalata open up, I’ve got a treat for you.” he said turning her head towards his dick. As he pressed his dick against her lips she opened her mouth. He slid his member into her mouth he was gentle and to my surprise Ashalata didn’t resist the invasion. After a few minutes she began to move her head back and forth bobbing her head up and down on his cock. I could see her lips sucking in on his dick she was really giving him a blow job. How could she, Ashalata had never gotten so into oral sex with me, head from Ashalata was no more than an open mouth. The man on the video played with her tits while she sucked his dick. The two pleasured each other Ashalata looked to be enjoying herself as mush as he did. While this went on the other two men sat and watched enjoying the show with smiles on the faces.

After what seemed like an eternity he pulled his raging hard-on from her mouth and grabbing the bottom of her sundress pulled it from her body. Ashalata now lay under him wearing only a pair of high heeled shows. He grabbed her ankles lifting them up and pulling them apart. He slid his saliva slickened cock into my wife then gave the other two men high fives. He began to brag to his friends about how hot she was and how good she felt. I watched as the man on the screen screwed my wife and bragged about it to his co-workers. As he pumped in and out of her Ashalata simply moaned in pleasure with each thrust.

He used Ashalata for all she was worth and as he drew to orgasm he quickened the pace of his thrust. Finally ending his use of my wife by emptying his seed into her stretched cunt. As her lover pulled away Ashalata lay painting from her exertions. Lying spent on the couch he urged on of the others to give her a try. And so he did much as the first man had. The third followed suit and when he finished I thought she had vanquished their desires but that was not the case. Two of the men used her for a second time before exiting the room now exhausted but very happy. The tape ended it was over four hours long.

I inserted the third of the seven tapes left on our bed and hit play. It began as the first had a black screen and Nick’s voice. “This is the video of Ashalata’s photo shot. I always have a photo shot with my new girls so I have some good still’s to show my clients. Enjoy.” The video then went to Ashalata lying on the bed in a teddy. I had seen this pose in one of the photos from the envelope. Ashalata lay on the bed in a sexy manner just like you would see in playboy. Legs crossed, elbow down on the bed holding up her head, smiling and happy. I heard as someone directed her into other poses, telling her to toss her hair this way or that. I could see the flashes from a still camera every few seconds, and heard the talk from people off camera.

“Her breast are to small.” Said someone. “That’s okay we can fix that. Look at that face though.” Said another. “She really sealed that deal this morning?” said someone else. “She’s so young and fresh, she’ll be the hottest we’ve ever had.” Was tossed out into the off screen chat. “She well but it well take a while to train her. She’s got no experience.” Was said. “Sure but that’s the fun part. Besides we’ve already given her a hell of a lesson.” I heard said also.

What in the hell where they talking about. By now on the video Ashalata had changed outfits about a dozen times and posed nude after each outfit. She had seemed happy and cooperative with her off screen handlers, always doing as she was told. The video cut out and came back on showing Ashalata holding her arm saying “What was that?” she must have been given another shot.

Ashalata was instructed to do a few more poses before a masked man appeared and tied her to the bed. She put up no fight and cooperated fully. After posing with her he went off screen and returned with a strait razor and some shaving crème. He applied the crème to Ashalata’s already well trimmed bush and shaved her clean. Her cunt now clean shaven he began to tie her into different bondage positions. This continued for the next several hours as time passed the drugged haze look I had seen on her face Friday night returned. She was tied over saw horses, chained from the ceiling, and every other conceivable position.

The bondage shoot lasted for hours as she was left tied in different positions to squirm and wiggle in pain. I fell asleep exhausted from the ordeals of the weekend. I woke up to the sounds of our four year old telling me she was hungry Monday morning. Thankfully I had placed the photos back in the envelope and the tape had ended.

I fixed her some breakfast and called in sick to work for both myself and Ashalata. I checked on Ashalata she was still sleeping soundly where I had left her. I lifted the sheet and looked at her cunt, sure enough it was shaved clean. I showered and dressed, next I hid the tapes and the envelope not sure how Ashalata would react to seeing them again. I got our daughter ready and took her to preschool. Returning home I worked to wake up Ashalata, groggily she awoke. I began weeping and telling her how sorry I was. She said nothing and simply got up and took a shower. She returned and I continued to offer my apologies to her. Finally she said “How could you? You should have told me. You let that man use me. You knew I would never do a threesome.” I was surprised I thought she would be angrier than that. But as she continued to talk it became obvious she had no memory of anything after Nate had taken her.

We sat and cried for hours I told her how sorry I was. She told me she was sorry for continuing her online affair. As tactfully as possible I tried to find out what she did remember from the weekend. She continued to tell me she remembered nothing past Friday and how Nick fucked her.

Make no mistakes she was seriously pissed at me and angry at me for my mistake. But over the next three weeks things had returned to almost some since of normalcy. I had hidden the videos and photos deciding it was for the best that if Ashalata didn’t know what happened to her that weekend then I should know no more than I already did. Although we hadn’t had sex since then I had convinced Ashalata to let me sleep in the bed with her.

After three weeks it seemed like our marriage might be okay. Ashalata had been tested and was free of any STD’s. Fortunately for me her period had started and I was able to breath a large sigh of relief.

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