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October 20, 2018

A Husband’s Mistake, A Wife’s Nightmare – Ch 2

A Husband’s Mistake, A Wife’s Nightmare – Ch 2

Chapter 2

I sat bound to the chair, gagged and horrified as I watched one of the two men who had entered earlier begin to untie my wife Ashalata. She was totally out of it an effect of the stuff Nick had injected in her earlier. Now free she just lay on the bed Nick’s cum still pooled on her face. Nick now finished dressing went to the restroom while the other man opened the door to the hotel room.

There I sat helpless in our hotel room door wide open the broken remains of the rooms phone still lying on the floor from where Nick had broken it across my skull. My beautiful wife lying half naked on the bed drugged for the world to see and the whole despicable scene being filmed by these two thugs.

Nick returned from the restroom and reaching into one of the duffle bags pulled out a brown paper sack, dumping the sacks contents on the table. There must have been 50 condoms of all types on the table. Then to my horror four more men walked into the quickly filling room. Three of the men where large and very black the other was a young and stringy white kid. Nick talked with them for several minutes on the other side of the room. I was unable to hear what was said but I could see Nick wave his hand at Ashalata, then me then the rubbers. They all began to laugh and even glanced my way to laugh some more.

The hotel room door was pushed mostly closed giving the men a small amount of privacy. The men moved into position around Ashalata The largest of the black men stood at her head the others just stood as if waiting for a signal. The large black man reached out and began to grope her breast. He mauled her breast so viscously that even in her drugged state she screamed in pain. Hearing her scream he gripped her teddy and ripped it from her body, using it he wiped Nick’s cum from her face.

They others took this as some type of signal and began groping her body also. The leader of this little group then began lightly slapping Ashalata’s face from one side to the other before he dropped his trousers. He wore no underwear and sported a huge cock it was easily twice the size of my member and at least twice as long. Ashalata’s mouth now open in protest to his slapping her, he thrust his prick deep into her mouth. In his first thrust he had sunk his prick all the way in. He had Ashalata’s nose buried in his pubic hair. I knew he wouldn’t enjoy the BJ Ashalata gave lousy head it was terrible. As I watched him thrust his dick deep into her throat I realized he wasn’t after a blow job he was raping her throat. Her actions in the process where of no importance to him, only the warmth of her throat mattered.

Nick had taken a seat next to me as he decided the action in front of me needed play by play analysis. “I was really hoping those where real pictures of your wife you sent me. Boy are you lucky they where. The last bitch I had up here had sent me some photos she must have found on the net or something. Any way I lined up my guys like I did for your wife here. $200.00 bucks a piece to screw her and when she gets her she’s a total dog. Well needless to say the fella’s where pissed. Hell I don’t think that bitch is walking upright to this day” He said with a laugh. “But you don’t have to worry about that your wife’s all that and a little more. The guys really like her. Hell look at Tony over there giving her a throat fucking she’ll never forget. I’m telling you know she’s going home with some bruises though, the guy’s just can’t keep there hands of that hot little body of hers.

I sat and watched as the one Nick had called Tony had pulled from Ashalata’s mouth and now positioned at her open cunt he rammed his dick home. As Ashalata began to lift up from this new invasion of her body another black man rammed his dick into her now empty mouth. “Now there’s a sight for you, your wife getting it from both ends. I bet she’s loving every minute of it.” He said. I began trying to protest, tell him he’s wrong but all that came through the gag in mouth was a muffled noise. Nick just looked at me and laughed.

As I watched my wife the women I loved getting pounded by two complete strangers. Men neither of us had ever met before this night, using her as only I had ever used her before. Myself unable to help her and Ashalata drugged and unable to defend herself. She looked so beautiful lying in only her garter belt and hose, hose no stretched and filled with holes. I found my self erect and aroused; it was both frightening and erotic all at the same time.

Tony Moaned loudly announcing to the room as he shot his black seed into her womanhood. He made several more thrust into her before withdrawing from her know well filled cunt. Tony leaned over to me and said. “Wow! Look at that cum dripping out of your wife. Boy I sure hope that bitch is on the pill. I offered the guy’s condoms and told them it was up to them doesn’t look like well have many takers does it.”

I watched in amazement as the next man inserted his now hard dick into Ashalata’s dripping cunt. Tony now exhausted dressed and gave Nick a high five on the way out the door. The second black man who had taken Tony ‘s place at Ashalata’s mouth finally erupted down her throat. Ashalata never having swallowed any cum before and not expecting it began to choke and gargle on the liquid shot down her throat. As she convulsed and gagged the man in her cunt began to blow his load in her cunt. The two healthy loads of cum that had filled her cunt now dripping from her legs the skinny white guy leaned down between her legs and began eating the cum from her now stretched pussy.

Just as the sick little freak had finished he being the last of the four original attackers four more men entered the room. Once again Nick went over to the other side of the room and spoke to them as he had the first group. He returned to his seat next to me just as the last of the original four men left the room. “I schedule four guys an hour that gives um fifteen minutes a piece. It works out best that’s about the most a girl can handle.” Nick told me.

The men wasted no time and Ashalata put up no fight as they ravished her body. All the men in this group used her only for a screw each one using her mouth and cunt for their gratification. They finished right on time and where replaced by another four. The procedure was the same as before Nick spoke with them for a few minutes and motioned at Ashalata, then me to a laugh from the men and then the condoms on the table. At least one of this group used a condom but when he finished he dumped its contents down her throat. One of this group had also blew his load giving Ashalata’s breast a tity fuck as Nick put it. This went on with the next group of men then the next and next.

The worst part of the evening for me was definitely listening to Nick’s commentary as he described each despicable act in great detail to my captive ears. Ashalata never seemed to come out of her drugged stupor as the evening drug on. I had watched my young and innocent wife taken by over thirty men in a six hour period that night. The only time she was not being taken was when the men needed to change video tapes in the cameras.

When it appeared to end Nick got up and talked with his film crew they all laughed and congratulated each other. Nick returned to me as the men began to pack up their equipment.

“I just want to thank you for the best present anyone’s ever given me before. God you’re a stupid mother fucker. But I hope you understand what I’m about to tell you. You’re wife’s going to do some more business for me and if you both cooperate with me I’ll have her home safe and sound by Monday morning. You know just a little worse for wear.” He laughed at his horrible joke thinking he was funny. ‘But if you call the cops or anyone else about this I can promise you you’ll never see the bitch again. I’ll turn her into a crack whore and have her working a corner in some city where you’ll never find her.”

As he spoke the men behind him began to wrap Ashalata up in a blanket. “Just remember if you think about calling the cops. I’ll kill her and make sure everyone knows you sold her of to some pimp. Imagine having to raise your daughter alone after you have her mother killed.” I watched as one man threw Ashalata over his shoulder and the other grabbed their duffle bags and walked unceremoniously out of the room.

Watching Ashalata being carried out I renewed my struggles trying to free myself and save her. Nick Just laughed and said. “Just remember NO COPS! Thanks.” Then he pulled something from behind his back and hit me square in the jaw.

I woke up about 2:00 P.M. Saturday afternoon. I found my self still gagged but no longer tied in the chair, but lying on the cum stained floor of the room. As I got to my feet I removed the tape from my head slowly trying futilely to reduce the pain as the taped pulled my hair out. When I had finally gotten the tape off my head I found I had been gagged with Nick’s underwear. I immediately went for the phone finding it still broken in two and stained with my blood. I then began to remember what Nick had warned me. I fell to my knees and cried for hours what had I done.

Finally I got up and tried to clean myself, the blood had dried on my face and I had bruises on my chest. The cut on my head could have taken a couple of stitches but it was to late now. I showered for over an hour trying to come up with some plan of action. I could think of nothing to do I was without a hope. In a vain attempt I spent most of the evening driving around the small little town hoping to find my wife. I returned to the motel room early Sunday morning and cried myself to sleep. I was woken on Sunday by house keeping telling me it was checkout time. I loaded the car checked out and drove around the little town some more hoping to spot Ashalata. Finally out of time I headed back to our town to pick up our daughter.

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