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October 17, 2018

A Dream Came True Part 4

A Dream Came True Part 4

“I’ll bet,” mom replied staring at Manish’s still-hard cock. I didn’t fully realize it then, but my own mom was a size-queen! Wishing to take advantage of the moment, Mummy asked Manish if he’d like to fuck her. I was a little surprised but Manish said “Yeah!” and jumped to his feet. As I moved out of the way, Manish got between Mummy’s legs, and now knowing what to do, aimed his larger cock at mom’s very wet cunt. As he entered, they both moaned in unison. Sudipa aunty and I watched as her son fucked my mother. And they were both loving it! I had a hard cock of my own and seeing that I was just standing there with nothing to do but watch, I glanced at Sudipa aunty who smiled, spread her legs, and nodded her head like “aaa na, ho to geya sob kuch…..ab keya sarmana”. All of a sudden I felt a whole lot better! Two could play at that game! Time to fuck your mom, too!

I got in-between my Sudipa aunty’s legs and lowered my body down on top of her. She didn’t need to guide me home as I now knew what to do. I smiled at Sudipa aunty who smiled back. I then slid my dick into her well-soaked snatch as Sudipa aunty held me. I then fucked Sudipa aunty with wild-abandon, loving this pussy-go-round in our mom’s hotel room. As I thrust away in Sudipa aunty’s cunt, I could hear mom crying out as Manish pounded his ample cock in and out of her cunt. As Sudipa aunty held me, she lifted her body up to meet my thrusts, giving back what I gave her. With each thrust of my cock, Sudipa aunty cooed in my ear. I started kissing her cheek, and uncontrollably I moved my lips to hers and began kissing Sudipa aunty. She seemed surprised but responded to my kisses with her tongue. It must have seemed weird; a teenage boy passionately kissing his forty-three year-old friends mother, while his young cock pounded in and out of her mature cunt, but we were exchanging all sorts of fluids, from our tongues and saliva, to my precum leaking into her cunt. While we were lost in our own ecstasy, mom and Manish were really fucking up a storm.

“Harder, Manish! Harder!” Mom screamed as Manish grunted like an animal as he fucked mom. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” mom cried, as she came.
Meanwhile, as I thrust away, nearing orgasm, Sudipa aunty dropped her hands to my asscheeks and turning away from our kisses, began moaning loudly. She was pulling me into her as if using my body to fuck herself as she, too, neared orgasm. As I groaned loudly, wildly, I couldn’t hold out any longer and unloaded deep into Sudipa aunties cunt. As I continued to thrust away, Sudipa aunty gasped that she was cumming and continued gasping as my thrusting cock gave her the last drop I had.

After a moment of trying to catch our breath, Manish and I removed out sweaty bodies from our sweaty Mummy’s. Manish collapsed in-between our moms while I fell at everyone’s feet.
“You boys are good, aren’t they Sudipa?” mom said.
“Definitely,” Sudipa aunty replied as she felt her cum-soaked pussy by her hand.
“Well, how do you guys like the world of sex?” mom asked us.
Manish and I laughed. “Pretty good,” he said. I agreed. As we rested a bit, we talked about little things, but with two teenaged boys in the same room with two naked women lying in one bed, little things soon became big things!
“You want more, huh?” mom snickered. We laughed. Emboldened, Manish and I took hold of our cocks and started pumping them. Yeah, we wanted more! Our moms laughed with dancing eyes. They wanted more, too.

“Let’s try this,” mom said. She then told me to step forward and sitting up, she took hold of my cock and brought it to her mouth. She got it all slick, and then removing my cock from her mouth, got up on the bed, on all fours, turned to me and said “Get behind me and inch your way up my rear end.”
WHAT? Manish and I were shocked. Could you do that? Even Sudipa aunty seemed surprised.

“Go on, kosis kor ke dekh na. Agar ho jata hai to bohut maje korenge hum log” mom told me. “Work it up my gannd. Just go slowly.” As I got behind mom, I spread her luscious ass cheeks and saw that tiny, pink, puckered hole. It was quite a contrast compared with her gaping, used cunt. As I placed my cock head at her opening, I almost dreaded putting it in because I was afraid I’d hurt her. But as I pushed in, I got the cock head in and slowly I inched my way inside her anus. It was hot but tight, real tight, compared with her cunt. I liked it!

Realizing all was well, Manish turned to his mom and asked if he could put his cock up her ass, too. Sudipa aunty didn’t seem too willing, but mom said “Let’s teach them everything!” Sudipa aunty relented and moved herself next to mom and got on all fours for her son to fuck her ass.
“Easy Manish, easy!do this with extreme care other wise I could get heart ” she admonished him, fearing his excitement would be anything but for her!

Meanwhile, I was now banging away in mom’s ass, holding her by the waist and hips, grinding my cock as deep up her anal tract as I could go.
“Oh yeah!” mom moaned. “Mmmm, yeah!” I was actually surprised. She really liked this! But so did I, so I kept on fucking, grunting my own pleasure. Mom reached down under her and started playing with her clit, rubbing it hard, and moaning harder while I continued to thrust my cock in and out. At the same time, Sudipa aunty had relaxed and was starting to enjoy the ass fuck she was getting from Manish large cock. Both Manish and I began to time our thrusts so that we fucked in and out in unison. It was like a game but it was fun, causing us to giggle as we slid our cocks in and out of our moms’ assholes.

“Stop! Both of you!” mom said, breaking our rhythm. She then told us to switch places. Wow! Manish and I thought. Mom sure was kinky! Sudipa aunty said nothing as Manish pulled out of her. As I pulled my dick out of mom’s ass, I was really intrigued by the sight of her anal opening spread wide apart from my cock. Manish and I, with our soiled, hard cocks bobbing in the air, scampered to change places. When I got behind my aunt’s up-turned tail,
I noticed her anal opening spread really wide thanks to Manish’s girth. I also became aware of the contrast between my mom’s full, fleshy asscheeks and pink opening, with that of Sudipa aunty’s darker, slimmer cheeks, and even darker, brown opening, and brown yet dripping clit. Sudipa aunty had been enjoying her anal fuck after all.

A little afraid of disapproval by Sudipa aunty, I touched her tentatively as I placed my not-so pink anymore cockhead against the brown opening. I entered slowly feeling her heat. She didn’t mind any of this at all, I figured, so I shoved in to the root. Then I started fucking, building up my own rhythm. I held her waist as I thrust in and out faster and faster, really beginning to love the feeling of my cock in her ass. At that moment I knew that anal sex was to become my favorite. As I continued fucking Sudipa aunty, I noticed her right cheek was laying flat on the bed, and I saw a glazed look in her left eye, as her mouth was open, licking her lips while cooing again, with each thrust of my cock, just like when I fucked her cunt. This gave me more confidence as I banged her harder and faster, trying to get as much pleasure as I could and happy that I was giving Sudipa aunty pleasure, too. So much so that Sudipa aunty began playing with her clit while I fucked her brown hole, her cooing growing louder along with my groaning, both of us nearing orgasm.
While Sudipa aunty only moaned, my mom was a bit more vocal.

“Oh, yes! Fuck my ass!” she cried out to Manish. “Oooohhhh, I love your big cock up my ass! Make me cum!” Manish was frantically pounding mom’s butt, and the sight of his long, thick brown dick, going in and out of her pink anus was quite a sight. Her clit was distended and dripping as she was cumming yet again. It turned me on so much that I grabbed Sudipa aunty’s hips and really started putting it to her, thrusting harder and faster, determined to fuck her ass off. Sudipa aunty began crying out and then let out a yelp and a gasp.

“Ahh, ahh, ahh!” she cried. “Oohh! Oohh! Oooohhhh!” Sudipa aunty shook a little as she came, and feeling on the verge of cumming again, I wildly thrust in and out a few more times before letting out a yell and shooting my sperm as deep up Sudipa aunty’s ass as it would go. I then noticed Manish, holding my mom’s waist real tight to him and he just stood there not humping at all but with his dick buried all the way up her ass. I saw his sweaty face, flushed with ecstasy and I knew then that he was unloading everything he had up mom’s ass.

Totally drained, Manish and I pulled our cocks out of our friends mom’s assholes, and again I was intrigued by the sight of a wide-open asshole. Sudipa aunty’s was a fabulous sight! As mom and Sudipa aunty collapsed on the bed, mom told us to go in the bathroom and clean up. When we reentered the room, mom said “You boys learned real fast, tonight!”
“You’re not kidding!” Sudipa aunty replied.

It was getting late and our mom’s were drunk and tired, wanting only to take a nice, hot bath and go to sleep. Manish and I were rather disappointed.
“Can we do it again tomorrow?” I asked. Sudipa aunty just looked away like I had to be kidding.
“bad me sochenge, avi tum log jao” We hugged our moms goodnight, all of us saying “Thank you,” and “I love you.” At that moment we really did.
Later in our room, Manish and I replayed the highlights of the evening: “I loved getting my cock sucked on; What did you like better, fucking a cunt or asshole?; Your mom’s cunt was SO WET!; I know, and your mom’s asshole was GREAT!” We slept real good!


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