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October 20, 2018

A Cloud Nine Day With Colleague Indira

A Cloud Nine Day With Colleague Indira

In the starting of 2013 i think around Feb, one female member has joined our team and let me tell about her, she might be around 28-30 max, just married in 2012 October, and she is fair, long haired, very sexy eyes, juicy pink lips and apple cheeks and hers stats are 34-30-36, nobody can take their eyes away from her, specially that shining body with one sight.

Hi myself Rahul of age 26, 5’6”ht with slim body working in one of the mnc in Bangalore, i have been reading iss since 3-4 years and almost read most of the starred stories. Today it’s a time to pen down my own story which happened 6 month back.

Coming to this story, since i am a working in mnc it’s common to have late night works and also sometime night out in office, and off course i was a favorite for my T.L.

In the starting of 2013 i think around Feb, one female member has joined our team and let me tell about her, she might be around 28-30 max, just married in 2012 October, and she is fair, long haired, very sexy eyes, juicy pink lips and apple cheeks and hers stats are 34-30-36, nobody can take their eyes away from her, specially that shining body with one sight.

Since she was a new to team, i was a buddy to her, who has to teach her the work and processes. And casually i started my training daily for 1-2hr, and she used wear a sexy dresses which used to grab my attention in between, but she was never aware about that.

And she stays in BTM layout which is very near to me i stay in Mico layout, sometime she used to ask me for pick up to office, whenever she missed cab.

As day goes she was picking up the things fast, for every doubts she used to call me and even when she works from home she used to call me and one fine day my T.L appreciated her for good work and she in turn told thanks to me for my help.

I: replied only thanks????

She: what else u need?

I: party.

She: ok…. Let me know what u want??

I: a Hyderabad Bavarchi biriyaani..

She: wow it’s my favorite too.

I: ok then when can we go??

She: tomorrow.

I: okay..

Next day she wore white formal shirt and a black pant, she was looking very hot. Some reason she forgot to put the 2nd button and which was giving me a nice view of her white boobs and of course catching my eyes.

We both started to hotel on my bike, she was sitting very close to me, which was making me harden.


We reached hotel and ordered biriyaani and had nice time together and in between she told, i prepare very nice biriyaani, then immediately i said when u can get it to me?

She told this weekend mostly i will prepare why can’t u join; i was in blue moon and said definitely.

Coming Saturday she directed me to her house and as soon as i entered, was in shock to see her wearing sleeveless, velvet nighty,

I asked for anybody in home she told her in laws in stations and her husband has taken them to Bannerghatta zoo and she stayed back for cooking.

I was happy as well as worried as me only with her in her home????

I was sitting in hall and a nice smell was coming from kitchen so i went there, where she has bent forwards to pick something showing her ass towards me and with that view i was getting hard on, but controlled, and suddenly she stood up and turned towards me in force to see me and asked what r u doing her, i said biriyaani smell got me here, she said antee na (meaning: that’s the only reason)? I said no…. Actually i was getting bored so came here to see u. And you’re looking too good today… 🙂

She blushed and told… Thanks…. And continued with her work…

I asked her shall i help her in cooking, She said no u just wait outside.. After forcing she said ok…

And during the help i was getting nice view of her body and sometime her bare boobs whenever she bends,,,

When i was staring at her boobs she just caught me and asked what r u looking at????

I was in shock….. And scared tooo…. And blabbereed with small voice…. Nothing……

She said i know what u r looking at…. I said yes ur night is nice and i was seeing it….. 🙂 She said outside the nighty or inside the nighty…. I was struck in….. Then took courage and told both…. See just said saalaaa chup and pushed me out… And started to work,,,,, i could not bear the sensation words from her and went in and grabbed her from back….

She was resisting and telling heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy what r u doing????? I said nothing Indu just hugging u…But my hard cock was touching her ass crack which made her hot and she said… Plz da leave me.. I need to cook… I asked are u sure…..?????????

She again said saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaaaa…… And turned towards me and kissed my lips so hard that i was unable to breathe…. I was like woooowoooomooooo and caught her head and started smooching passionately…

I was just sucking those lovely juicy lower lips and upper lip in alternatively…. And she was doing the same… I just pushed me tongue inside her and rolled it to touch her teeth and played with her tongue and she started sucking my tongue slowly and passionately….. Our saliva was flowing through sides of our mouth and i just loved the scene and it continued for at least 30 mins in kitchen…

I broke the kiss and started kissing and licking her cheeks, then nose, ear lobes and then neck and started pressing her hips in parallel to lick.

She was really doing some sounds like hmmmmmmmm haaaaa, yeeeeee entiiiiiiii plzzzzzz haaaaaa auchhhhhh ammooooooo…… Areyyyyyyyyyyyy hmmmmmmm.

I was removed her night zip and pushed my mouth inside to lick as much of the boobs as i can…. And i that position we slowly started moving to bed room which was just beside it…

And as soon as her led touched the cot she just fell on the bed and i started moving her night upwards till thighs and licked her thighs and nighty was moving up and up and my tongue was just following it.. She was really going mad with this and was moaning like…. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…….. Hmmmmmmm haaaaa haaaaaaa daaaaaaaaaaaaaa…… Tatko lyak potunnan raaaaa…….(not able to control)… I was really shocked to hear Telugu…. Even though she was not from Andhra…

Then i reached panty and just licked side walls of inner thighs and everything beside pussy and i could see the panty getting wet and nice smell was coming and she just held my head and said… Saalaaa remove the panty and suck meeee……

But i knew how to tease her and was moved to belly button to circulate my tongue there and then moved nighty till neck and could see boobs with bra… And started pressing them and slowly unhooked the bra and started pressing both and pinching and caressing with my tongue on her nipple just licking with tongue… Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa she was going mad…… And was telling me to suckkk it mannnnnn,,,,,, plz da….. Suck it da……..Kind of begs but i wanted her to enjoy so was just teased her and removed nighty completely and now she was naked with only panty and i just started to suck her boobs so badly as of i am sucking her blood… She was like suck it ha ha ha ha mmmmmmm ammmaaaa do it buddy……….. Abbooooo suck me hard…… Ha ha ha…… And suddenly she slaps me and told suck hard u bastard and i was doing the same and then stopped for a bit and moved to pussy and removed panty to see the heaven….. It was so well trimmed pussy shining with juices and just separated her pussy lips and licked each petal separately and the central flower bud…. To which she was jumping and screaming ha ha ha ha ha ammmaaaaaa suck me….. U bastard … Don’t stop….. Tear it babyyyyy……. And i just put my finger in her and started moving very slowly, she started oozing her juicers’ and i was just drinking it….. And completed face was full of juices and after 5 min i got up and kissed her to make her taste her juice and she just loved it….

She got up removed my t-shirt and started sucking my nipple so nicely that with that only i would have come….. And then bite my body and removed my jeans and boxer in one shot and took my cock in her hand started stroking and moved my foreskin back ward and licked the tip….. Mann it was awesome…. And she just started rolling her tongue over my penis and made it totally full of saliva and started giving me a mind blowing blow job and during that she was caressing me balls… I was like … Hmmmm ahaaaaa suck me baby….. Hha haaa haaaa …..Oooooo and i have to surrender to her skill by emptying myself into her mouth……. with loud moan…..

We just relaxed side by side with only smooching for 10 min then cock was ready for 2nd round and i just made her lay on bed, spread her legs and took the position and started rolling my cock on her pussy and she said saaaalaaa push to inside otherwise i will kill u…………….. And i just pushed it and i slipped like… Buchakkkk abd i started giving small strokes and she was moaning slowly ike ha ha ha ha ha ha do it…. Hmmmm and all and then i started banging her about she was opening her eyes widely and moaning little bigger like…. Yes yes yes…… Do it …… Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm dont stop….. Plllllllllllllllllllllll dont stop ………… And i dont know she was like kind of crying………Ammmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hoooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooo plz dont stop………………. Ha ha ha ha…………….Pach pach pach ahmmmmmmmmmmmmm………. Fuck me fuck me fuck me…………. Yes yes yes yes yes yes mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…… And i was about come and i asked her she said d it inside… But don’t stop. And……. The finally…… She came first and i came just 2 sec later than her……..And the juice from her pussy started oozing and she closed her eyes and i just slept on her for 5 min…………………

The she got up and saw the time.. It was 4:30 and she said sala we enjoyed for 2 hrs….. And we went to bath room and got fresh and i had biriyaani and left the place by smooching her…. Later she texted me that her husband and in law reached at 6:30pm……

That was awesome time we had in our lifetime….. After that till now we never got such a time to encounter…. Let’s see…



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