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October 17, 2018

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Sapna In The Kitchen

She pressed her hands against her hips and thrust her breasts forward and asked – “kya dekh rahe ho sahab, andar nahi aane doge aap?” and she smiled seductively. I moved to the side and she had to squeeze in thru the narrow doorway, which is when i realized the tent my hard dick had created and further reduced the space. Sapna saw my dick and smiled and asked as she was crossing the doorway face to me, with her belly button now touching my crotch thru the towel – “kya saahab, memsaheb ghar pe nahi yaaa….” and she let her question trail. I muttered that my wife was sleeping inside, to which Sapna asked even more shamelessly “kyon, bahut thak gayin kya kal raat? Lagta hai aap unhe sone hi nahi dete honge”… And she gently pushed against my crotch as though trying to enter the room, and opened her mouth and let out a tiny gasp of realization of my crotch hitting her belly button while she stared right into my eyes with her big brown eyes.

Exploring With An Innocent Neighbour

As we were neighbours we didn’t have much of a problem. She said she wanted to kiss me first. We decided to meet when everyone slept near our compound wall. It was my first time my first kiss with a girl. I went there and was waiting for her, she came and oh boy she was shivering with fear and I decided to make her okay. I gave her a tight hug and said everything is going to be okay and then gave her a forehead kiss and she smiled at me, then we kissed each other and it was totally a heavenly feel.

Trip Gone Wild – Part 1

main usse kafi time takk nhi mili thi or thora excited bhi thi because we always use to flirt with each other and I also had a crush on him. Vo jab aaya humare yaha tab mai hairan Ho gai thi usse dekh kar. Vo pehle se jada fit or built-up lag rha tha or thora tan bhi. My dad and he shared a hug. Vo bahar car mai saman rakh rhe the or bhai Nitin dad ki help kar rhe the. Mom me mujhe rooms lock karne ko bola issliye main usse us time mil nhi Pai.

The Trap – Beginning

Without boring you all much let me tell you about this story. I was 21 then in January 2011. It was last year of mine in graduation. As per the society I was a very polite, gentle and a very Sanskari type of girl. Our college had arranged for an industrial visit to Nashik a place approx. 250 kms from Mumbai. We had 2 buses – 1 for the guys and 1 for the girls. We were put up in lavish Sula Vineyards Resort. It was a 2 night trip. The first night we reached the resort, freshened up and had our dinner and slept.

Buying panties with mom

My worst fear (or, at least, the beginning of my worst fear) came true. She didn’t immediately respond. The sales girl simply stood there for a while, not leaving us alone, or even backing up, and not paying any attention to anyone except us. It’s just that she was thinking the situation over, and it was obvious what she was thinking. All three of us knew it was obvious, and all three of us knew that when she said something in response, it was going to be her decision. I didn’t feel turned on at this point. I felt like everyone was about to find out the truth, and even when you’re thousands of miles from home, and no one at home is going to know the real truth, because it can’t pass that far, at least some people are going to look at you and know your secret. I figured the secret was out. As it turned out, it wasn’t. The girl finally smiled, not in a perky, fake way, but in a genuinely warm fashion, and she said to both of us, “Sure. I’d be happy to find something that suits your son perfectly.”

Mami Ka Handsfree Blowjob

Meri Renuka mami 36-26-38 hogi. Kale lambe bal. Gora rang. Halki brown aakhe. Total bomb item hai. Vaise mai suru se hi mami ke gahr jata raha hu aur kabhi unhe vaisi nazar se nahi dekha. Par is bar pata nahi kya hua jaise hi mai mami ke ghar pahucha aur bell bajaye to mami ne darvaja khola aur ek dum se unke bade bade boobs mujhe dikh gaye. Unke boobs mano blouse ko phade dal rahe ho. Mai thodi der to bas unke boobs hi dekhta raha. Unka clevage itna bada tha mano chut ka kam kare. Mera lund thoda thoda khada hone laga. Accha hua mai haat me bag pakde tha to maine usse apna tent chupa liya. Peche se mummy aa gayi aur boli ,”are Renuka ye kya hal bana rakha hai.” Mami boli ,”kuch nahi didi bas kapde dhul rahi thi.”

My Horny Maid Pankaja

Then i came back to room and started to see some hot scenes in my pc and i feel excited and removed my boxer and started to shagging my tool and i was watching the hot scenes in my desktop and having great pleasure suddenly Pankaja came in without knocking the door i was shocked and she saw my cock and also the hot scenes in my desktop and she also shocked and i was shouted like a hell to her and she said sorry i was in angry i told to get out of my room. Den i went my boxer and shut down my computer i feel bad for my maid and felt sorry for her because i never shouted her like this before.

Sex With My Neighbour Aunty

I was very much involved in masturbating that I dint notice someone coming to the balcony and suddenly opened the bathroom door which I forgot to close. It was Purnima aunty and she was shocked to see me masturbating keeping her inners in my hand. I quickly put my penis inside and left those inners and came out and went to the hall and sat on the sofa. Purnima came and asked me seriously that was I doing in the bathroom. I dint utter a single word and maintained silence.

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