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October 17, 2018

Archives for April 2018

Shadi Se Pahale Aur Shadi Ke Baad

Ek din mera ki saheli ne uske boyfriend ko mera se milvaya. mera thodi sharma rahi thi kyu ki usne kabhi kisi ladke se chupkar mulakat nahi ki. who dono jhadi ke piche apna game khelne lage aur mera ko pahara dene ke liye kaha. Mera dekh rahi ti ki koi aa to nahi raha hai. Dono ke sex conversation se mera ki uttejana badhne lagi, par who kya karti. mera ne dekha ki do ladkiya use raste se chal rahi hai. mera bhagkar jhadi ke piche gayi ye kahane ke liye ki koi aaraha hai. mera ne dekha ki uski saheli apne boyfriend ka lund chus rahi hai. Mera aankhe phad phad kar dekhne lagi.

Accidental Sex With Mother

Me could not believe the situation and didn’t know how to react. I pretended sleeping. Mean time father climaxed and both exchanged good night wishes. To my surprise father slept in his bed and mother came to sleep with me in my bed. My cock was completely erected. Both of them slept immediately, but i could not sleep and started masturbating. Mother was snoring just inches away from me. She was straight from the fuck and was wearing only a transparent nighty of knee length only. She was facing away from me and her ass was completely facing me. I got very nervous and tried to touch her, slowly touched my finger to her sexy ass, slowly moved my finger. There was no reaction as she was in sound sleep. I managed to keep my trembling hands to her ass cheeks and rub it.

Neighbor Aunty Is Hungry For Sex With Me

Me bhopal me flat rent p lekar frnds k saath rahta ho ..Kuch dino se me bore ho raha tha kyuki colge band the due to election so mostly time me room par hi rahta tha. 1 day mere neighbour ki aunty ne mujse pocha ki kuch dino se tum colge nahi jaa rahe ho ,mrng me room par hi dekhte ho..Toh meine unko reason batya ki election chal rahe hai. . Toh aunty ne pocha kya tum meri daughter ko tuition,usko es bar 10th me hai..Or usko computer subject ki prepartion bahut kharb hai. Es par unne muje pay karne k liye bhi kaha.. Toh me ready ho gya.

Unexpected Sex With Aunty – Part I

Let me introduce to the lady. She was tall I think 5.7” with nice structure 38-34-36. One thing I can’t believe is she was mother two children. Her Husband was Govt. employee. So in couple of days I become very friendly with their kids. Soon aunt and uncle were also become close and asked me not go to PG and I can stay with them. First I don’t have any kind of bad feelings. I was liking their family so I agreed for that as children become very close to me.

Hot Punjabi Kusum Aunty

Next day in evening I was going in my car and saw kusum aunty walking on roadside.I stopped my car near her “aunty kahan ja rahi ho kaho to chod dun” she said”nahin beta main chalijaungi bus se tujhe late hoga”i wanted her badly to sit in car”nahin aunty main chor deta hun baithjaiye abhi bus bhi late aigi”she thought a while and accepted.Kusum”thanks sunny”phir maine dekha uske bade boobs mano phat ke bahar ane ko betab the maine bola”aunty kal aap mummy se kya baat kar rahi thi?”kusum “kuch nahin sunny bas hamara ghar ke liye kuch ruppe ki zaroorat thi”i knew everything and just pretended on how much she needed and all that.

Brother Lusts Sister

Now come to the story which is my life time experience and i hope and pray to god for all of you out there to fulfill your dream of fucking your dream girl. My sister was a normal girl with normal stats with brotherly love towards me, I never had any bad intentions or anything as such until I started reading ISS, my view toward her changed completely, I used to stare at her from the corner of my eyes whenever got the opportunity and I realized how sexy my sister is .she is hot sexy fucking beautifully. i just used to watch her and jerk off thinking of her .this went on for many days, months, years and there is an end to everything so I reached to an end.

Dubai Ka Maal India Me

Fir next sunday wo aayi or mujh dekh ke khus ho gayi or usne mujhe hug kar liye jo mere liye unexpected tha par iss unexpected surpris se me khus ho gaya or mujhe uske soft soft boobs fell hue or me us movment ka maza lene laga fir hum alag hue or bate karne lage fir mom ne kaha pehle tum fresh ho jao fir gape marna fir mene uska saman gest room me rakh diya jo mer room ke bagal me hi tha fir raat ko khana khane ke baad hum gape marne lage wo mujhe canada ki life ke bare me bata rahi thi or me sun raha tha usne ek broad neck wala top dala tha bato bato me mera dhyan subah ki baat pe gaya or meri nazar uske boobs pe chali gayi jo uske top se jhak rahe the or uski nazar mere pe pad gayi or usne kaha tu sun raha he na to mera dhyan waha se hata..Or me jhep gaya par usne aage jada react nahi kiya fir mene kaha tum aram kar lo thak gayi hogi or me gdnt keh ke aapne room me aa gaya..

My Unique Wedding Gift ~ My Sister

Ly in love with me and it was true as i knew her, she calmed down and we hugged and made love very passionately, she was very happy to get a very understanding husband and was taking care of me and all my needs since willingly let me fuck her ass and let me have her anal virginity instead as virginal was already taken by her bf.

Dost Ki Behen K Sath Sona

Or wo subha 8 baje se din k 1 baje tak vedios dekti rehe phir wo ane pene kithen me gae to mene socha ki ye bohot accha time hai aditi ko chodne ka or me v uske piche chala gaya or kithen me gaya uske bal kul rahe the or wosalbar kamij pahane thi mene usko peche se pakad liya or uske balo ko age ker liya wo boli oooooohhhh arfat ye kya ker rahe ho mene kaha pyar mere jaan usne bola per me tum se badi hu to mene bola k me uska pata nahi chale dunga ki tum mujse badi ho tum ko pura pyar dunga or phir ussko utha k room me le aya or phir usko bed per dal diya or ja ker room ka darbaja band ker diya or phir bed k taraf jane laga usne kaha me tum se badi hu mene kaha kon sa hum sadi kerne k liye maar rahe hai bus jab tak hum sath hai hum sex kerte hai phir mene usko pakad liya or uske uper leth gaya

Real Sex With Cousin Sister At Early Teenage

She was kicking and punching me over bed so i grabbed her from her soft waist and pulled her down on bed. She fell over me and i started playing with her. i Pulled her leg and thighs but all this was one sided and was not working. I got a plan. While she was kicking i purposely bent so that she could kick over my dick. She did it by mistake though her lovely feet did not hurt but i started pretending as if m kicked hard on my balls and fell over bed holding my dick.. She started sweating and blasted with 1000 times sorry.. After 2 mins i acted normal.. She begged sorry and den i said its ok and hugged her tightly. I felt her Breast over my chest for the first time and my penis became erect.. My 6 inch penis at that time was fully hard and i got little boner over my short.. I started flirting with her again and complained her “tune toh aaj mera main point tod diya” (you almost broke my main point) then she said omg is it paining? I said no but…? But what tell me.. (Now i got a chance to start a non-veg topic with her) .. You girls are safe cause you don’t’ have a main point. She smiled and said yes we don’t’ have. When we are younger it is very small but in our teenage it grows very big and it can hurt if kicked. She felt little shy and started blushing.. ohh really ?? How big? Very big i said.. You have heard of erection? Yes my friend told me but i couldn’t’ understand what it is? Tell me.. (i was very happy that she is curious to know about sex ). Boy’s main point is called penis and girls vagina.. Ya i know that.. So penis is usually soft and small but when boys are excited their penis grow longer thicker and harder … ohh really?? How big.. ? Mine is around 6 inches.. What? 6 inch that is a size of a measuring scale. You are lying it cannot be so big..! Yes it is my babes and i winked. Do you get erection.. ya still it is .. She laughed, but why it is erect now? Because a sexy hot chick kicked it with her sweet feet … sexy who me?? Yes you, very sexy! But how can you say that? Your figure everything is so big..i laughed … hawww don’t’ talk to me .. i am not fat i’ve got slim belly.. ya your belly is slim but other things are big .. She said what other things i am a girl i dun have a big penis you have: D … but how do you know it’s big?? Because i kicked it …. Now i almost lost my control and started fighting with her in fun … she kicked me again and paused.. omg i felt a rock inside .. Yes babes it is erect.. She saw over my shorts which were swelling … and started making fun of it … ohh look at that erect thing.. i warned her but she didn’t’ stop so i stated making fun of her boobs.. Look at those oranges in your bra.. ! She started feeling shy and we started fighting again… this time i couldn’t’ control and squeezed her boobs … before she could complain i said c i have got a big banana in my underwear and you have got two oranges in your vest..i was afraid if she will became angry but instead of that she grabbed my penis and pulled it .. How dare you i said and pulled her vest.. She was not wearing bra.. i saw her sweet round tits … i felt as if i ejaculated in my pants… she screamed and covered her boobs and slapped me in anger. She started crying and ask me to go away.. I was so scared. What if she tells about it to our parents..

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