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October 17, 2018

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Fantasies Came Real With Kanan Bhabhi – Part V

I said yeah I will come but I will come late. She smiled a bit and said “yeah you must be so tired……” That was a clear sign that she knew what happened last night. But still I asked “Bhabhi, why should be I tired?” She came close to me but to my bad luck my mom came then, she gave a naughty smile and said “ok see you in the college.”

Tarak Mehta Ka Sexy Chashma – Part 2

Madhwi sabse pehle jethalal ke yaha jati hai or kehti hai ki hum pure ghar wale marriage me jaa rahe hai isliye 3 din yaha nahi rahenge aisa wo sabhi ke ghar jaakar bol deti hai or popatlal ke yaha chupchap chali jati hai fir kya hona tha popatlal ne madhwi ko jam ke choda or madhwi bolti hai popatbhai kya aap meri ek ichcha puri karoge mujhe eksath 20 lund se chudna hai popatlal kehta hai thik hai mein aapke liye 20 lund kal lekar aaunga fir popatlal kal jaakar 20 ladko ko pakad lata hai or sabhi ladko se 1000 rs leta hai or madhwi ko sare ladke bari bari chodte hai fir sabhi ke lund lene ke baad madhwi thak jati hai or so jati hai madhwi ko itna maja aaj se pehle kabhi nahi aaya tha madhwi or popatlal 1 hi bistar par chipke hue soye hue the

Fantasies Came Real With Kanan Bhabhi – Part VI

She said that brother was not feeling well and he wants to sleep and relax so if I can get the medicine for him. I said no issues and told her that I will get that. Now my dirty mind was making new plans now. I went to my friends shop and got the same sleeping pills again. I went to my brothers room and asked him about his condition, Kanan bhabhi was also present there.

With My Hot And Sexy Sister

It was the summer holiday and our parents decided to go on holiday for a week. The first night, I went up to her room to see what she was doing. As I approached, I can hear sounds of sexual moans, and as I peeped from the little opening in her door, I saw her masturbating with a baseball bat. It looked as if she was pushing it all inside her. My cock got really hard and I started masturbating. She climaxed and screamed as she finished, and I ran down to my room. A few minutes later, she came and knocked on my door

Manu The Motherfucker Becomes Mom’s Husband

I had never thought of my mother as a sexual object until my girlfriend once remarked “Manu, your mother is a hot sexy woman. What does she do to keep her horny cunt in peace? Has she any man fucking her? I bet she has some man to fuck her” I got angry with Ria and said “Listen, my mother is a decent lady and does not fool around with men. And don’t ever talk about her in this dirty manner”

Mom Giving Bath To Me – Part I

I was shivering but i tried to control it. I was both nervous and excited at the same time. When she was applying soap on my thighs, my penis got hard and was trying to come out from the underwear. It was clearly visible but mom tried to ignore it. There was complete silence in the bathroom except the sound of water as we were not talking. We both knew that currently the conditions are very intense. Later on after applying soap she started rubbing all over my body, her soft hands on my body were driving me crazy. I was unable to control the excitement inside me. Anyhow i did it. Then she started cleaning me with water and after 2-3 mins finally she broke the silence and said that now u take ur bath and come out soon as i also have to take bath. I finally felt a bit relieved as she didn’t asked me to remove my underwear in front of her. Thanks to her that she understood me. After 5 mins i came out from the bathroom and went to my room. Later the whole day and night i was thinking abt this only and for the first time i thought to have sex with my mom. And best thing to approach her was to seduce her when she is giving me bath using my erect penis. So for the next 3 Saturday’s she gave me bath in the same manner and she got used to of seeing my erect cock in my underwear. Then another Saturday came when she was about to bath me for the 5th time. That day i didn’t woke up in the morning. At 10:30 again my mom came to woke me up and said now as i am free, I can give u bath.

Gulbarga Ke Big Bazar Ki Lift Main

Jaisa ke maine pahli story main bataya tha ke main electrician hun aur puc ka student hun meri height 5fit.9inch hai aur lund size 5lamba aur 1mota hai to baat kuch dino pahle ki hai main 18 year ka hone wala hun to mere ek frend ne mujhe gulbarga bulaya aur kaha ke aaja yaar thodi shopping karte hain

How I Made My Hot Jaya Aunty Mine – Part I

One day afternoon I went to her house. Her house was a two storey building with a terrace on top of it. . Her husband was sleeping in his room which was on the ground floor. When I went to the terrace in search of her she was washing her clothes. She usually wash her clothes on the washing stone on the terrace. She saw me and asked to help her washing.

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