Indian Sex Stories - Read your favourite desi, bhabhi, aunty, incest, wife, cheating, virgin, office, teacher, couple, gay, maid, servant, lesbian and virgin sex

Indian Sex Stories - Read your favourite desi, bhabhi, aunty, incest, wife, cheating, virgin, office, teacher, couple, gay, maid, servant, lesbian and virgin sex

Sex With Couple In Bangalore – Part II

Bangalore aa raha hai .train suru ho gaye train aoni rafter me chalne lagi. Kuch der batchit ki bad . humne kahne keliye order diya. Tabtak hum dono ache friends ho gaye the. Us businessman ka nam malik that. & usne apni sath ek magazine le ayatha . I thin us maigazine me kuch sex models & photos & kuch sexy storya thi . kaha na kane ke bad malik ne apna maigazine panda suru kiya.

Couple Ready For Sex

So I have come with my 1st story about wife swap and if any high class couple want to do wife swaping or want to hv group sex together or want me to have their sex company then please don’t hasitate to email me or add me in yahoo chat contact list so that v can chat easily, single girls can get me as well, coz I m very lonely in these days and still stuck in india, Young or newly married couple will be preffered coz we are newly married as well. this is my ID [email protected] thi is my real story anyway.

Untold Love -8 Daughter in Law is onboard

While lifting the sexy doll in a fully hugged position, my swollen meat pressed against her loin and her plump melons got crushed against my chest. The warm touch of her convulsing pussy and softly squeezed breast turned me on and my burly cock felt a spasm. I made her lie in my bed, switched on the fan and gently started rubbing the affected part of her thigh; while intentionally keeping my knee over her hip. “Papa please; press it gently” she squealed in pain. “Should I call the doctor, honey” I suggested but she refused as she was not in a position to change her wet dress. “Should I apply some balm”? I asked her and she agreed. I reluctantly lowered her pajamas a bit from one side, applied some lemon scented balm at my palm and started messaging her thigh mildly. “Honey; are you feeling okay?” I asked her after five minutes while still continuing a mild message. “A little bit papa jani” she replied. I moved her leg a bit but she squealed in pain. I continued rubbing her fleshy thigh from one side but the touch and the sight of her milky soft skin gave me a strenuous erection. “It is little below at my leg papa” she said and I started applying balm at her lower thigh. “My whole body is stiffened papa, I am feeling cold and pain in my shoulders as well” she further added. “Oh shit” I growled and immediately switched off the fan. “May be because of fan” I said and started pressing her shoulders; gradually moving my hands down her arms. Then I squeezed her hands and slowly started giving a mild message at her ribs. She closed her eyes and murmured “Papa my legs”. I moved my hands down and gently started pressing her thighs, legs, shins and her feet down to her toes. She closed her eyes and curled her toes as if her body was getting a soothing effect.“I can apply a little more balm if your body is still feeling stiff, papa ki doll” I asked and she nodded affirmatively. I lifted her shirt up shakily; and started giving her message at the back. My hands rolled up and down; gently stroking her back and then I pushed my fingers under the strap of her bra. She hissed as if feeling pleasure but I continued rubbing her back gently.

Bahu Ki Chudai – Part II

Mein usko bahu kehkar bulaata hoon aur woh mujhe pitaji kehti hain. Ramu ko kuch kaam se shehar jaana pada aur bas uske jaate hi bahu par meri buri nazar padni shuru huwi. Ramu ke jaate hi shyam ko bahu apne kamre mein so rahi thi aur karwat badalte huwe uska lehenga uski jhangho tak upar uth gaya tha. Meri nazar uspar padi to aise laga jaise laude mein nayi jaan aa gayi ho.

Rosalo Guder Chodon Khaoa – Part II

Bole ni borong hase response dichilo.rate khabar tablea masima porichoi koria dilo j ota sonur pisimar maye,mili 1st year a pore chutite aseche.ami ok dakhchilam-chouko moton much,tikalo nak,rong forsa,tustuse gal,maxi poe bose ache.mai dutir astito bes bojha gelo na.rba porechilo na seta patla maxir upor dia valoi dacha jahcilo.tak dakhe r sedin valo kore khaoa holo na.sua

Behan Ki Thukai – Part III

Main chala gya sirf 2 inche lund hi baher tha meri behana shelly itni jor se chikhi ki abhi mar jayegi usse to pata bhi na chala ki usske saath kya hua hai fir vo regente hue aage badne lagi lekin manoj ne uske baal pakad liye or ek fir jatka mara pura lund behana ke ander chala gya essa lag raha tha ki meri pyari behan abhi behosh ho jayegi manoj teji se jatke maar raha tha essa

Fucking sweta my sis-in-law

Cunt. I desired it from very beginning when you net me in Simla , you were looking damn sexy in jeans on that day, I only wish that I can ever suck your boobs,lick your whole body specially your pussy, taste your salt and give you a continous hard fuck for 2-3 hours. Her cheeks were getting Red as I was expressing my desires. She said this means you want to cheat my sister. Is she not satisfying you, I said that I am very happily married to her for last two years, I have no idea to cheat her and I will not leave her for sex, as I can’t keep my head cool without sex, she has given birth to my child, from last two months she is not capable of doing sex and for coming two months this will continue, I have a strong desire, I suppressed it but after seeing you it erupts like a volcano now the lust for pussy is unstoppable for me, She smiled, I got the green signal, I completed my peg in one shot and took sweta in my arms and put her on the bed, she gave a deep smooch, her tongue was exploring my mouth and she was badly sucking my lips, we did it for 5 mins. I immediately removed her upper, her 38 sized melons came out I hold one and took other in my mouth and started sucking her nipple, sweta was moaning, she held my cock which has gained full erection by now, she buried her face in to my chest and sucked my nipples too, I removed her lower and she put down my lower and underwear, kissed her thights , she shivered as she got electric current , I started licking her from her toes and progressing towards her cunt ,she closed her eyes in excitement , the affect of rum was on its extreme, I parted her legs , Wow what a pussy whitish in color surrounded by small hairs, she might have trimmed them two three days back, I put my tongue on her “G” spot she moaned loudly, I immediately inserted my tongue in her juicy cunt and started exploring it heavily,with extreme excitement sweta squeezed my head by her thights , I started licking her pussy and ass hole, sweta gave upward jerks,

Teacher Ko Usi Ke Ghar Me Choda

Kade oker un ka sute ma sa un ka niple ko dake karte tha .ak din mare techer na muge apne sute ka ander jagta dake liya unona muge kafi date .fir mane un sa soory mangi to unona muge ak moke or da diya dira dira din ktna lage ak din un ki family ko ak sadhi ma game jane pade to un ki mom mare sa kaha gye rajeev gar ka dyane rkna ma na kaha teke ha anty fir wo chli gaye.wo 15din bade wapasa ane walle tha ma ya moke nahi chodna wale tha ma ak moke ka intjer karte

Praveen’s priya-1

To console me by putting her hand on my shoulder. I was waiting for this chance. I immediately hugged her from front side and pulled her closer to me. She immediately reacted as if she doesn’t like it.We had lunch. And after that we went to bank and completed the work. Whenever we get chance, we used to go outing for 2 or 3 hours in our car. So after work I asked her let us go somewhere. She said OK. We started going away from city where there will be less traffic.Throughout the journey my left hand was holding her right hand. Our fingers were locked together. Wherever i need to change gear I was changing by holding her hand.Even I don’t know where we are going. After travelling some 20 KMS I had seen a real estate venture with lot of trees planted.I asked her let us go inside and talk to each other. We went inside the real estate venture. We went so much inside that no one can see us from main road. As it was outside city and as it was working day no one were there.After searching a nice place i stopped the car and we went down the car and were leaning on the car standing pretty close to each other. Our bodies were touching each other. That is my right part is attached with her left part.That much close we were standing.As usual i kept my hand on her shoulder and after some time i drawn her to my front side as her buttocks were exactly placed on my rod.We were talking to each other. Actually I was telling my problems to her and i was holding her navel from back. I was moving slowly to left and right and was feeling sexy. I dared and kissed on her shoulder, on her neck and on other side of her shoulder. Whenever she used to console me she used to turn towards me and i was ready to hug her from front side.We continued our chat for 2 hours and left to house.After 3 days again we got a chance to go outside.I took her to the same place and did the same thing.Like this we got chance for going outside atleast for 5 times in that month.Next time when we were talking to each other, as i was hugging her from behind, i slowly moved my locked fingers from navel and placed on her boobs. I was totally excited and afraid. She immediately reacted and said remove my hands and let us go to home.

Sasur Ke Saath Maje – Part II

Jab mere sasur hamaare saath aa kar rahne lage tab bhi mujhe un se ye halka sa darr mehsoos hota tha. dheere dheere mera ye darr kam hua kyonki maine kabhi bhi un ko gusse me nahi dekha. shuru me main un ke saamne jaati to hamesha apne sir ko chunni ya saree k pallu se dhak kar hi jaati thi. ab maine sir dhakna band kar diya tha magar abhi bhi hamesha main is baat ka dhyan rakhti thi ke un ke saamne kabhi bhi casual kapdon me na jaaun.

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